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Tunbridge Wells (Kent, England) Full Freeview transmitter
Sunday 13 November 2011 10:06PM

Janice: As the comment to anne, it could be that your TV is not tuned to the transmitter to which your aerial is facing. There are a number of transmitters that serve different parts of Sheffield.

Perhaps we can help you check that you have the correct channels tuned in.

Maybe you could answer the same questions I put to anne. Also, your post code might help us assist.

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Sudbury (Suffolk, England) Full Freeview transmitter
Monday 14 November 2011 10:54AM

lisa: No, it will not affect Rouncefall broadcasts.

Sudbury's retune is because one of the commercial multiplexes is moving frequency: ArqB which carries Film4, ITV4, Yesterday and others.

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Tacolneston (Norfolk, England) Full Freeview transmitter
Monday 14 November 2011 11:06AM

Colin Catchpole: You will need to do another retune on 23rd November. At that time HD will become available to you.

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Belmont (Lincolnshire, England) Full Freeview transmitter
Monday 14 November 2011 11:35AM

This is interesting and is another reason that digital pictures break-up. The problem is that these symptoms are all the same for all these:
* co-channel interference (whether caused by lift conditions or just in an area where two signals overlap)
* weak signal
* too higher level signal
* interference/noise from other electrical devices

Another one on the list might be reflected signals, although I appreciate that digital broadcasts are OK with it, I guess that there will be limits.

With analogue the signal itself could be seen making it much easier to identify the cause and hence a possible solution or at mitigation as far as possible.

I have had my own issues with reception from an aerial in the loft. Moving it away from the roof felt has resolved the break-up (particularly bad on C51).

However, yesterday whilst watching Formula 1 it froze a few times. The other evening (last week sometime) it did it several times in ten minutes (on BBC mux). I am now going to leave it and see how it goes. It might be co-channel interference rather than bad siting of the aerial. So I won't get the step ladder out just yet.

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Hannington (Hampshire, England) transmitter
Monday 14 November 2011 12:44PM

Richard: It sounds like the box you installed could be putting out the signal on or near to the frequency used by Freeview.

When you remove this device from your aerial lead do the missing Freeview and analogue channels come back?

Does it have some control on it (maybe a thing you turn using a screwdriver) perhaps labelled "RF Channel Out" or similar?

Perhaps you can post the make and model number of the device in question and/or a link to the place you bought it from as it might help us guide you as to what the solution might be.

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Linnet Valley (Suffolk, England) Freeview Light transmitter
Monday 14 November 2011 1:04PM

H.Richardson: Analogue will be replaced with digital in your area on 23rd November when you will need to retune.

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Danny: I would think it would not be considered an installation fault. From what you describe, it sounds like the signal level has dropped a bit. It could be the weather, a building that has been put up, a tree that has grown. Obviously installers aren't responsible for such things.

In any case, if you supplied the aerial and it isn't sensitive enough (for pre-DSO channels), then it's not down to the installer's choice.

It *might* be that it will come back. In any case, you will get it back in five months time when switchover occurs. So anything you do in an attempt to get the missing channels now will only be of benefit for the next five months anyway. As you get all but one, the installation is probably plenty good enough once switchover has occured.

I should say that I'm not an installer, just technically-minded, so these are my own thoughts (along with reasons why I say what I say).

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Diagnostics - old version
Monday 14 November 2011 1:21PM

John: Could you post the model number of the Bush?

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Emley Moor (Kirklees, England) transmitter
Monday 14 November 2011 2:21PM

alan horsley: I guess that you were watching Look North North East & Cumbria. It sounds like your receiver has decided that it knows best and retuned to the stronger signal from Bilsdale Moor.

See this page:
Digital Region Overlap | - independent free digital TV advice

The problem is that the Bilsdale is stronger than Emley in many parts of North Yorkshire, but it's Tyne Tees.

It looks like you will have to retune. The simplest and most generic guidance I can give is that you start off the auto tune scan with the aerial unplugged. When it gets to 30% plug in the aerial. This will have your aerial unplugged when it's scanning the frequencies used by Bilsdale and plugged in for Emley. (DN31NJ)

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