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Talking Pictures TV is the home of Vintage and Classic Programming targeting the over 65 demographic with a range of Films and Entertainment from the 1930's onwards. We are the home of the good old fashioned black and white afternoon film, available throughout the day.

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Tuesday, 7 January 2020
David Slarks
7:49 PM

Channel 81 ( talking pictures) has disappeared from the Bluebell Hill transmitter. Anyone else having the same problem?

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David Slarks's 1 post GB

10:44 PM


I can't find any reports elsewhere of similar problems, nor any reports of transmitter problems from Freeview or the BBC, nor on the Bluebell Hill transmitter page here.
Are you/have you been also missing other channels on the ArqB multiplex? see Channel listings | Freeview

There's still some weather related Tropospheric Propagation around affecting some - Effect of tropospheric ducting on Freeview | Help receiving TV and radio
I put a long post on the Bluebell Hill page a week ago.

If you have retuned and lost correct tuning, you will have to try again and it could be hit and miss whilst the unusual propagation continues. If you are able to do a manual tune for the correct UHF channels, you may still receive interference or the wrong programmes. For Bluebell Hill the correct UHF channels are C32, C34, C40, C43, C46 for the SD multiplexes, C45,C55,C56 for the HD multiplexes and C21 for the Local Multiplex. Reception of particular multiplexes, especially the COMs7&8 and Local will depend very much on location.

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Chris.SE's 1,439 posts GB

10:47 PM

David Slarks:

The above post should have been addressed to you but a bug on these pages addressed it to Brian which I didn't spot.

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Chris.SE's 1,439 posts GB
Sunday, 2 February 2020
4:07 PM

Brian: I seem to have lost Talking Pictures on Freesat. A year or so ago it was sort of OK. It then became patchy, i.e sometimes it worked other times not. Now gone altogether. Exactly the same with both the in set Freesat tuner (Samsung QLED TV) and with a separate Humax box. Both tuners work fine on other channels. Freesat have said they have not reduced the signal strength but could (or would) not tell me what it should be.

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Drake's 1 post GB
Saturday, 2 May 2020
Mrs Clare E Stubbs
7:39 PM

Can I watch Talking Pictures Tv online please? If so how? Many Thanks! :)

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Mrs Clare E Stubbs's 1 post GB

10:08 PM

Mrs Clare E Stubbs: Talking Pictures don't seem to have an online streaming or catchup service.

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StevensOnln1's 2,826 posts GB
Saturday, 23 May 2020
10:51 PM

Col: Hi There

Unfortunately I'm relaying this second hand - my mother lives in Northern Ireland and this channel would be ideal - BT48 4DG.
She re-tuned her telly stations today 23/05/20 but no Channel 81 appeared. Freeview is part of the telly, she doesn't have a separate box. What with lockdown she can't get folk in. Is the station available in this area - or is her telly the likely problem?


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Andy's 1 post GB
Sunday, 24 May 2020

12:31 AM


Hi, your mother should be able to receive all the standard 6 multiplexes if her aerial is pointing at the Limavady transmitter. Talking Pictures is on the ArqB multiplex see Channel listings | Freeview
The aerial should be pointing at bearing 71 degrees that's ~ENE with the rods horizontal. Reception should be good/excellent.
If the aerial is pointing at the Londonderry relay due W (bearing 270 degrees) with rods vertical, it only transmits the 3 PSB mutliplexes BBCA, D3&4, BBCB HD.

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Chris.SE's 1,439 posts GB
Wednesday, 3 June 2020
6:55 PM

Hi, my dad 86 tells me he's been watching Talking pictures on his lounge tv up until Monday 1st June, he said it has just gone off, I re-tuned his tv but there doesn't seem to be a ch81. He lives in Chester, any ideas what I should do to get him back on it?
We get it on the small tv in the kitchen though.
I live in Wrexham and I can get it, is it because we are on the welsh region?

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Tony's 1 post GB
Thursday, 4 June 2020

12:26 AM


Talking Pictures LCN81 is on the ArqB multiplex (see Channel listings | Freeview ). This multiplex is broadcast from all main transmitters Welsh or English.
It's likely your Dad is getting his signal from Winter Hill whereas from what you are saying you are getting yours from Moel-y-Parc (but full postcodes would be needed to see what the Freeview Detailed Coverage Checker was predicting for those locations).

Both those transmitters are listed for Planned Engineering this week, Winter Hill with "Possible service interruptions" and Moel y Parc with "Possible weak signal".
If you retuned when there was no signal (off or very weak) it will clear correct tuning and you'll need to retune again when the signal is back to normal. You may have to try several times.

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Chris.SE's 1,439 posts GB
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