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K reeves

If you can - manually retune your equipment entering the frequency numbers for each multiplex

Sorry off top of my head not sure what they are but someone will jump in with those

Sounds like your receiver is picking either Chesterfield or Sheffield transmitter up!

Keith kb aerials 07946481125

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Tomy Hall - a satellite transmission wouldn't be alocalised event if there was a problem then the whole of the country would have no reception - and I reckon that if sky wasnt transmitting then that would make national news headline - not that you would be aware as you can't watch tv! (sorry couldn't resist)

2 possible faults




test your receiver on another dish --- or test someone elses receiver on your dish to work out which part is the problem

if its the dish - call someone in - you don't want to attempt to sort it your self as its on a roof there are massive health and safety implications (as Rod Hull found out for a very short few seconds)

if its the receiver get it repaired or buy yourself a cheap £30 freesat box from argos if your only using it for free to air reception as that would be cheaper than repairing a sky receiver and you get a 12 month guarantee

Keith kb aerials Sheffield 07946481125

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im going to paste in a reply that has been posted quite a few times to similar questions

read through it bearing in mind its an answer to someone else's question but the info u need is in there

have you read my post about too much signal ?

copy and paste it for you
Sounds like you may have now got to much signal hitting your equipment

Have you got an amplifier connected on the system - possibly you don't need it now - but before you go ripping it out is it a set back one or one that distributes to several sets

If its a set back one (do not remove a box that states POWER SUPPLY that may (or may not) sit behind your tv as you will lose everything) then try bypassing it and connecting the aerial direct to your tv

if its an amplifier in the loft or outdoors then thats going to be tougher to do

if you cant get to your amp try using whats called an ATTENUATOR these reduce the signal strength - ideally placing one before your amplifier is the best route but if you cant then plug it direct into the back of the tv theyre about £6 from maplin electronics - try a 12db attenuator - possibly an 18db? (buy both ask if you can return the unused one)

If you have no amplifier - still try the attenuator as the signal has increased phenomenally place the attenuator on the first piece of equipment it connects too ie if you have a pvr the aerial usually goes in there and is looped round to your tv

Keith KB Aerials

Sheffield 07946481125

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an amplifier of 18db is HUGE for a domestic situation but ive used loads through the years sometimes going up higher maybe 24db of amplification

it was always in a desperate attempt to get something to work and generally they were coupled up on huge 20' (yes as tall as a streetlamp) masts bolted to the side of houses as the signal was near impossible to get

im now finding that stood on the ground at these locations I can receive a useable signal with a little dinky aerial

So now -- we don't need 20' masts and we certainly don't need 18db amplifiers in the majority of situations (im not ruling out every location)

so hope the last post of mine throws light on your problems


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Rich - something I want aware of - looks like JB has pointed out that the mux that carries itv3 is on low power untill 12th of october

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Connecting it all up | Installing
Saturday 3 September 2011 8:24PM

Mark ditch the scart cable from your skyHD box and use a hdmi

You wasnt getting High def through a scart lead any how!
(the channel would have been displayed ok but not in HD )


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Connecting it all up | Installing
Saturday 3 September 2011 8:27PM


Disconnect the scart from the dvd to the tv

Then connect it from the dvd tp the VCR socket on the sky box

Im assuming it is not a HD box which only has one scart on newer boxes

what ever scart on the dvd you have connected it needs to be displayed on the front of the dvd recorder

so if you have connected it to av1 of the dvd - select av1 when recording

any playback should go straight through the sky box and be displayed on the tv so you can leave it configured permanently this way

KB Aerials 07946481125 sheffield

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Matt - if its a freeview tv then no

If it has a satellite section - ie freesat then yes

freesat tv's are quite uncommon though and the likly hood of your tv being freesat is slim

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all these problems that are stated on here im not experiencing - as an aerial installer I would have thought the phone would be ringing off the hook if everyone was experiencing these issues but it all seems very quiet

Im in sheffield and i have customers on
Chesterfield transmitters and all is quiet

Emley moor starts this week so see how that goes

The only issues ive seen are within the pages of this forum

so I can only assume for the majority of people switchover has gone smoothly

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Sky dishes are now commonly installed with whats called a QUAD LNB
the Quad LNB has 4 outputs - usually 2 of these are used to connect to a sky plus or sky hd box

this usually leaves 2 spare outputs

1 output from the dish is needed to run either a sky box or a freesat box

2 outputs are required if you are installing a freesat recorder

so yes in most situations you can run a cable from the back of the second box back to the dish and use your second box for watching the free channels - freesat and sky use the same orbital position

what I mean by that is that a sky dish intended to work with sky can also work with a freesat box

If you want to get precise the satellite broadcasting most of freesat is at 28.5° east and sky is at 28.2° east but sky dish properly aligned will pick up both im sure to MR MURDOCH's disgust

hope this helps

Keith KB Aerials Sheffield 07946481125

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