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Mike Dimmick: Well when I said Central, I did mean ITV Central as in regional news programme ITV Central Tonight or ITV plc. I am very well aware of the ITV merger. I still very much miss the fact that I used to be able to tune into HTV Wales, Granada and Central and find different programmes on each various times of the day and night. And also all the regional news programmes, studios and opening/closing titles were very different from each other but now thanks to ITV plc, those days are now long gone and never to return ever again!

But getting back to my point, when you say that ITV were responsible for some teletext pages, does that as of now still include page 283 of the Analogue teletext?

And do you think they will update it for all regions before Teletext completely comes to an end so that only subtitles page 888 are transmitted and then that page stops transmitting when the analogue signal for that channel switches off for good?

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Local TV - an introduction | Local TV
Thursday 31 March 2011 8:26PM

In correspondence to: Ian - Saturday 5 March 2011 10:36PM: "Can't see Sky moving Sky1 from channel 106."

I was going to add to that: I hate Channel 4 being on 117 in Wales. I wouldn't mind if 104 was Channel 4/S4C in Wales and 106 was S4C/Channel 4 in Wales.
Though if this Local Channel 6 goes ahead, it would have to be 104/107 and 106 being Channel 6. 108 could be Sky 1 or if Channel 6 doesn't go ahead, 107 could be Sky 1.
Saves having to go to the 2nd page of 10 channels (111-120) to find Channel 4 listings.

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Aerialman: I do suffer from the comment you said above by being unable to receive ARQB/MUXD due to the fact they transmit on the same frequency from both Winter Hill and Sutton Coldfield (ch.55).
Mind you, that is only because I have two aerials connected to my TV, one pointing at WH and one pointing somewhere between SC and The Wrekin. If I just had the one aerial pointing in one direction, I would receive WH, SC or TW. I can however receive MUXD from The Wrekin though the general signals from that transmitter aren't as good as SC's (probably due to lower transmission power compared to SC and because the aerial isn't exactly alligned). I will have to wait until 28th September 2011 for the final channel allocations and powers of the transmitters.

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C21 (474.0MHz) after switchover
Wednesday 6 April 2011 7:51PM

Just thought I'd see what I can receive on analogue on Ch.21 now that the old digital MUX1 from The Wrekin has been switched off today and I'm getting a poor analogue Channel 4, presumably from Fenton. Not receiving anything on analogue ch.39 where digital multiplex MUX1 The Wrekin B used to transmit on as there are no analogue transmissions on 39 anywhere near me.

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I have a few general TV transmitting questions I was wondering if anyone knows the answer to:

1. What does HP and VP stand for? As in Garth Hill HP/VP or Melling HP/VP?

2. Are these two different masts, one for HP and one for VP? Or are they both transmitted at the same mast, one for HP and one for VP?

3. Is Fenton effectively a relay of Sutton Coldfield, despite it transmits the full 6 multiplexes and has no relays itself? When Sutton Coldfield turns off their analogue, would that then have an immediate effect on Fenton or do they each get their own feed so that one doesn't effect the other?

3. Why does Nottingham, Fenton, Bromsgrove and Lark Stoke not have any of their own relays?

4. Why is it that Sutton Coldfield has relays stretching as far West they stretch into The Wrekin and Ridge Hill 'territory', as far North they stretch between the Fenton and Nottingham 'territory' and as far South they stretch into the Lark Stoke and Oxford 'territory'?

Likewise, The Wrekin's relays, Coalbrookdale is right 'next door' to SC's Ironbridge relay, Halesowen is only a short distance from SC's Haden Hill. Clun and Bucknell are surrounded by Ridge Hill relays. Why not make them relays of Ridge Hill? Likewise for Whittingslow, Tenbury Wells and Malvern?

5. Why not keep relays to their surrounding area and not have overlaps of relays from one transmitter group with relays of other transmitter groups?

6. In the case of Coalbrookdale/Ironbridge, why not just have a taller mast/higher power at Coalbrookdale to eliminate the need for Ironbridge?
Likewise for Haden Hill to eliminate the need for Halesowen?

I expect it's probably like that with overlaps all across the UK but just think it would be better if they didn't do it like that.
Other such examples is Gronant and Prestatyn are surrounded by Moel-Y-Parc relays even though they are relays of Llanddona. Likewise Beddgelert is a relay of Blaenplwyf but surrounded by Llanddona relays.

