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Aimed solely at Men, Movies 4 Men shows flagship theatrical Movies with legendary stars - with everything from Action to documentaries and anything in-between. No other channel guarantees 24 hours, 7 days a week Male orientated content.

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Regional content: National channel with no regional content or variations. For full details of broadcaster contacts, see the link icon Movies4Men page.

Official site: See the link icon Movies4Men website.

From Wikipedia: Movies4Men is a satellite television film channel in the United Kingdom and Ireland, available as a free-to-air service on Freesat and Sky. On 19 September 2012, both channels returned to Freeview in the area. The channel is aimed at the middle to old aged male viewer, with a look at the classics in cinema history, focusing mainly on western and war film genres. - link icon read more about Movies4Men on wikipedia (summary by Clipped).

Tuesday, 31 December 2013
David Anderson
1:54 PM

I'm in the Salford area, and you know what? Movies4Men is always doing this. Works fine for a couple of months, then vanishes for a week or two. Maybe it's something to do with the people who man the transmitters going on holiday or something as simple as that. My guess is normal service will be resumed next week. Until the next time. Probably Easter.

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David Anderson's 14 posts GB flag
Dave Lindsay

4:21 PM

David Anderson, S CRICHTON and others receiving Movies4Men from the Winter Hill transmitter in the North West:

Any apparent intermittent reception is due to the fact that the signal isn't as strong as the main Freeview ones. It is also aimed directionally towards Manchester rather than being the same strength in all directions (it's not omni-directional) from the transmitter.

The reason it "vanishes" is because the signal level has dropped, possibly slightly, and is below that which your receiver requires to resolve a picture. Contrast this with analogue reception where a small reduction in strength would cause a small reduction in quality.

So digital reception appears as "all or nothing", depending on whether the strength is above or below the threshold required.

As the signal for Movies4Men is not equal to the main channels then it is the case that there are those who are definitely served and get a reliable picture all the time; those who don't get it at all, and; those whose picture is intermittent.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag
Friday, 3 January 2014
Brian Jones
9:43 PM
Chester Le Street

Monday 30 December 2013 1:48PM
4 days ago Why have channels 51 52 56 and 62 gone off Freeview ol6 8rh

Hi All
There are 6 main muxes on Winter Hill but the channels mentioned by S CHRICTON are no longer on them. They are now on a 7th Mux but at much lower power levels so the ability to receive them will depend on your equipment - distance from Winter Hill and the power levels you already receive.

Manually tune to Transmission channel 57 (762Mhz) to regain these channels if you can. Good Luck.

Whether this is permanent or temporary I do not know.

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Brian Jones's 2 posts GB flag
Brian's: mapB's Freeview map terrainB's terrain plot wavesB's frequency data B's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Saturday, 4 January 2014
David Anderson
4:10 PM

Well, I see Movies4Men 1 and 2 are back, as of last night. And just as the festive season ends. Maybe I was right when I suggested that the loss of these channels was down to engineers knocking off for their hols. I guess that means the channels will next disappear at Easter.

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David Anderson's 14 posts GB flag
Tuesday, 23 September 2014
Terry Allchin
10:42 PM

I like the films you show but the sound quality often leaves something to be desired - please, please, please enable subtitles.

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Terry Allchin's 1 post GB flag
Wednesday, 5 November 2014
Peter West
6:28 PM

Interesting programes but speech level seems to have an auto attenuator running, ie, paragraph starts at an OK level but drops off sharply (am watching The Spitfire) - adds at constant level so I know its not my set up. Very irritating - spoils the channel.
Pete West

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Peter West's 1 post GB flag
Sunday, 28 December 2014
Mark Wood

11:38 AM

Jo Xenos: Sadly, only a small number of TV Channels are required to add subtitles to the programmes that they broadcast by the rules governing broadcasting. Smaller and/or newer channels like Move Mix are not required to add subtitles. It would cost the channel a significant amount of money to add subtitles of their own to the programmes that they broadcast. So there is no commercial incentive for the channel to add subtitles.

It would require a change in the law to force a TV channel like True Entertainment, Movies4Men, Movie Mix etc. etc. to add subtitles. You could complain to your local MP about the lack of subtitles on many TV channels. At the end of the day it is MP's who create the rules governing TV broadcasting.

The BBC2 TV programme "See Hear" campaigns on issues of importance to deaf and hearing impaired people - perhaps you could ask them to raise the issue direct with the broadcaster and OFCOM on your behalf.

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Mark Wood's 62 posts GB flag
Mark's: mapM's Freeview map terrainM's terrain plot wavesM's frequency data M's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Wednesday, 11 March 2015
11:06 AM

If the target audience of movies for men is the middle aged to elderly viewer, the lack of subtitles is a bad mistake. The sound quality of some of the old films is poor, combine this with hearing deficit suffered by many elderly men and the channel will lose its would be viewers.sponsorship

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bookwormpip's 1 post GB flag
Tuesday, 21 April 2015
robert mccann
9:04 AM

Can you download movies4men as I have the same problems as the other statements I also retire to bed early due to health reasons and i would like to watch movies4men on my hurl while in bed because some of the films and programmes that I want to watch are on late.

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robert mccann's 1 post GB flag
Wednesday, 6 May 2015
eddie greenwood
10:27 AM

can you list the films show on 5/5/15 as i think you had a film with jason and the Argonauts called something like giants of thessaly

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eddie greenwood's 1 post GB flag
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