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John - sounds good!
Does the wolfbane link say you need only set-top? It is notoriously pessimistic.
Are you sure there is no amplifier on your rooftop?
If you want to continue using it you can get attenuators. Or you could play by simply holding the plug near but not touching the socket! Works for a good analogue signal - not tried on digital.

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... Sudbury digital TV transmitter | - independent free digital TV advice

Jerry - you might do better asking here, as other locals may see it.

Looks like they are doing much mucking about prior to analogue switchoff in July, when power will increase and probably solve your problems. (LL145HD)

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John - Was your RF (aerial) input going through the Sky box? If so, might conflict, or even just be overamplified.

Just SCART leads should not affect your tuning AFAIK.

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PS there is a list of bad boxes on here somewhere if you hunt around - though as yourse works some doubt if that's it - more of a yes/no issue!

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barbara - AFAIK you should still be able to get both types, so I suspect your aerial or cabling is the problem.

Does the aerial still point the right way?

Check cables.

Do you have a booster or masthead amp?

Anything else changed?

TV in other rooms?

Neighbours OK or also problems?

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Malcolm - on the assumption that the ITV West and BBC West come from the same place it might be that one is just a bit stronger. Might be there now if you "add additional channels"

If you look at the pages for the possible transmitters it will shoe what channels stuff is on.

If you plug her postcode in top right of this page then click the links - esp. "Digital Trade" you will see what might be possible.

Also try
UK digital TV reception predictor (LL145HD)

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John - suspect it is what they plug in that is poor, not the trransmission - seen other complaints about ESPN.

John - Could be that the Skybox is overamplifying the RF input. Or could be that the channel it is using to output its own signal is in conflict with one you need.

But can't see a need to have RF in or out of the skybox anyway.

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If the sky box is designed to take the main feed from the aerial then pass it on to the TV it almost certainly will amplify it as well, as if not it might attenuate unacceptably.

Indeed if the box was unpowered that could be the problem.

If you want to experiment, try powercycling the skybox and see if it has any effect. Esp. on analogue channels if you still have any.

And see if you can find out what RF the skybox usses. This page will show "safe" channels if you input your postcode.

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Well if the strength was 100% it could show no higher!

It is conceptually feasible that something in the boxes RF handling circuits spoil the QAM, but I know nothing of this.

But surely you have no need to put RF into or out of the skybox anyway?

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