I know I sound like a bit of an anorak! But I admit, I am! I have transmitter maps and lists! But hope Brian and some of the other regulars will be able to answer my queries.
Many Thanks in advance.
Regards, Stuart.

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Hi Steve, I don't know who Sid is but I'm not him.
I am actually in a high part of Brymbo, the former Steel Works so can receive Winter Hill, The Wrekin and amazingly also, good signals from Sutton Coldfield and Lichfield.
Now The Wrekin has turned off it's analogue, also receiving weak signals from Fenton.

Just taken a look at one of my lists and see that some relays such as Garth Hill transmit both Vertical and Horizontal despite what you said about relays being Vertical. Why do they transmit both polarizations?

What I meant to say above is: Are these two different masts, one for HP and one for VP? Or are they both transmitted at the same mast, one set of aerials for HP and one set of aerials for VP? Would both sets of aerials point in the same direction on a compass or would they both be pointing different directions?

I wondered about this also on my 'home page' of this website on the top right:

Spare RF: C35 C34 C36.
Does that mean these channels can be used to tune in, say, a VCR or Sky box through the RF lead?

If that's the case, then for me: 21, 24, 27, 29, 32, 33, 35, 36, 38, 39, 56, 60, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67 and 68 would actually be available to tune in for something like a VCR. 34 wouldn't be spare though as it's BBCB Pre-DSO HD from Lichfield at the moment.

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Steve, I failed to mention that I do of course receive Wrexham-Rhos. I can see the mast outside my flat as it's only 0.7 miles away, according to this site. I can also sometimes see the AWL's on Winter Hill at night.
I can't receive Moel-Y-Parc despite this website saying I can.

What I meant about H and V aerials on the compass, say for example the H aerials are pointing on a bearing of 90 degrees, would the V aerials also be pointing on a bearing of 90 degrees? Or any other direction?

If say H was on 90 deg. and V was on 270 deg., people East of the mast would need to point their aerials Horizontally and people West of the mast would need to point their aerials Vertically.

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It's a funny thing with Digital UK.
They used to have my address in their database but now they haven't.
My street shows up as LL11 5FN on their site but they don't have any numbers past 105 so if you just used that address, that would do though it seems to think my 'Most Likely Transmitter' is Long Mountain which I definitely can't receive.

I don't have any problems with TV reception. Strength and Quality between the 4 freeview transmitters I can receive are all quite high, at least 95%+ for Strength and Quality except SDN, ARQA & B from The Wrekin which is about 55% due to the lower transmission powers until 28 Sept. (I have a roof aerial pointing to Winter Hill which also picks up strong signals from Wrexham-Rhos despite wrong polarity and a good loft aerial pointing to The Wrekin/Sutton Coldfield).

I would be more interested in having my questions I originally posted answered but thanks for the Wolfbane link.

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Thanks for the replies, Brian.
So what you are saying basically is that for exaple Clun and Bucknell are relays of The Wrekin as due to the terrain, the signal from The Wrekin travels better to those relays compared to them receiving their relay signal from Ridge Hill? Likewise for Halesowen receiving its signal from The Wrekin and not Sutton Coldfield etc?

And was I correct in thinking that the Spare RF thing is to do with spare channels to tune external equipment to your TV?

Why does my page only mention C34, 35 & 36?
It should say: 21, 24, 27, 29, 32, 33, 35, 36, 38, 39, 56, 60, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67 and 68 would actually be available to tune in for something like a VCR. 34 wouldn't be spare though as it's BBCB Pre-DSO HD from Lichfield at the moment.
Although nothing in my area is transmitted on those numbers above, even some of them can't be used as a VCR/Sky box could interfere with analogue/digital signals on neighbouring frequencies.

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Winter Hill (Bolton, England) transmitter
Sunday 5 June 2011 10:16PM

May: You don't say if you have a problem with your TV reception, despite Mike Dimmick's reply presuming you do have.

Are you just wanting to tell the world your Post Code and the location of you aerial?
Considering that's your first post to UK Free TV, I don't understand what you are getting at or what help you require by giving out that information.
Please explain. Thanks.

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