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Freeview 700MHz clearance (retune) dates

Upcoming Freeview transmitter changes 2017 to 2020

Ordered by the date of change, the list below shows all the UK’s main Freeview transmitters, plus about 300 Freeview Light ones. For each one is a list of the channel frequency numbers that have or will be changing.
  • The columns show the various multiplexes, for example PSB1.
  • The numbers in the table are the broadcast channel number, for example 42
  • OFF service being removed
  • tbc means I don’t have the final new allocations.
  • For simplicity, where a transmitter changes more than once, only the last date changed is shown here.
  • 48 possible need for a filter when 5G services start.
26th Jul 2017Voe414447
23rd Aug 2017Durness414447
6th Sep 2017Fodderty414447
4th Oct 2017Bellanoch414447
7th Feb 2018Lowestoft323548
7th Mar 2018Bromsgrove262330333648
Ipstones Edge414447
Lark Stoke262330333648
Leamington Spa414447
Tenbury Wells414447
21st Mar 2018Chingford414447
Crystal Palace4855
Great Missenden333648
New Barnet414447
Old Coulsdon444147
Worlds End414447
30th Mar 2018Bristol Ilchester Crescent414447424539
18th Apr 2018Alton414447
Hemel Hempstead Town414447
2nd May 2018Cheselbourne414447
23rd May 2018Guiting Power333648
6th Jun 2018Kimpton414447
Kings Lynn414447
19th Jul 2018Bexhill333648
East Dean353948
Eastbourne (Old Town)333648
Forest Row333648
Hastings (Old Town)363948
Tunbridge Wells414447293137
1st Aug 2018Woodbridge483236
15th Aug 2018Gartley Moor414447
5th Sep 2018Lethanhill333648
19th Sep 2018Haddington333648
3rd Oct 2018Cumbernauld Village333648
17th Oct 2018Broad Haven414447
Pembroke Dock333648
31st Oct 2018Aberystwyth414447
Long Mountain333648
Mynydd Pencareg414447
14th Nov 2018Conway333648
27th Feb 2019Cefn Mawr A333648
27th Mar 2019Beacon Hill44414740OFF
Budleigh Salterton444147
10th Apr 2019Compton333648
15th May 2019Blaenau Gwent333648
Ogmore Vale333648
South Maesteg333648
19th Jun 2019Cilfrew333648
17th Jul 2019Carmel232629333648
31st Jul 2019Crosby Ravensworth414447
Kirkby Stephen414447
14th Aug 2019Selkirk323435333648
1st Sep 2019Glanmire4744
4th Sep 2019Armagh48
Black Mountain41444733
16th Oct 2019Dover333536394248
Whitehawk Hill48353634
23rd Oct 2019Moss Bank414447
13th Nov 2019Alston333648
Eston Nab232648
27th Nov 2019Angus39424533364855
St Fillans474144
Tay Bridge414744
4th Mar 2020Ashford in the Water333648
12th Aug 2020Backbarrow414447
Brook Bottom414447
Over Biddulph414447
19th Aug 2020Douglas (IoM)414447
Glenmaye (IoM)414447

Monday, 30 November 2020

2:27 AM

Roger Palmer:

The fact that you were only receiving 40 channels instead of the usual 128-140 is probably down to some "Tropospheric Ducting" which is occurring at present - see Effect of tropospheric ducting on Freeview | RTIS for a simplified explanation.
There currently aren't any reported transmitter faults or engineering at Caradon Hill.

Do NOT retune when you have loss or breakup of signal (whatever the cause) as this usually clears correct tuning, and when there is "tropo" you may get tuned to a distant transmitter in Europe, Eire or the UK.
This doesn't always affect all multiplexes and can come and go over seconds, minutes or hours. Unfortunately it was predicted to be quite strong over parts of Devon and Cornwall and may cause further disruption over the next couple of days. It should settle down and have cleared by Wednesday.

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Chris.SE's 2,591 posts GB

2:42 AM


Apologies that we seem to have missed your post a week ago. NO it is NOT 4G Interference which as you mention is the 800MHz band. There are no TV transmissions near the 800MHz band which was cleared some years ago. The 700Mhz band which has recently been cleared for future 5G transmissions hasn't been sold yet so that is not going to have any effects. Unless you have a mobile mast VERY close to you, you are unlikely to have any problems with interference in any event whether it be 800 or 700 MHz.

