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Freeview reception at 51.5465°N -0.011°E

List is for aerial group type: wideband group A group B group C/D group E group K

ch name signal strength direction transmitter
C21+multiplex SDN England (COM4)
s-sw 201°ReigateV
C22multiplex Arqiva-A (COM5)
s-sw 197°Crystal PalaceH
C23multiplex BBCA England London
s-sw 197°Crystal PalaceH
C23-multiplex BBCA England London
s-sw 201°ReigateV
C24multiplex Arqiva-A (COM5)
s-sw 201°ReigateV
C25multiplex SDN England (COM4)
s-sw 197°Crystal PalaceH
C26multiplex D3+4 England London
s-sw 197°Crystal PalaceH
multiplex D3+4 England London
s-sw 201°ReigateV
C27multiplex Arqiva-B (COM6)
s-sw 201°ReigateV
C28-multiplex Arqiva-B (COM6)
s-sw 197°Crystal PalaceH
C29Comux Local TV multiplex LW
s-sw 197°Crystal PalaceH
C30Freeview HD multiplex BBCB (PSB3)
s-sw 201°ReigateV
C32multiplex BBCA England South East
e-se 122°Bluebell HillH
C34multiplex D3+4 England Meridian (East micro region)
e-se 122°Bluebell HillH
C40multiplex SDN England (COM4)
e-se 122°Bluebell HillH
C41-multiplex BBCA England London
southeast 124°WoolwichV
C43+multiplex Arqiva-A (COM5)
e-se 122°Bluebell HillH
C44multiplex D3+4 England London
southeast 124°WoolwichV
C45+Freeview HD multiplex BBCB (PSB3)
e-se 122°Bluebell HillH
C46multiplex Arqiva-B (COM6)
e-se 122°Bluebell HillH
C47Freeview HD multiplex BBCB (PSB3)
southeast 124°WoolwichV
C48-Freeview HD multiplex BBCB (PSB3)
s-sw 197°Crystal PalaceH
C55Freeview HD multiplex Arqiva-C (com7)
s-sw 197°Crystal PalaceH
Freeview HD multiplex Arqiva-C (com7)
e-se 122°Bluebell HillH
C56Freeview HD multiplex Arqiva-D (com8)
s-sw 197°Crystal PalaceH
Freeview HD multiplex Arqiva-D (com8)
e-se 122°Bluebell HillH

H Horizontal V Vertical HD High Definition

List is for aerial group type: wideband group A group B group C/D group E group K

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10m20m (Angel of the North)25m30m40m56m (Hyde Park Flats, Sheffield)62m (Monument)90m (Royal Liver Building, Liverpool)107m (Meridian Quay Tower, Swansea)115m (Bridgewater Place, Leeds)127m (Glasgow Tower)143m (Guy's Hospital)158m (Blackpool Tower)170m (Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth)180m (The Gherkin/BT Tower) 193m (Tower 42)235m (Canary Wharf)310m (The Shard)(default view)

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

6:41 AM

D. A. Brown:

I know this reply is somewhat "late" but might still be useful.
Did you mean lose COMs 7&8 from the Humax PVR or from a TV set it's plugged into?

If the latter then maybe it's because the PVR has an RF pass-through that powers down in standby and because those COMs maybe transmitted at lower power than the others, there's not quite enough breakthrough of their signal whereas the others are strong enough for your set still to function OK.

If it's the PVR itself then maybe a full retune may help, first retune automatically with the aerial unplugged to clear all existing stored data, then do a manual tune for each UHF channel used by your transmitter.

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Chris.SE's 168 posts GB
Monday, 3 June 2019
12:25 PM

Hi all, just a quick update as i have been away for a week.
All of the com 7 and com 8 channels are not been received on any tv or set top box in the home. I own a Humax pvr, a Samsung smart tv, and an LG tv, all of these are now not receiving any com 7 or com 8 channels. I have retuned and also tried manual retunes on all devices but no luck.
I have checked and double checked my outdoor aerial & cabling.
No change.

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Shopps's 4 posts GB
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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

12:05 AM

I'm on the Oxford transmitter and I am having similar problems with Coms 7 & 8. I appear to have reception during the day until 8pm when I lose both of them

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Stephen's 34 posts GB
Wednesday, 12 June 2019
Thursday, 13 June 2019
7:20 AM

Since monday i have lost all channels on com 7&8. anyone else in the crystal palace area having the same problems?

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NasS's 11 posts GB
Wednesday, 19 June 2019
D. Madden
8:18 AM

We are receiving zero reception from our roof aerial at EX312DY, our son is also having the same problem at EX312DQ . How do we find out how to get over the problem? Thank you

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D. Madden's 2 posts GB

1:18 PM

D. Madden: The Huntshaw Cross transmitter has changed frequencies overnight, so you will need to retune. If you find that you still have channels missing after retuning, you should contact the Freeview Advice Line (see link below) who can arrange for a replacement wideband aerial to be fitted, free of charge if you don't have satellite or cable.

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StevensOnln1's 2,481 posts GB
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