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Friday 02 October 2009, AM

MP says no to a two tier Freeview -

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Quest debuts on Freeview with 82,000 peak | News | Broadcast

It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link

Freeview Retune Causes Apparently Problems For Many - I4U News UK

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Daily Star: Simply The Best 7 Days A Week :: News :: Freeview retune site in meltdown

gt gt But millions who visited Freeviews website were met with a message which read This website is experiencing high amounts of traffic and is unavailable. For help re-tuning, refer to your instruction manual or follow the simple re-tune instructions below. gt gt The multi-channel service is being upgraded to give more homes Five, and also to pave the way for the supply of high-definition HD television. gt gt It involves major changes to the frequencies used to broadcast more than 50 TV channels and 20 radio stations. - link

ITV receives hundreds of complaints over Freeview retune |Media |

Digital TV viewers in 18m homes were yesterday forced to retune their set-top boxes as part of a Freeview plan to give Channel Five national coverage and ready the service for high definition channels. Some reports have put the number of households to lose the ITV digital channels at as many as 500,000. ITV said that it had received a total of about 400 complaints by lunchtime today. - link

Freeview Retuning Exercise Attracts Hundreds Of Complaints -

The retuning also paves the way for the gradual nationwide digital switchover as well as the forthcoming introduction of Freeview HD which will also require new set top boxes. 18 million households with 25 million television sets, set top boxes STB and other Freeview devices have had to be retuned today in order to continue receiving channels. The process will almost certainly wreck any schedule or series recordings. - link

Freeview re-tune websites crash under demand | 1 Oct 2009 |

Websites telling TV viewers how to re-tune their digital Freeview TV boxes have crashed under demand. In July, the government's national flu website was swamped within minutes of going live. Designers of the flu advice website admitted they had underestimated demand and they were forced to quadruple capacity to keep the service going. - link
Thursday 01 October 2009, AM

Dodgy DCMS survey on BBC top-slicing : | OfcomWatch |

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Freeview website crashes as millions log on to find out how to retune set-top boxes | Mail Online

Baffled TV viewers brought down Freeview's own website on Tuesday while a second site, set up to guide them through the retuning process, failed yesterday morning. The Freeview website crashed due to high demand, leaving people in the dark as to how to re-tune their equipment Freeview's helpline was also receiving 200 calls a minute from those facing problems. More than 20million digital TV set-top boxes linked to the Freeview broadcasting system need to be retuned to maintain access to key TV and radio channels. - link

Complaints over Freeview retune

Freeview's Ilse Howling on how to do it Hundreds of people with Freeview are complaining after losing some channels when they tried to retune their set-top boxes and TVs. A Freeview spokesperson said viewers with problems should try again. People with Freeview were advised to retune their TV sets, set-top boxes and digital recorders from lunchtime on Wednesday. - link

Critics attack Freeview for lack of TV-retune marketing - Marketing news - Marketing magazine

Across the UK, 18m viewers are required to retune their receivers as Freeview implements changes to its transmissions. The changes are vital to allow Freeview to launch an HD offering. Despite the scale of the changes, a communications campaign was only launched on 18 September and some critics believe the platform was far too slow to inform its customers of the details. - link
Wednesday 30 September 2009, PM

The Sun, impartial news and political speeches 30/09/09 link
Wednesday 30 September 2009, AM

iwoot pocket TV: Freeview in the car | Electricpig

picoStick worlds smallest Freeview tuner Pocket tellies are hardly anything new of course, but the iwoot pocket TVs ability to keep a signal at well beyond the legal speed limit is impressive up to 180km/h, especially when you consider Navman readily admitted to us that its Freeview satnav cant handle even innner city driving speeds. Its still not an excuse to watch TV while driving, mind, but with a battery good for 3 hours of TV, the iwoot pocket tellie will at least keep the kids traps shut on a lengthy roadtrip. It should even work on some trains too, but if you were hoping for a bit of Peep Show on a Virgin Pendolino train, youre out of luck they rocket along at up to 155mph. - link

Freeview website titsup ahead of big retune - The Register

Just hours before millions will be required to retune their televisions, the website explaining how appears to be struggling under the pressure. At time of writing and its special retune section were unavailable. Freeview, a consortium of broadcasters, was unavailable for comment. - link

8 out of 10 sets say they prefer digital | Broadband TV News

A 15 percentage point increase in the conversion of secondary television sets over the past 12 months has taken the proportion of UK sets that have been digitally enabled to 80. The Digital Progress Report, issued by the regulator Ofcom, for the second quarter of 2009 shows that by the end of June 24.3 million secondary sets had been converted. Until recently television sets in the nations kitchens and bedrooms had been a cause for concern in the digital switchover process. - link

18m Freeview homes in TV retune

Freeview's Ilse Howling on how to do it More than 18 million households with Freeview will need to retune their set-top boxes and TVs later. The service is being upgraded to give more homes channel Five, while those that did get Five will find themselves unable to watch it until they retune. TV sets, set-top boxes and digital recorders will need retuning from lunchtime. - link

The BBC is encrypting its HD signal by the back door |Technology |

Planet Earth filmed and broadcast by the BBC in HD. Some background licence-fee-paid television must be free to receive in the UK. Unlike cable and commercial satellite signals, free-to-air television is carried on public airwaves, which broadcasters are allowed to use for free. - link

Bradshaws warning to the BBC: you must change to survive - UK Politics, UK - The Independent

