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If you have several TVs at home do you need separate decoders for each set or is

If you have several TVs at home do you need separate decoders for each set or is there a way of connecting them?

If you have several TVs at home do you need separate decoders f
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If you want to watch different programmes on different TVs, you need a decoder for each.

With satellite, you will also need a "Quad LNB" on the dish, as each satellite decoder requires a separate "LNB" connection for each.

For digital cable and Freeview, the incoming cable can be split and shared.

There are a few options (such as the Pace Twin PVR) that can be used as a decoder for a second room, using only a standard connection for the second TV.

If you simply want to be able to watch the same programme in a second room, this can be done using a standard TV "UHF" cable.

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Monday, 25 July 2011

8:43 AM

PAULA: Please see Whole house digital TV | - independent free digital TV advice for a list of options. You need a rooftop aerial to be able to watch Freeview.

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Briantist's 38,907 posts GB flag
Tuesday, 26 July 2011
1:21 PM

I will be grateful if you can help me out with my query. I have a sky hd box downstairs in the living room and i have a spare TV upstairs that is not currently connected to anything. I want to be able to watch the TV programmes on the tv upstairs just like the one downstairs even when the one downstairs is switched off. What can I do? The tv is sitting idle upstairs and i want to get it up and running before the premier league season starts. I want to add that I aam rubbish with electronics but if i can get a guide i should be able to fix it myself with your guidance. I look forward to your response.

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henry's 1 post EU flag
Wednesday, 27 July 2011

7:03 AM

henry: If you want to do that, you will need to get another box from Sky, have it connected to your dish and pay £10 a month for "Sky Multiroom".

You would probably be better advised to connect a "wireless video sender" to the existing Sky HD box - such as Buy AEI DX2000 DigiSender Plug'n'Go LCD Wireless Video/TV Sender at - Your Online Shop for TV and video senders.
as this will cost you nothing in monthly fees and require no wires.

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Briantist's 38,907 posts GB flag
Sunday, 7 August 2011
9:37 PM

Hi I have virgin cable in my living room, but want to watch different channels in my dinning room at the same time. If I get another Virgin box can I split the cable to make this happen or do I need to pay for the multiroom.
Regards Chris

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Chris's 1 post GB flag
Monday, 8 August 2011

8:57 AM

Chris: You have to pay Virgin Media for a second box, contact their customer services for them to provide and install this.

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Briantist's 38,907 posts GB flag
Sunday, 14 August 2011
Lyn Duckworth
10:11 AM

Hi I wonder if you can help me please?? I have a Panasonic Viera Freesat TV in conservatory. In my lounge I have Sky setup which connects fine to a tv upstairs through a magic eye. I have connected a magic eye to this tv through the LMB box. However when I search on the analogue it doesn't pick up any channels! The TV is picking up the sky dish and allows me to view all free channels, but I get encrypted messages when I try to view any pay channels. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Lyn Duckworth's 2 posts GB flag
Monday, 15 August 2011

8:15 AM

Lyn Duckworth: I'm really confused. You can't connect an "Magic Eye" to the LNB.

Either you connect the TV to the RF out of the Sky box, or you have a FreeSAT TV and it connected directly to the dish's LNB.

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Briantist's 38,907 posts GB flag
Thursday, 18 August 2011
Lyn Duckworth
11:56 AM

Hmmm maybe this is where I am getting confused then. The TV in my main room is connected to the sky box via the RF2 which allows me to pick up sky from an analogue tv upstairs with magic eye. The other TV is the Freesat one which is connected to the dish's LNB - but what I would like to do is to get this tv to pick up sky too?? Is this possible?? I have switched it to analogue but it doesn't pick anything up. However the TV is picking up all the free stations from SKY just not the pay ones which is where I get the encrypted message!!! Sorry if this is confusing.

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Lyn Duckworth's 2 posts GB flag

1:33 PM

Lyn Duckworth: To put it simply, if anyone requires to use a Sky boxes analogue RF output to feed Sky channels to more than one room, then what they require to do is split the RF output from the Sky box via a two way (or more) powered splitter, the lead from the Sky box going into the splitters common input and with each of the two outputs going to the analogue, or dual /triple standard TV's as required.

However as you are using a magic eye on one of the TV's the splitter you purchase will have to be the type advertised as having a "DC by-pass" facility, as if it hasn't the eye wont work, but the plus point with this type of splitter is that you can also use a magic eye on the second TV should it be required at some time.

If though you have no intention of ever doing that, then a standard powered splitter would suffice, but with it being used "after" the magic eye, as if it was before it the magic eye wouldn't work.

This being said taking it that your Freesat TV does have the capability of analogue reception, and as such has a standard aerial input socket as well as the dish one.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Wednesday, 24 August 2011
12:28 PM

When using Magic Eye can you watch one channel in the front room and another in the bedroom or is whatever is on in the front room will be shown in the bedroom?

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sarah's 1 post GB flag
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