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I receive German channels via a satelite dish. Will this still be possible when

I receive German channels via a satelite dish. Will this still be possible when the UK goes completely digital?

I receive German channels via a satelite  dish. Will this still
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German TV channels are on the Astra 1 satellites at 19.2E, and are owned by SES Astra of Luxembourg.

UK digital switchover has occurred on satellite - all UK services are digital and are at 28.2E (on Astra 2A, 2B and 2D satellites).

The changeover from analogue terrestrial to Freeview is completely independent of both of these services, and is a decision of the German TV companies.

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Friday, 10 August 2012

8:42 PM

I agree with Les. A multisat receiver with a steerable 60-90cm dish is probably the best all-weather option. Dual LNBs on one dish with the spread between 19°E and 28°E would only be satisfactory on a big dish. Cheaper would be: two budget dishes switchable to one free-to-view receiver. If you only want 19°E (and watch UK on Freeview), then almost any basic digital satellite receiver will work with almost any dish. We would need more details to be more specific. I have a 90cm dish with diy
actuator and whizz back and forth between 28°E and 45°W to keep my
cheapo-but-excellent Technomate 5200 purring merrily.

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MICHAEL's 869 posts GB flag
Thursday, 23 August 2012
9:20 PM

Hi there, we live in Seascale CA20 1PB and have had a german satelite for years with great reception, after the digital switchover this spring I have got a technomate TM5200D. It worked fine for a few months and then the quality strenght reduced to around 20% and the top bar 'level' is still up at 97%.
I am able to receive spanish and frensh channels but lost the germans. I hope you can help.

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Andrea's 3 posts GB flag
Andrea's: mapA's Freeview map terrainA's terrain plot wavesA's frequency data A's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Friday, 24 August 2012
8:35 PM

Andrea, I have the same box and watch the same channels. If some are fine, they should all be fine. Press "info" on the remote and check whether the good channels are all (H) or all (V) on the left next to the fequency. If this is the case, you have a polarisation issue, either in the LNB in front of the dish or in the receiver. If you get good signals both H and V polarised, the dish just might have been blown off alignment, so you only get the stronger signals.That might apply at your latitude. Hoffentlich hilft das! If you need further help, we would need more specific information on which channels you get, don't get, diameter of dish, length of cable from receiver to dish etc. If the fault is not a basic one, you may need to consult a reputed local expert.

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michael's 5 posts GB flag

9:29 PM

Andrea: And just to add to that said by Michael, if the deterioration in quality had suddenly happened then it could well be a dish alignment issue and caused by what Michael has suggested, however the other thing that can also cause this is problem is through slight corrosion having developed on the LNB's "F" connector, this caused by moisture having crept in during bad weather if the bottom end of the plug wasn't covered properly.

The "F" connector would then require to be unscrewed from the block and then further unscrewed from the coax for purposes of close examination for traces of moisture, and if any it being dried out with a tissue then carefully re-assembled / installed the LNB.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Monday, 27 August 2012
1:33 PM

Thanks for the advice guys, I can recieve 11.538V, 11.597V, 10.744H, 10.847V. All those I get really clear even with Cumbrian rain and wind hitting it.
Will I need a new LNB to get stronger signal, or is it just a question of moving the dish up and down to receive the rest? The frequencies I really would like are 11.954H and 12.111H.

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Andrea's 3 posts GB flag

8:38 PM

Andrea, that is somewhat enigmatic. If the signal strength/level (top bar, yellow) is good, the quality bar (bottom, blue) should be good enough for a solid signal. Low quality with high signal strength might be indicative of local interference affecting specific frequencies, which is just conceivable at your location (sic!). Certainly try moving the dish very slightly up, down, left, right on a clear but not full-strength channel to see if you can peak both bars. Then try the elusive ones again. With the dish optimally oriented, try a factory reset and manually tune in the frequencies of greatest interest, including some you received well before. You can find the parameters on or If you know of anyone nearby with a dish pointing to 19°E, ask if they have encountered the same. That would suggest interference - for example from security, mobile phone, police (Tetra) or other networks. If this were the case, moving the dish, mounting it at ground level, using a larger dish (narrower beam focus) might help. You might need an expert eye vor Ort to check all the conceivable causes. Viel Glck!

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michael's 869 posts GB flag
Monday, 10 September 2012
5:11 PM

Hi guys,

great answers and help so far. I was also able to watch German channel on Astra 19.2 and lost the signals suddenly 2 months ago. Glad to find this site. I have a technomate TCS 1500 CI+ receiver and a huge satellite dish with an engine. I can turn the dish to others, like Astra2 and Turksat, and watch so many channels with good quality and reception.

What could be the reason? Am I also affected by the switchover from analogue to digital and my receiver needs replacing?


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BonaDrag's 1 post GB flag

9:08 PM

If you receive other digital channels on other satellites, you should receive them on 19°E.
Manually tune in a main Astra channel (such as ZDF or CNN) then watch the signal quality and strength bars and move the dish westwards from 28°E until the bars reach maximum. Then save this channel and check it onscreen. If ok, reset your dish motor to this position and retune all channels with an automatic scan (or tune in the multiplexes of interest manually).

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michael's 869 posts GB flag
Monday, 17 September 2012
10:05 PM

Hi guys, I can see you guys are well informed.
I would like to know if I can get a receiver with recording
Function to record German channels on Astra 19 degrees east.
Any suggestion which model/ make might be the best.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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Daniel's 1 post GB flag
Tuesday, 18 September 2012
9:02 PM

Any satellite receiver with recording facility will record FTA channels. Check online reviews. The Humax with HDD comes up as reliable, but there are others. The Technomate with USB recording facility is an example of a reliable budget option. High Definition from Germany is a different ball-game. There is little FTA. Subscription HD channels are available, but at a cost premium - beyond my Taschengeld...

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michael's 5 posts GB flag
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