Sutton Coldfield is currently listed for Planned Engineering with the most likely outcome being "Possible weak signal", but experience says that there could also be brief interruptions.
As has been mentioned before, advice is Do NOT retune when you have loss or breakup of signal (whatever the cause) as this usually just clears correct tuning and you'll have to retune again later when signals return (to normal).

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Chris.SE's 2,591 posts GB
Sunday, 20 December 2020
Graham Langhorn
2:18 PM

why can i only receive channels 72 and 34 on the multiplex com7 arqc. my aerial is pointing to winter hill. i have also tried to receive the signal from storton and altered the aerial polarisation but still only get 72 and 34. I have tried retuning many times. my tv is a samsung uhd 4k smart tv model UE55 JU68 00K. Help please

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Graham Langhorn's 2 posts GB

3:47 PM

Graham Langhorn:

Hmm, this sounds like a confusing situation, so let's try and get some clarity.
COM7 is not known at ArqC, in fact it's referred to as Multiplex E in the OFCOM licence, but everywhere else it's now just plain COM7.
The two channels you mention 72 & 34, I assume if there's no typos there with the numbers, you mean channel locations LCNs in the EPG but neither of those are on COM7. 72 is on PSB3/BBCB HD and 34 on PSB2/D3&4.
See Channel listings for Industry Professionals | Freeview for which channels are on which multiplex.

You mention Winter Hill and Storeton, so if you've been picking up channels from more than one transmitter, they could be in all sorts of places in your EPG, depending on how your set has allocated them. However that may be, the current tuning needs to be totally cleared, so that on a retune things will hopefully go back to the correct places.

We need a full postcode to look at your predicted reception, it may be that getting COM7 could be marginal, and clearly you can get more than one transmitter and I can't give you the correct bearings for the transmitter(s) without that full postcode.
Storeton broadcasts both Granada and Welsh services on different UHF channels (but no COM7), Granada channels are vertically polarised whereas the Welsh ones are horizontal. Storeton does have a Granada Local multiplex. You may also get signals from Moel-y-Parc depending on location just to add to the confusion.

Unfortunately the site owner hasn't had time to update all the channel listings since the 700MHz clearance program, so you'll need to check that you are tuned to the correct UHF channels for Winter Hill which are -
The main multiplexes are C32, C34, C35, C29, C31, C37, C55 for PSBs1-3, COMs 4-7.
The Local ones are Local Manchester, Manchester GI on C24 & C27.
Liverpool Local mux on C21, Preston Local mux on C40.
What you can reliably receive obviously depends on location.

You need to start by clearing the existing tuning as already mentioned, do this by unplugging the aerial then as follows - (the manual for your (and many) Samsung set(s) is IMHO abysmal, however) from the e-manual p103 -
There's this to set correctly (MENU/123) MENU Broadcasting Channel Settings Country (Area), To change the country for digital channels, select Digital Channel (you might have do this first) then,
Tuning digital channels - (MENU/123) MENU Broadcasting Channel Settings Manual Tuning Digital Channel Tuning - Select New Search to scan for digital channels automatically and store the scanned channel list in
the TV. As no channels should be found that should have cleared existing tuning (I hope that' manual is right!).

With the aerial plugged back in, I hope you can manually tune each UHF channels for Winter Hill -
(MENU/123) MENU Broadcasting Channel Settings Manual Tuning
In my view the manual is unclear, but you probably know the tuning section better.
Somewhere there should also be an indication of the Signals Strength and Quality (or Bit Errors) for each UHF channel, posting back with that and your full postcode would be helpful if you are still having problems getting everything correctly.

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Chris.SE's 2,591 posts GB
Tuesday, 16 February 2021
Richard Beaton
12:12 PM

Help! I need basic advice here: I am not an electrician. Half our Freeview channels disappeared mid January. Niether manual nor auto tuning brings them back. Since then we have lost all BBC, then ITV channels in turn, on and off like a cuckoo clock. Channels 11, 56 and 91 have also gone.
I bought a wide gain aerial and a signal strength meter, but the latter only shows the weakest signal in any direction. Emley Moor has been fine for 40 years. It is a loft mounting, and although we have solar panels on the outside, they have been there for 12 years, and reception has been brilliant until a month ago.

Going quietly nuts! Any advice welcome. Unwilling to get an installer in during COVID.

