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CBS Action is the home of modern action classics. From action-packed dramas, tense thrillers and nail-biting suspense, to science fiction and fast-paced primetime movies, the channel is a magnet for thrill seekers. You'll share the ride with some of your favourite heroes - every tough guy, good cop, bad cop - taking you on thrilling adventures through time and with every squeal of a tyre. CBS Action will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Regional content: National channel with no regional content or variations. For full details of broadcaster contacts, see the link icon CBS Action page.

Official site: See the link icon CBS Action website.

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Freeview multiplex: CBS Action is on multiplex COM6 in england flagEngland scotland flagScotland northernireland flagNorthern Ireland wales flagWales .

Thursday, 4 September 2014
Alan F
9:21 PM

Sorry..................CBS Action is to start on Freeview 90 on 1st October 2014 according to

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Alan F's 2 posts GB
Tuesday, 23 September 2014
Matt Hudson
4:17 PM

Does anybody actually know when CBS Action will begin transmitting programmes in SE Wales?

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Matt Hudson's 1 post GB
Mike Davison
9:35 PM Wetherby

Matt Hudson: Tucked away on the CBS Action website it says 1st October launch on Freeview nationwide. Well those with COM muxes.

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Mike Davison's 127 posts Silver Silver GB
Saturday, 11 October 2014
4:16 PM

Thankyou for replying back,
However you are wrong in your answer. With all due respect, i had already checked with CBS studios in the US before messaging you as i knew i would get a generic response

I can tell you there are various websites including the official Star Trek website that ALL say the same..... it was remastered in original native 4:3. I believe the DVD's states that "T.O.S" are true 4:3 remastered copies also. The reason for not cropping the image was to be faithful to the original show, and out of respect to fans (in terms of image quality). You can check online if you wish or your partners in the US.

So the conclusion is that CBS UK for some strange reason crops the remastered 4:3 into a 16:9, thus creating a very pixilated image as it is far too zoomed in!

CBS UK does not do this for "T.N.G" star trek series or any of your "classic" shows such as; Bonanza, Streets of San Francisco etc.

PLEASE escalate this issue to the highest person for a correct answer, and also what steps you are taking to show this to us in the uk in it's correct remastered 4:3, as was done on the dvd

I would also very much like to take issue about "T.N.G" star trek also. You are definitely not showing a remastered version on CBS UK as i have already purchased the remastered dvd and it is quite superior. Also, upon checking scene for scene you can tell the remastered edition on dvd has all special effects/bridge functions/laser beams etc. 'touched up' (cleaned) to produce a far superior image. I would appreciate you contact your source who is giving you the wrong information.


link to this
5:26 PM

ROBERTSON: I think your confused. This is not CBS's website, not does it have anything to do with them, so your totally wasting your time.

Frankly, I think your wasting your time anyway, since after five minutes of watching CBS Action I decided it was drek, and I very much doubt they care about aspect ratios, etc in any way, shape or form.

And since TOS is available on DVD or Blu-Ray, why not just buy that? (although people are complaining of cheap packaging, so perhaps the seperate seasons instead) 

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MikeB's 2,561 posts Platinum Platinum GB
Sunday, 26 October 2014
Colin Harding
3:04 PM

As a long-term fan of Startrek - the next Generation (Patrick Stewart as the complete British-style naval officer!) I was delighted when CBS Action opened its new Freeview channel with Star-trek in its programming. However, it is disappointing that the original sub-title facility is not provided: dialogue is often over-ridden by sound effects, and some characters (not Stewart!) tend to mumble. Could sub-titles now be restored, please? Colin Harding

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Colin Harding's 1 post GB
6:30 PM

Colin Harding: Your not the first person to ask questions about ST on CBS. Lets save you some time. Firstly, this website has nothing at all to do with CBS, so why dont you contact them? Secondly, they probably dont care.
If you want to see them in pristine condition, buy the boxset.

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MikeB's 2,561 posts Platinum Platinum GB
9:18 PM

Colin Harding: The contact details for the Official CBS Action site can be found at the very top of this page, on opening same scroll to the very bottom of the page and you will see "Contact us" mentioned in blue print, clicking on opening another page where you can submit feedback.

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jb38's 7,179 posts Platinum Platinum GB
Thursday, 15 January 2015
4:27 PM

Why do I have to keep re-installing all stations to watch channel 70 on free-view?. My TV holds all other stations OK.

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D.J.Clarke's 2 posts GB
5:33 PM

D.J.Clarke: There isn't anything special about EPG 70 over any of the other channels, CBS action being transmitted on COM6 as is 4Music (18) / Yesterday (19) or ITV4 (24), when you lose CBS action can you still view any of those other programmes mentioned? if you cannot then your reception of the COM6 transmitter is dropping out, although unable to advise on this without knowledge of your location, this in the form of a post code or one from nearby (e.g: a shop / post office)

If though you can still view the programmes mentioned but "not" CBS action, then carry out a "manufacturers reset" on your TV, this also known as "default setting" or "first time installation" followed by a normal auto-tune and see if this rectifies the problem.

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jb38's 7,179 posts Platinum Platinum GB
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