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I see Action Aerials are advertising 'Complete TV Aerial installs from £59.97 including VAT'.

That's about £49 without the VAT.

I'd just love to see the quality of the materials and installation on one of these job.

No doubt in time to come, when the original fails, I will.

Buy cheap, buy twice.

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What price for an aerial installation? | Rigger's zone
Wednesday 25 September 2013 10:17AM

Rob, Mazbar.

The cost of being a 'one man band' member of the CAI in 2013 - 2014 year is:

For 'domestic' installs only £370.80
Domestic installs being private customers in their own homes.

For 'domestic and system' installs £572.40

If you register as a domestic installer and then take on an IRS System, your membership category is upgraded to the higher fee.

Now if a 'domestic member' were to be offered a nice IRS System, would they turn it away because they are not in the correct category?

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Lynneb, £59 is like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey.

Any true rigger knows that you cannot fit aerials and survive on £59

They must know that their advert for £59 will attract an interest, but once they have their foot in the door, ........well lets just say, they become good salesmen because their take home pay is reflected in what they take off the customer.

Do they want to take home £100 per week, or £600 per week.

If they want £600 they MUST sell up.

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As for no paperwork.

What may have happened is this:

The installer has charged your mother £359, but he has written the company invoice out for £59 pocketing the rest, but not giving your mother her copy.

Or he has told his company that your mother didn't want anything doing and therefore pocketed the £359

I'd call them and ask what they have on record as to what was done at your mothers house and ask for a written receipt.

As for the CAI, don't hold your breath, I wouldn't.

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Jamie,.......'and sometime CT100'


Must be very old stock, like 20 years old.

'CT' 100 has not been made for 20 years plus.

CT100 was a brand name owned by Raydex / Volex, when Raydex / Volex was brought by Belden Cables, Belden stopped making the CT 100.

Quite a lot of people call double screen copper cable CT100, but it's a bit like calling a Dyson a Hoover when actually a Dyson is a Dyson, a Hoover is a Hoover whereas both are vacuum cleaners to use a common term..

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Jamie, £80 for a loft aerial in North London, you've got to be joking.
I wouldn't get out of bed for that. Action Aerials claim they will fit an aerial for £59, he might as well give them a try, although I wouldn't.
North London is worlds apart from Havant. You might fit loft aerials in the countryside for £80 but anybody with a business brain wouldn't entertain that figure in North London. A 'Service Call Charge' isn't much less than £80.
The BBC recommends that 'aerials should be sighted clear of all obstructions', and that includes the roof itself. Loft aerials are not recommended.

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Jamie, very rarely are houses in London 'new build' with the cables already installed. What you are more likely to come across is an old 5+1 VHF aerial in the loft with the old 4mm standard cable connected to it. That cable isn't suitable for DTT. On top of that, traveling around London from job to job can sometimes be horrendous due to the high volume of traffic and take up a fair proportion of the working day, unlike the countryside of Havant.
To me when somebody asks for an install, everything gets replaced, we don't use any existing kit.

Take a look at this in Google Street Map:

Finchley Road, Golders Green:

Google Maps

Nothing but High Gain Aerials on 16' masts, and here we have a country bumpkin saying a loft aerials might work.

Like Dave Lindsay wrote, 'I suggest that a loft-fitted aerial may be out of the question at your location' obviously somebody who knows the area, unlike the Havant lad..

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No I just talk to people who I think are prats like that.

He's miles away in the county hills away from the smoke and he's thinking that a loft aerial might do.

'Country Bumpkin' is what I think he is, he should keep his knowledge to his own neck of the wood.

Luc might now think that when a rigger turns up and says' I'm afraid you'll be needing a High Gain on a 16' Mast and double chimney lashing at a cost of £250' he's being taken for a ride base on what the country bumpkin has said, when in reality he's not.

The country bumpkin should keep to what he knows.

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