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Updated - changes to Freeview channel numbers this week on September 19th 2012

This week you will need to retune your Freeview box or television set to get the latest changes to the channel number line-up.

This week you will need to retune your Freeview box or televisi
published on UK Free TV

As an update to the original plan (see Freeview channel numbers change on September 19th 2012) - the changes to Freeview this week will now be less extensive than planned, as two channels have appealed the changes.

The main changes are shown in this diagram below. You will need to do a "first time installation" to ensure the channel numbers are correct. See My Freeview box has no EPG ... or the channel line up is wrong if you don't know what to do. Another option is the list of retune instruction leaflets and manuals on the Freeview Retune - list of manuals page.

Freeview channel numbers change on September 19th 2012

The changes are now:

  • Dave and Yesterday swap over to 12 and 19
  • Really and Gold (subscription) swap over to be 17 and 20
  • The Food Network moves to 48 (from 49)
  • The Jewellery channel moves to 49 (from 60)
  • Local TV services are reserved 8 (England and Northern Ireland) and 45 (Wales and Scotland)
  • RTE1, RTE2 and TG4 are reserved 51, 52 and 53 - these start on a special "mini multiplex" for Northern Ireland on Wednesday 24th October 2012.
  • Argos TV starts on 55
  • Text services move to 200-224: 200 BBC Red Button; 201 Teletext Holidays; 202 Rabbit; 203 Gay Rabbit; 204 1-2-1 Dating; 205 Mail Travel; 206 Sky Text.
  • MHEG services move to 225-299: 225 VISION; 226 CCTV; 227 Sports Tonight; 228 Connect 1; 229 Connect 2; 230 Connect 3; 231 Racing TV; 232 The Space.
  • HD channels move to 101-120 The "normal" order of channels is restored to HD: 101 BBC One HD; 102 BBC HD; 103 ITV1 HD or STV HD or UTV HD; 104 Channel 4 HD; 105 S4C Cirlun. - (Not 100% sure this is confirmed)

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Sunday, 16 September 2012
Stuart Owens

10:09 PM

According to this website link below, there will also be another retune after 19th September on 17th October:

Freeview/Freeview HD/Top Up TV Anytime channel list | British Isles

And I have asked twice already but haven't had any response back yet as to if anyone could please tell me as to: Why is there two Al Jazeera channels on two separate EPG numbers? Both broadcast on COM6 so can't they timeshare on the same EPG number?

Al Jazeera Eng is on air 1800-2300 on ch.83 and Al Jazeera 6-8 is on air 0600-0800 on ch.84. Surely they could timeshare on the one channel number to save being on two different channel numbers at different times of the day? (LL115FQ)

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Stuart Owens's 156 posts GB flag
Monday, 17 September 2012
David Parker
8:39 AM

Stuart Owens
Hi I agree with you about timeshareing,as I understand it Al Jazeera Eng broadcast in english Al Jazeera broadcast in the native toung.
But wye two channels is beyond me unless they are going to broadcast longer.
not that they is any truth in what I just said,it just an idea of mine.
Sorry that I am not much help

all the best
Dave P

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David Parker's 1 post GB flag
9:30 AM

Anybody know if Look North and ITV Tyne Tees

news will be in HD after the 26 september.

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bri's 1 post GB flag
Dave Lindsay

10:03 AM

bri: No.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
Ken Collyer

10:52 AM

Re September 19th re-tune.
As I understand it the re-tune is being driven by Ofcom, another bright idea from them, like adding a "1" in the telephone numbers to give ten times the number of lines. The only trouble was, it wasn't that simple but they didn't realise that until they were too far down the road to stop. The idea of grouping the channel numbers seems to be a good idea, but why was it not thought of years ago. After all digital TV has been around for something like ten years and the switch over has been under way for about five years. To make matters worse, because Sky are taking it court, only half the job is being done. If Sky win their appeal the news channels won't change making a nonsense of the whole idea of re allocation and grouping of channels. If Sky loss, then we get a second re-tune. GREAT!!! Do Ofcom realise that to re-tune each TV or PVR takes about ten minutes and that PVR's will then have to have all the recording schedule reset. And what about all the people who don't understand how to re-tune. Are Ofcom going to provide help. My fear is that Ofcom will now sit down and work out a reason for a re-tune every year or so.

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Ken Collyer's 24 posts GB flag

12:14 PM

Ken Collyer: Just to clarify, this has nothing whatsoever to do with Ofcom. DMOL is run by the multiplex operators, and the EPG is "licensed" by Ofcom, but that is as far as it goes.

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Briantist's 38,899 posts GB flag

12:16 PM

Stuart Owens: Also to clarify, DMOL have told me that there will be another change to the guide to implement the rest of the changes (such as the HD channels moving to 101-105) before the switchover in Northern Ireland.

Two channels have "disputed" the changes to the numbering scheme as the DMOL "conflict resolution" procedures are being followed.

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Briantist's 38,899 posts GB flag
Ken Collyer

12:20 PM


Can you clarify who DMOL are. I would like to complain to them. It seems to me the obvious thing to do is put the re-tune on hold until after the court case is resolved.

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Ken Collyer's 24 posts GB flag
Gary Burgham
2:29 PM

Following the retuning of 4 freeview boxes we have lost several channels to a distorted signal in Darlington(signal from Pontop Pike). These include sky news, quest and cbeebies. The boxes are old Ferguson FDT 600s and a Grundig GDT 1500.
Is our only option to replace them?
Gary Burgham
Darlington(signal from Pontop Pike)

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Gary Burgham's 2 posts GB flag
Mike Dimmick

3:05 PM

Ken Collyer: DMOL is DTT Multiplex Operators Limited. It is a joint venture between the four main multiplex operators, weighted according to their ownership: thus the BBC and Arqiva have 33% shares and D3&4 and SDN have 17.5% shares.

In turn, ITV plc owns SDN directly, while it has a 12/15ths share of a 50% share of D3&4.

DMOL is not considered a customer-facing organization. Channels can complain to DMOL, viewers cannot.

Part of the problem is that most Freeview boxes do not automatically pick up these changes. The DVB Service Information specification allows for it, but they do not implement it. Newer boxes, particularly Freeview HD equipment, does do the right thing automatically.

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Mike Dimmick's 2,486 posts GB flag
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