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What connections are used from set top box to TV (such as SCART) ?

What connections are used from set top box to TV (such as SCART) ?

What connections are used from set top box to TV (such as SCART
published on UK Free TV

You can use the following ways to connect a set-top box to a TV:

1. SCART on STB to SCART on TV. This provides the best possible connection, with stereo sound and "RGB" highest quality connection;

2. SCART on STB to composite on TV. Older TVs without SCART connections usually have "composite" inputs, usually three "phono" sockets (often red, white and yellow). This offers stereo sound and good picture quality. You will need a special cable from a high-street retailer.

3. UHF ("aerial lead") box to TV. This requires that the STB you choose (all Sky, MOST Freeview) has a UHF output. You will need to "tune" the TV into the box, and you will get OK pictures and only mono sound.

If you are stuck with mono or poor quality sound on the TV, you can still use the SCART output (and the same cable as 2) to a separate amplifier to listen in stereo.

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Wednesday, 5 October 2011
Jim F

3:45 PM

shaz: HDMI lead from V Box to TV (e.g. HDMI1) for watching the V Box.
HDMI lead from DVD to TV (e.g. HDMI2) to watch DVDs (or video tapes).
SCART lead from the V Box TV Scart to the DVD EXT Scart if you want to record programmes from the V Box.

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Jim F's 141 posts GB flag
Saturday, 8 October 2011
Gerald Giorgino
7:30 PM

I'm taking delivery of a Samsung UE40D5520 TV next week and wonder if you could provide a diagram or post instructions to help me with the connections please. The TV has 4 x HDMI & 2 x scart. I already have a BT vision box, a Sony DVD/HDD recorder & a Panasonic DVD/HDD recorder which are currently connected in various ways to a Sony 2 x HDMI & 2 x Scart TV. I want to be able to record from all 3 devices independently/at the same time and playback from any while any are recording. I hope this isn't too complicated because it is for me.
Thank you


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Gerald Giorgino's 2 posts GB flag
Thursday, 13 October 2011
George Deeney
12:59 PM

i bought a new 37inch samsung tv , it only has one scart socket and 4 hdmi ports , i want to connect both my sky plus box and my dvd player which both have scart connections and there is only one scart socket on back of the tv , what do i do?? is there a scart to hdmi connector available to buy??

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George Deeney's 1 post GB flag

5:57 PM

George Deeney: If as I suspect, your Sky+ box is the older non HD type it then it should have two scart sockets, one for the TV and one for a VCR connection, should it be the type referred to then just connect the DVD into the VCR's socket and it will play back through the Sky box in the same way as would a VCR.

The only slight problem that "may" crop up being, that the DVD may hold the line through the Sky box even if its (the DVD) in standby, (some do!) so it would have to be completely unpowered to avoid this.

The only other method being to purchase a two way scart switch box, the common going into the TV's single scart socket, and with the Sky box and DVD using each of the two sockets available, you simply selecting which you want to view via the push buttons on the box.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Monday, 17 October 2011
2:26 PM

Hi wonder if you can help me with this.
I am having virgin installed soon and i understand that the new box does not have RF in/out. Currently I can get Sky to an additional TV upstairs using the Rf connections. My question is could I run a scart from the Virgin box into the sky box to distribute the virgin signal upstairs?

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David's 4 posts GB flag
Tuesday, 18 October 2011
1:20 PM

Anyone able to help me?

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David's 4 posts GB flag

9:02 PM

David: No, you can't do that.

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Briantist's 38,902 posts GB flag
Wednesday, 9 November 2011
1:00 PM

Hi,I want to connect my sky box, samsung hd/dvd recorder to my tv.However my box and hd/dvd has 2 scarts and dvd has 1 scart. I have connected box tv-tv and box vcr-vcr, but switching vcr on I get nothing on tv showing vcr is on so, could I use a connection I.E. box tv-tv and box vcr-vcr, then the hd/dvd has scart spare witch is vcr to tv. So, could I run this to my tv via a splitter ( 2scarts into 1 ) or a vivanco sbx95se av control4 scart box, if so how. Thankyou

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J.F.Taylor's 1 post GB flag
Paul Jennings
7:56 PM

I have a Daewoo DVD/VHS Recorder with built in Freeview. I also have Sky. I have connected using scart cables - sky to tv - sky to dvd/vhs - dvd/vhs to tv. The immediate problem is that the recorder will only record the freeview programme regardless of the sky output. How can I record sky programmes ?

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Paul Jennings's 2 posts GB flag
Paul Jennings
8:11 PM

I've just cracked it - there in very fine print is the info that by pressing the input on the remote you can choose the channel to be recorded. Happy.

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Paul Jennings's 2 posts GB flag
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