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Changes to feedback page

Changes to feedback page
published on UK Free TV

For the last six years, I have answered many thousands of personal emails that you have sent to UK Free TV.

Sadly, I am unable to offer this personal service at the moment.

Until I can restore this service, please can you leave any questions you have on an appropriate page, where they will be answered as soon as possible, or below, if you can't figure out where to ask.

I look forward to your questions!

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Monday, 11 February 2013
11:18 AM

I can now answer my own question of 1st Dec.
BBC iPlayer can only be received on Freesat
if your box has a telephone socket to
enable access from you to the BBC.(As well
as the usual sockets for Dish feed and Scart

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dennis's 18 posts GB flag
2:29 PM

Hi... if I use my old Sky+ box for Sky's FreeSat, will I lose the record facility even if I use the 2 aerial feeds from my Sky dish

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Philro's 1 post GB flag

3:43 PM

Philro: Yes! as Sky disables access to the recording / playback side of the box at roughly the same time as the viewers ability to view channels dedicated to a Sky package, as this side of a Sky+ box by default cannot be used by anyone for recording purposes unless Sky downloads an access code into the card, this likewise being scrubbed when the contact is cancelled.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
11:17 PM

At around 18:00 hrs sky picture started to pixilate on bbc1, ok on itv. sky pace box ds445nb then came up with 29 screen. Plugged sky box into a motorised dish setup and box works fine. Plugged box back into sky dish still 29 screen. Plugged Humax freesat box into sky dish - all channels work ok. Replugged sky box still 29 screen - blank signal strength and quality. Quad LNB in use 1 pixlating, 1 29 fault 2 others on freesat ok. Is it a faulty LNB?

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welshie's 1 post GB flag
Tuesday, 12 February 2013
Viv Gunton
9:48 AM

What is happening with the Hannington transmissions?
The last 2 or 3 days, in spite of low pressure, ITV3 is barely useable and now I am getting flecks and squeaks on BBC1, BBC2, ITV1 and BBC4.
This HD service seems to be getting worse.

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Viv Gunton's 15 posts GB flag
Viv's: mapV's Freeview map terrainV's terrain plot wavesV's frequency data V's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Rick Burgoyne
1:48 PM

Hi - I have the opportunity to get a used Sky+ HD set top box. I already have a normal non-HD Sky box and viewing card for my non-HD Sky subscription. Will my non-HD card work correctly in the Sky+HD box and still give me all the non-HD channels to which I am already subscribed?

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Rick Burgoyne's 1 post GB flag

4:27 PM

welshie: Although the results of the test you carried out are inclined to indicate that the LNB port used for the Sky box is faulty, I would be interested to know the result of the signal test (on both inputs) if you swapped the two Freesat input feeds over with the other two feeds that indicate problems on the Sky box, i.e: one with error 29 and the other pixelating, as this is the only positive way of knowing if the LNB is faulty or not.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag

4:41 PM

Rick Burgoyne: As far as viewing "free to view" HD channels on a Sky HD box is concerned, it depends on whether or not a basic Sky viewing card is being used and which you apparently have.

Of course, and as you may already be aware of, you will not be able to use the boxes recording or playback facilities.

Channel options listed below.

Free to view "without" a Sky card being used. (none inserted into slot)


Free to view "with" a Sky viewing card.

BBC1 HD - BBC HD - ITV1 HD (England and Wales only) Ch4 HD - Ch5 HD - NHK
World HD.

The other point being, that to be able to view HD your TV will require to have an HDMI input socket, as otherwise HD images will be displayed as SD if only using a scart connection between the box and the TV.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Wednesday, 13 February 2013
ian from notts

6:56 AM

Ricky Burgoyne, jb38
am i right in thinking the sky viewing card will still have to be registered with the skyhd box to view all the hd channels?
even without subscription?

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ian from notts's 253 posts GB flag
David Higham
2:20 PM

If I cancel my sky subscription and start viewing freesat channels, can I use the record facility on my existing sky plus box?

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David Higham's 1 post GB flag
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