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Richard Beaton's 1 post US

6:22 PM

Richard Beaton:

Having tried several checks, I can't find any faults listed for Emley Moor and it's not and hasn't been listed for Planned Engineering.

if you've recently moved your aerial, put it back exactly where it was. Loft aerials can be extremely fussy about position especially if you have things like solar panels, metal chimneys, lead flashing, party walls and etc. to cope with. You haven't recently put anything extra into the loft have you?

Has there been any external changes very close by? Eg. Scaffolding gone up, even on a neighbour's house.

Have you installed any new equipment lately? Any new "toys" since Xmas/New Year?
Have you moved your set or equipment around? If so, check that you don't have any HDMI leads close to any aerial or flyleads, especially if the aerial and flyleads aren't high quality double screened types. HDMI is known to sometimes cause interference, but especially to C55 (COM7).

Have a look for channels in the 800s, if you find some up there instead of normal LCNs (locations), 1, 2, 3 & etc. then try a retune as follows, unplug the aerial and do a full automatic tune which should clear all previous tuning as nothing should be found. Plug the aerial back in and repeat the retune to hopefully restore everything correctly.

Do you have a second set you can check with, if so do you have any splitters/distribution amplifier?
If so, try connecting the aerial direct to only one of the TV outlets.

Check all you coax plugs, connections, flyleads etc, unplug connectors check for corrosion or other problems and reconnect them. Flyleads can be a common problem, try swapping them. See what signal strengths (if any) and quality you are getting for the multiplexes shown in your TV's tuning section. Also check that your downlead looks undamaged.
Aerial mis-alignments, problematic connections, water ingress etc. can seem to affect reception of just AN individual or several multiplexes.

If you are still having no luck, post back with a full postcode so we can look at the predicted reception for your locale, and details of all the checks you've done.

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Chris.SE's 2,591 posts GB
Monday, 1 March 2021
1:05 PM

Hi, our aerial is pointed at Crystal Palace Transmitter from RG4 9 (South Oxfordshire). Probably we should be pointed at Hannington, but it has always been pointed at Crystal Palace. I haven't made any changes that I can think of to the set-up but have tidied up behind the TV a bit. We seem to have lost COM7 which I believe we should see on CH55. I don't regularly watch all these channels but about 3 weeks ago I remember watching something on Forces TV and now it has just disappeared, along with BBC4 HD and CBeebies HD and the other COM7 channels. Can't be more precise about when it changed. Tried manually tuning CH55 but two Samsung TVs and YouView HD box just return zero channels.

I am wondering if there is anything external that might explain it or if I need to look internally. If there is something external might it be temporary and the channels might come back? Could look at getting the aerial realigned towards Hannington but I can't get up to it myself so not sure it would be worthwhile.

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Bob's 1 post GB

2:36 PM

Bob: We need a full postcode to see the predicted signal strength at your location (or one from a nearby shop/pub/school/church etc). I can't see any reports of any recent faults or planned engineering work at Crystal Palace. When you tidied behind your TV, did you bunch the cables up together? If so, try separating them out again as some HDMI cables which aren't well screened are a known source of electrical interference, which UHF channel 55 seems to be particularly susceptible to.

I would avoid having your aerial realigned to another transmitter, as COM7 is a temporary service which is expected to close next year when it's licence ends.

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StevensOnln1's 3,162 posts GB
Tuesday, 2 March 2021

12:04 AM


Whilst there's clearly parts of your general postcode area that will get perfectly good reception from Crystal Palace as well as Hannington, it could depend on which region you want - London vs Meridian, but as StevensOnln1 says a full postcode is needed to see what is predicted for your locale as not all will enjoy good reception from Crystal Palace. If you've normally got good reception from Crystal Palace the why change.

I'm inclined to agree with StevensOnln1 that bundling the cables together could well be the likley cause of the loss of C55, this interference issue is well known and won't be helped if the aerial cable and any flyleads aren't high quality double screened types. I would separate the HDMI cables from the others.

That said however, you mention 2 Samsung TVs as well as a Youview box. I assume the two TVs aren't in the same spot, how are these fed by the aerial? How old is the aerial? Is the aerial still pointing in the correct direction and is the downlead secure and undamaged.
If there is a splitter/amplifier check all connections, if possible feed the aerial direct to one TV and compare signal and quality information for the other multiplexes as well as C55 with what they are when fed in the normal setup.

Just one last point, Crystal Palace seems to be listed as back on Planned Engineering, which it hasn't been on supposedly since the start of last month, when it was listed during the latter part of January and very early February, so whether this is currently affecting your reception you might be able to judge.

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Chris.SE's 2,591 posts GB
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