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Saturday 8 October 2022 4:33PM

Nicholas Anderson:

Can't really see the need to do that as it is transmitted from the Reigate transmitter on UHF C35. It operates as an SFN with Crystal Palace and Croydon.
Try a manual tune on C35 as an autotune may miss it if the signal is weak. You might be unlucky and live in an SFN "not zone" for this, even if in the "coverage area.
If you provide a full postcode we could advise on predicted reception.

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Saturday 8 October 2022 10:06PM

Martin Adams:

The only place I know for definite is with a NOW TV Entertainment Pass, both seasons.
However, Season 1 had appeared on Channel 4 some while ago, but it's not on all 4.
It might be worth you using your search engine as it may come up elsewhere that you may already have access to,

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Winter Hill (Bolton, England) transmitter
Sunday 9 October 2022 12:34PM

D. Worwood:

I had given you a reply, I don't know what happened to it, I'll try again in a minute, I may post it in more than one part! (This site does have a word censor, I can't imagine why that wold have trapped it").

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Winter Hill (Bolton, England) transmitter
Sunday 9 October 2022 1:06PM

D. Worwood:

This sounds like a problem with interference - No, they do not turn down the power at certain times!
But the transmitter occasionally has Planned Engineering where that might be the case, however there is none listed, nor faults, at this time. If this is occurring regularly at every weekend then it won't be transmitter faults or engineering.

If you have a weak signal, you will be more vulnerable to interference. You cannot necessarily dismiss the aerial just because it is "quite new". If water is getting into the connections/coax then this will affect the signal.

You may not even be correctly tuned to Winter Hill which may not even give you the best signals.
Check in your TV tuning section if you are tuned to Winter Hill's UHF channels
In the multiplex order BBCA/PSB1, D3&4/PSB2, BBCB HD/PSB3, SDN/COM4, ArqA/COM5, ArqB/COM6, Winter Hill's UHF channels since the 700 MHz clearance are -
The main multiplexes on C32, C34, C35, C29, C31, C37
The Local ones you may receive are Liverpool Local mux on C21, and maybe, but unlikely Manchester GI on C27.

Have you checked the aerial is still pointing correctly? Is the downlead secure and not flapping in the wind?
CH52 is a large area and signals will vary across it.

You need to provide a FULL postcode to check your predicted reception, the best transmitter and which way the aerial should point. The reception predictors do not work on partial postcodes.

Does the problem start at an exact time when it starts at the weekend?
Do you have any electrical or electronic equipment that you switch on at the weekend not used at other times?

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Some manufacturers have been making "grouped" Log Periodics for a little while. Blake had been doing a Group A one for some time.(London - Crystal Palace is the largest Group A region). Once it was obvious that the two temporary muxes COMs 7&8 were not going to be around once the centre frequencies were auctioned, it was a given that Group K was going to be the "new wideband". Aerials that rejected anything above C48 would help with any problems rejecting mobile signals that may cause interference issues to Freeview. Log Periodics have the advantage of an almost flat response across the band.

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The order of the channels will depend on which multiplexes you are receiving, there is no "universal" order.
Did the radio not come with a manual? What make and model is it?

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Winchcombe (Gloucestershire, England) DAB transmitter
Wednesday 12 October 2022 2:24PM

Gary Bayliss:

There's obviously a typo in that postcode! Did you mean GL54 5QN?
If so, you should get reception of the BBC main multiplex, but could well struggle to get any commercial multiplexes unless you have clear line of sight to the NE or SW for the nearest commercial transmitters.
If however the postcode you mean is in the Langley area, then if you are to the N or NW of Langley you may struggle to get the main BBC multiplex.
You should ensure that any future purchase of a DAB radio is DAB+ and not just plain DAB or you will be limited in the future as more stations move to DAB+ transmission mode.

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Karen Ryan:

Pewsey can be a bit of a tricky location, you aren't technically in the coverage area for the BBC multiplex from Naish Hill but should get some coverage from the Mendip transmitter, and possibly if you are central or S/SE of Pewsey from Membury.
There is also a "commercial" relay transmitter at Marlborough.
The BBC are normally very good at reporting any faults affecting their transmissions and Membury was off air at 1136 due to essential engineering, whether the signal was weak previously is not been mentioned.
There's also a transmitter at Salisbury, but again technically you aren't in its coverage area.
Trying to find detail about faults with commercial transmissions is like trying to get blood out of a stone!
If you have any ongoing problems with a commercial station your normally get ok, try phoning the station to see if they are aware of any problems.

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I'm afraid the site owner hasn't had time to check and correctly update the channel listings since the 700MHz Clearance program.
In the multiplex order BBCA/PSB1, D3&4/PSB2, BBCB HD/PSB3, SDN/COM4, ArqA/COM5, ArqB/COM6, Tacolneston's UHF channels are - The main multiplexes on C40, C43, C46, C42, C45, C39.
The Local multiplex is on C32 but whether you receive it will depend on your location as it's beamed towards Norwich.

Other than C46, you say your have 100% Quality and 100% Strength on all the other multiplexes and that you are only a few miles from the transmitter. This looks very much like you have a problem with too much signal which can cause the sort of issues you are seeing.

Do you have any distribution amp/splitter? If so, does it have a variable gain control, and if so turn the gain down. You do not need 100% signal, depending on set it could be very low and still have no problems. What is essential is that you ideally have100% Quality 24/7.

If you have a distribution amp/splitter but no variable gain, try the aerial direct to just your main set to see what signal level and quality you get to help confirm the problem.

One other possibility is that there is a newish mobile phone mast near you and that is causing interference which won't be helped by any distribution amp, but you should have had some sort of postcard from (or at800 as they were previously). If this is the case and it's not simply too much TV signal as previously mentioned, then contact them for a free filter.

If it's simply too much signal, if your aerial is in the loft and readily accessible, you could try turning it off-beam to see if you can get a temporary happy compromise, otherwise, whether you have a distribution amp or not (and no gain control) putting a variable attenuator between the aerial and the feed to the TV(s) should be a solution - such as this eBay item number:310039226920.

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Graham Denison:

See also Channel information for Bilsdale Temporary Mast, Eston Nab, and Arncliffe Wood | Freeview (but note COM7 is now closed at all transmitters)..

Depending on where you are in your postcode (reception does vary across it, no doubt due to changes in terrain & line of sight) you MAY get good enough reception from Emley Moor and possibly Bilsdale Tower depending on which region you may prefer - North Yorkshire or North East/Cumbria.

If your aerial is currently pointing at Bilsdale (compass bearing 40 degrees - almost NE) then you may get good enough reception for just the 3 PSB multiplexes from Thirsk without repositioning the aerial - ideal bearing is 80 degrees - heading towards slightly N of due E).
If you would prefer the Emley Moor region then it's compass bearing 196 degrees - almost SSW (but note reception may be variable).

If you are currently getting poor reception from the Bilsdale Tower or Thirsk, you MAY get free help with the aerial, (the main help is currently suspended due to very low demand) but try ringing 0800 1214828.

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