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Well, WM went just a few seconds after Midnight.
After a rescan, my Hi-Fi connected to a DAB aerial in the loft was able to find the stations on the Central Lancashire multiplex (12A, same as what WM was on) but there is no sound from them. I wasn't really expecting them to even be found as even though I can receive Winter Hill, with the signal beam pointing towards Lancashire so totally the wrong direction for me and with the power of the signal then it doesn't surprise me I can't hear them.

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Has the NOW Digital Coventry multiplex moved to 12A? Could anybody tell me? It still says on Wohnort it's on 12D - DAB Ensembles WorldWide | UK Local
Before I had a 3.3m length of coax from the aerial to a F plug cable join (no amplifier) then into a 10m length into my Hi-Fi.
After changing the cables by putting a shorter length of coax from the aerial (1.7m) then going into an amplifier and a 15m length of coax into my Hi-Fi, I did a re-scan of the stations and it found the likes of Touch Radio and BBC Coventry & Warwickshire on 12A.
Could this have been down to High pressure enabling me to receive this?
While listening to it, the signal went after a while and now can't receive anything on 12A at all.
It's transmitters are at Meriden, Leamington Spa & Samuel Vale House (all 0.5kW) and Barwell Water Tower (0.2kW)
I changed the display to show the frequency and it was showing 223.936 MHz. It couldn't be on 12D as I'm already getting Stoke & Stafford there on 229.072 MHz and I can't receive two different multiplexes on the same block.
So thought I might have been gaining an extra multiplex but looks like not now. I did think my improvements may have helped the Central Lancashire multiplex be received better which is also on 12A so perhaps I really am just too far away to have ever had a decent signal from there, whether there's High Pressure interference from Coventry or not. (LL115FQ)

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Brian, So how was I receiving Coventry on 12A from Wrexham then earlier?

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I've noticed tonight you don't appear to have the Gold 1260KHz MW AM transmitter off Townfield Lane in Farndon just inside the English border near Wrexham on your website.

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Thanks Brian. I see it now. Was expecting to see it pinpointed on its own, not grouped under the map marker south of Willaston.

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Unpopular Top Up TV turns to PVR
Saturday 14 September 2013 9:16PM

Is TopUp TV to be wound up as a business and service? It doesn't say anything on their website but on Freeview HD regionalised channel list | British Isles: England: Granada it says that Home, GOLD and TopUp Anytime 1;3;5 & 6 are closing on 31st October? Sky Sports and ESPN have already closed on their service and the UKTV and Anytime services with the exception to Picture Box are the last remaining services from TopUp TV. I don't have TopUp TV but what about their Picture Box service? Is the whole company going into administration or liquidation or something?
Do you Brian or does anyone else have any news on this?
Hope someone can post up what's happening with TopUp when you have any details you can share about the service.
Thanks. (LL115FQ)

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Map of all DAB transmitters
Wednesday 18 September 2013 1:26PM


I have just purchased the Electrovision ( for more details) T143FH 5 Element DAB (Digital Radio) Outdoor Aerial and am unsure whether I need to mount it Horizontally with the elements obviously Horizontal across or Vertically with the elements Up/Down as there is nothing on the box or instructions as to what polarization signals are transmitted at and what polarization the aerial needs to be to receive the signals.

Please could anyone help and get back to me very soon to let me know?

Kind Regards.

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Well I thought 2 nights ago that Liverpool and Manchester were moving to new blocks to prevent co-channel with two local West Midlands multiplexes after the North West multiplex closed but looks like that wasn't the case.
Anyone any idea when they are moving to new blocks now?
Sad about losing Gold and Real XS. Was looking forward to tuning in the Wolverhampton multiplex and trying to see if I can get the Birmingham multiplex also after Liverpool and Manchester move.

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Monday 11 November 2013 10:49AM

Why has Pick TV been renamed to just Pick? I can't stand it when TV channels drop or add in 'TV' or 'UK' from or to their channel name! Absolutely pointless!!!
Such other examples are:
UK Living to Living to Living TV to Sky Living (or was it UK Living to Living TV to Living to Sky Living?). to to bid-up (or was it bid tv?) to bid. to price drop.
Channel 5 to FIVE back to Channel 5.
Sky One changing to Sky 1 back to Sky One etc.
And even ITV renaming to ITV1 only to be renamed ITV again.
Might as well leave channels as they are, especially if they are to return to their original name.

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Reading this reminded me about something I always wondered about when I recently watched "Gibraltar-Britain In The Sun" on Channel 5.
Are all the main 5 PSB UK channels available in Gibraltar?
If so, are they available by Satellite, Cable or Terrestrial?
And what BBC/ITV regions do they get?
And what about other UK territories?
Does anyone know?

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