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Starting today, I am running a series of daily articles about e
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Tuesday, 31 January 2012
9:23 PM


Is there going to be a time when the channel indicators or DOGS as I think they are called going to be removed when viewing?

For me they are becoming annoying. I have a box that indcates which channel I am looking at and I beleive so do many others, so is it not about time they were remived?

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Alan's 11 posts GB
Dave Lindsay

9:48 PM

Alan: I could not agree more.

The insistence that the "Press Red" on the BBC must be shown unless one presses green. And then you change to another BBC channel (or back to the previous one) and it comes back.

Why is there no option to disable this graphic or to have it displayed for a short time?

Now it's all digital, DOGS should be part of the DVB specification. That is, the graphic should be transmitted separately to the main picture, with receivers overlaying them either momentarily or perminantly, depending on the user's choice.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB
Wednesday, 1 February 2012
Rob Jury
10:31 AM

DOGS are annoying but it's still better than the American TV situation
channels there don't just have logos they
Have on screen captions throughout the current programme telling the viewer what is on later! - not just briefly, these are there continuously... Except during commercial breaks of course

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Rob Jury's 1 post GB
Dave Lindsay

11:20 AM

And what about all this BREAKING NEWS that has infected BBC News Channel?

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB

12:05 PM

There was a move towards showing a small opaque motif in one of the corners of the screen, thus being present for viewers who needed to look for it, but otherwise unnoticed. ITV1+1 is a good example of such a practice. Unfortunately far too many STB's and TV receivers do not display the number of the channel being received. This should have been a basic feature of any receiver. (So should an RF modulator, manual tuning option, selection of preferred region and the ability to store all channels of all muxes received if so desired.) A co-ordinated numbering of channels across all platforms would also have been useful. Sky made a mess of the entertainment channel ordering and Freesat lost the plot somewhere in this respect.

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KMJ,Derby's 1,811 posts GB

10:06 PM

Re dogs
Totally agree and talking over end credits or fade in of other program details levae the credits as made by program makers

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Graham.F.Lewendon's 29 posts GB
Saturday, 4 February 2012
Mark Agius

9:38 AM

Re: Alan
Sky 1 and some of the other non free channels from Sky have drooped showing a DOG, or just show it for the first couple of seconds during a program.
Let's just hope that some of the free channels follow. Starting with all BBC channels, ITV channels and Channel 5.

Sometimes when they are showing a program or film in letterbox mode, the DOG is over the black area.
So with some TV's you can resize the picture to fill the whole screen with the image and lose the DOG.

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Mark Agius's 371 posts GB
6:24 PM

My computer has a TV tuner which I use to record series. I selected Grey's Anatomy to record but later got a message that I didn't have a TV signal for "channel 310 top up 5" which is currently broadcasting Grey's Anatomy. Could you tell me what top up 5 is please and how I can get it? Many thanks

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Pauline's 1 post GB

9:21 PM

Pauline: I am not an authority on top up TV, but as far as I can gather this was added today to a programme channel called top up 5 on EPG listings channel 310, this being on the SDN mux (same as ITV3) so you will have to rescan your PC tuner to be able to receive it as it wont be in the memory.

I take it you can receive ITV3? wherever you might be located, as if not you wont be able to receive Top up 5 either.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB
Saturday, 28 April 2012
Anne billinge
12:17 PM

I live in leek and can get BBC1,2,3,4 and ITV1, ITV1+1 & 2, E4 & More4 but cannot get ITV3,4 or Film4.
Any help much appreciated.

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Anne billinge's 1 post GB
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