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Travel Channel and Film4+1 comes to Freeview, Film4 to Freeview Light

Two welcome developments for Freeview today. The popular Travel Channel (already on Freesat 405 and Sky 251) starts an evening service, and Film4 moves to all UK transmitters, bringing more choice to homes with the limited Freeview service.

Two welcome developments for Freeview today.   The popular Trav
published on UK Free TV

42 isn't just the Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything, it is where you will now find the Travel Channel on Freeview, from 6pm-10pm.

Scripps Networks (who half own UKTV with the BBC) also broadcast the Food Network on Freeview.

Scripps Networks Jon Sichel told Broadcast "The launch on Freeview represents another milestone in the expansion strategy for Travel Channel as a world-class brand. We want to continue to build awareness of our award-winning content and global brands, and this trial block with Freeview is a great partnership that helps us fulfil that goal" (Travel Channel heads to Freeview Broadcast).

Scripps sister-channel Food Network is currently available via Freeview.

Film4 - Great news for Freeview Light

Homes with Freeview Light will be very pleased indeed to hear that they now have Film4 to watch, as the channel has moved to multiplex PSB2.

Freeview Slot 45 is now allocated to Film4+1, which is on the Full-Service-only multiplex of COM6.

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Monday, 5 August 2013

9:19 AM

Peter Young: Thanks.

My suspicion is that Channel 4 thought it would be great to make Film4 available to everyone, and so moved it to PSB2 when this was possible. This was a great idea.

I suspect they thought they could have a "cut over" period of running Film4 on both PSB2 and COM6.

My guess is that trying to say the same programme was on two multiplexes at the same time was causing some box problems.

So, they took the decision to do a swift "change now to PSB2", and start Film4+1 on COM6.

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Briantist's 38,915 posts GB flag
Peter Young
11:28 AM

Peter Young:
I have just found a bit of "official" info for this on the Freeview site help page. Curiously it's dated 2nd Aug and begins "Retune ... from 1st August" - implying perhaps someone cocked up with/was caught out by the technical issues concerned.

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Peter Young's 3 posts GB flag
Nicholas Willmott

7:03 PM

Thanks Briantist for pointing out that the D3&4 mux now has an extra video stream, i.e. now it has 9 streams instead of 8, which is how Film 4 got put on to the 9th stream.

If there's enough capacity for 9 video streams on D3&4, surely there must be enough for 9 streams rather than just 7 as now on BBCA. The BBCA mux could then be:

1) BBC One
2) BBC Two
3) BBC Three / CBBC
4) BBC Four / CBeebies
5) BBC News
6) BBC Parliament
7) 301
8) 302 (save the BBC renting space on a commercial mux)
9) spare

Channel 5 could then rent the 9th slot from the BBC to put Channel 5 on BBCA, thereby freeing up its slot on D3&4 for ITV to fill with ITV3.

In Wales, 302 could be replaced with S4C, thereby removing it from D3&4, so in Wales E4 could thus be on D3&4 like the rest of the UK.

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Nicholas Willmott's 80 posts GB flag

7:41 PM

Nicholas Willmott: You're forgetting the BBC radio channels, each of which takes up at least 1/10th of a video stream if the BBC Alba/BBC radio operating hours are used as a guide.

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Michael's 358 posts GB flag
Nicholas Willmott

8:10 PM

Michael: I thought the BBC radio channels are in spare space that's not large enough for a video stream; removing them wouldn't create sufficient space for a video stream. What I meant was, if the BBC used the same compression techniques etc as now used on D3&4 there could surely be 9 video streams, and still have the spare capacity needed for radio.

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Nicholas Willmott's 80 posts GB flag
Wednesday, 7 August 2013

8:10 PM

Nicholas Willmott: I suspect there are three issues:

1) Radio streams are fixed bandwidth - if you have ten 128kbps streams then that will take a fixed bandwidth of 1280kbps. It can't be "stat muxed", it is a fixed allocation.

2) The BBC mux also carries the BBCi text service of news and information, this has been ejected from PSB2. However, this uses the "opportunistic data", which is the capacity left after you have statmuxed the video services together.

3) The BBC don't want to spend loads of money on implementing upgrades for all the many regions - it's not just the case of a single bit of equipment.

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Briantist's 38,915 posts GB flag
Sunday, 11 August 2013
10:07 AM

Why am I being asked on screen to retune my HD 500GB box in advance with Film 4 moving from Channel 15 ? I retuned my HD digital set and it still shows Ch 15 as Film 4, so am reluctant to do so with the 500GB box just now....however the sign won't go away !
Thank you.

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Colin's 2 posts GB flag
Dave Lindsay

12:05 PM

Colin: Film4 is moving from COM6 multiplex to PSB2.

At present it is carried on both albeit that the COM6 stream has a message about retuning superimposed.

Therefore the point of a retune is to put the Film4 carried on PSB2 on logical channel 15.

If yours keeps putting COM6's Film4 (the one with the message on) on 15 then maybe the box will allow you to swap the two - the PSB2 Film4 probably residing in the 800s. Or maybe it will allow you to delete 15 and replace it with the PSB2 Film4. What you can do will depend on the design of the box.

The signal strength screen should tell you which UHF channel it is tuned to. If you are using Crystal Palace then PSB2 is on C26 and COM6 on C28.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
Tuesday, 3 September 2013
Stuart Ahrens
9:15 PM

Why do I have to retune every day to keep receiving film 4? my set doesn't seem to store the film 4 and plus one channels though all the others seem to be ok.

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Stuart Ahrens's 4 posts GB flag

11:16 PM

Stuart Ahrens: Try removing the aerial followed by carrying out an auto-tune which should blank out everything stored in the tuners memory, once completed reconnect the aerial and carry out a second auto-tune as this in most cases will resolve the problem.

If though for any reason it hasnt, then you have no option but to carry out a "first time installation", this also known as "factory reset" / "default setting" or some similar sounding name dependant on brand.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
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