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My Sky box has a "no signal message" - what do I do?

My Sky box has a "no signal message" - what do I do?

My Sky box has a  no signal message  - what do I do?
published on UK Free TV

If you are getting the message "no signal" this would indicate that there is a problem with the signal from your dish into your box. Even without a card inserted into a Sky Digibox, if there is a signal, you will always get Sky Guide and the free channels.

Try powering off your box, remove the card, check carefully the cables, especially the connection to the dish, reapply the power and then when asked to insert your card you should then be able to see (for example) Sky News on 501 and the BBC News channel on 503.

Once you can see any channel, reinsert your card. This should, after about one minute, give you the channels you expect, such as 103, 104 and 105.

There are three ways you can attempt to reset your box. Please see What can my do when my Sky Digibox says 'No Signal' ?.

If you continue to get "No signal", you dish may have been misaligned, or there may be a fault with the cables and connectors, or a problem with the Digibox. You can see the signal strength by pressing SERVICES, then 4-SYSTEM SETUP and 6-SIGNAL STRENGTH.

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Sunday, 24 June 2012
9:19 AM

We think it is something To do with planner because planner is working fine but the T.V. Is not working properly infact it does'nt work atall

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Kaci's 3 posts GB flag
9:21 AM

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

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Kaci's 3 posts GB flag
9:22 AM


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Kaci's 3 posts GB flag
Monday, 25 June 2012
Linda Greenland
5:23 PM

I amateur present updating the system software on my sky box as there was a "no signal" message but although it has been almost an hour since it started the update nothing more has changed, it still has the same message on can you help

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Linda Greenland's 2 posts GB flag
Linda Greenland
5:26 PM

Apologies I meant that I am at present updating the system software.

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Linda Greenland's 2 posts GB flag
Thursday, 28 June 2012
7:15 PM

my sky as gone off is this down to the rain

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andrew's 1 post GB flag
Les Nicol

7:33 PM

Andrew- It's more than likely if the rain was heavy and with accompanying winds. You should get the signal back reasonably quickly though, unless your dish has been moved off signal by the weather. It wouldn't take much for this to happen. In which case you will need to have the dish re-configured. Hope you won't have that problem.

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Les Nicol's 991 posts GB flag
Saturday, 30 June 2012
5:20 PM

Michael: as of June Germany changed their Signel they went over to digital so a lot of sky customers lost the German channels you can realign you dish to recieve but this would lose the English channels how do I know I worked for sky in cancelations dept0

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karen's 1 post GB flag
Monday, 9 July 2012
maureen williams
2:18 PM

jb38,Hi there,well you are amazing,problem now solved.As you said sods law,last thing checked,have just had cable moved to other spare port and it works.Sorry i have not replied earlier have only just found a neighbour with a long enough ladder.I dont know whether the other port is faulty,it is not an issue now as we have all systems working.Cant thank you enough for your patience and help.

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maureen williams's 3 posts GB flag

5:12 PM

maureen williams: Really pleased to hear that you have managed to rectify the problem, as although a port going down isn't the most common of things to happen it can be a bit misleading to many when it does.

Anyway, many thanks for taking the time to give an update on the situation as its nice to know the outcome of any advice given.

Regards / jb

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
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