Marr, who has been attending the conference in Brighton, was even confronted in the main conference hotel by the Communities minister, Ian Austin. Jon Cruddas, the prominent Labour backbencher, revealed that he has refused to appear on the Marr programme. Aides at No 10 are keen to stop the row from rumbling on throughout the conference, but it is understood that they will pursue the matter with the BBC when the conference closes tomorrow. - link
Tuesday 29 September 2009, PM

Eight out of ten TV screens now digital ready

The total number of digitally-enabled TV sets in the UK has reached 80 due to a surge in the conversion of secondary TV sets. The report also reveals that there were 29.7 million Freeview-enabled sets, of which 9.9 million were primary and almost 19.8 million were secondary sets. DTG Staff 29.09.2009 Links open in a new window. - link
Tuesday 29 September 2009, AM

Chapters within programmes: finding the bit you want

Chapters is the term we're using to describe sections of a programme, rather like the chapters of a DVD. In some cases a programme might have back to back chapters, like a book, but in other cases producers might just identify key moments in the programme e.g. the big interviews. Firstly, they allow listeners or viewers to navigate back and forth through programmes e.g. jumping to the start of an interview, or replaying an item you found interesting. - link

Virgin Media listing on LSE brings name back to UK markets |Media |The Guardian

Virgin Media its primary listing will remain on New York's Nasdaq exchange. The company's shares are expected to start trading in London at 8am on Thursday this week, with the aim of encouraging more investors from the UK and the rest of Europe to join its shareholder base. However, Virgin Media's primary listing will remain on New York's Nasdaq exchange and the company has no plans to switch fully to London. - link

ITV investors furious over shambolic hunt for CEO - Business News, Business - The Independent

One of ITV's largest shareholders was furious after the company terminated talks with the preferred candidate Tony Ball on Friday. Insiders at ITV hit back, saying the issues arose from Mr Ball's side. It emphasises how important it is to have independent and strong characters in the roles of chief executive and chairman. - link

Internet catch-up challenges TV in Europe

Just as in the United States, Internet television has become increasingly popular in Europe. So much so that some European broadcasters want to add the Internet to their broadcast programming schedule. In Britain, the BBC and several partners are working on a more ambitious project to bring catch-up TV and a variety of other programming and interactive services to television sets as soon as next year. - link


On Wednesday morning, 30 September, the Freeview service is being updated. Some TV and radio channels will move position. If people don't retune their equipment they will no longer receive them. - link

Freeview users must retune sets tomorrow - News, TV Radio - The Independent

More than 18million digital TV set-top boxes linked to the Freeview broadcasting system must be retuned tomorrow or viewers could lose key television and radio stations . At the same time, 7.7 million television sets which have Freeview digital technology built into them will also have to be retuned. The exercise is the result of major changes to the frequencies used to broadcast more than 50 television channels and another 20 radio stations to rooftop aerials. - link

How to re-tune your TV | Articles | GMTV

- link

The Press Association: Freeview viewers reminded to retune

- link
Monday 28 September 2009, PM

ITV uncertainty could open doors to takeover bid, says analyst |Media |

Outlining other factors affecting the company, De Groote said the improving state of the advertising market was offset by ITV's pension deficit of around 538m. Shares in ITV slipped by 0.55p to close at 44.84p today. To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. - link

MP demands action in digital disruption

Story updated byEChamberlain, at 1346 on 04/01/13 BEM award was 'lovely surprise' for long-serving civic... Story updated byscrfc_12s, reposted at 0715 on 04/01/13 CTddorf commented I am privileged to know Kim Popratnjak and of all the fantastic... Story published byLPatel, at 1658 on 03/01/13 Honours list recognises hard work of town trio awarded top... - link

ITV to sell digital channel network for USD250m

- link
Monday 28 September 2009, AM

STV ready to tackle ITV again |Media |The Guardian

Good call a shrewd businessman, Roy Thomson launched Scottish Television in 1957. It has echoes of a tussle five decades ago, at the birth of the ITV network. Other potential bidders for the central Scotland ITV franchise were scared off. - link

Six months on and ITV is back to square one | Steve Hewlett |Media |The Guardian

A leaderless British broadcaster is hardly news these days. The company has been searching for a new chief executive since last April and has now, with the announcement that talks with the former Sky chief Tony Ball are off, drawn a complete blank. You just can't have chief executives choosing their chairmen. - link

BBC Trust under siege - but what is the alternative? |Media |The Guardian

It is not yet three years old and already the government that created the BBC Trust has disowned it, calling it unsustainable. It has been attacked by commercial rivals for being too weak and by BBC insiders for being too tough, and the man who would take over as culture secretary in a Tory government last week said it should be scrapped. Set up to represent the licence fee after the former board of governors system was criticised in the wake of the Hutton inquiry, the trust has still managed to raise eyebrows with a role as both regulator and champion of the BBC. - link

Chris Tryhorn interviews Tom Bennie, chief executive of Arqiva |Media |The Guardian

Tom Bennie is probably the most important media figure you've never heard of. The chief executive of Arqiva admits the privately owned transmission company has been content with a pretty low profile until now. Despite being responsible for much of the UK's broadcast infrastructure with sales of around 800m a year, the Hampshire-based company is rarely mentioned inside the London media bubble. - link

Freeview shake-up means 25million have to retune | Mail Online

At the same time some 7.7million television sets that have the Freeview digital technology built into them will also have to be retuned. Electrical retailers say many customers are unaware that their Freeview equipment will stop working unless they retune it. These channels also show re-runs of popular series such as Poirot, Heartbeat and Cracker. - link
Sunday 27 September 2009, PM

ITV faces shareholder revolt over chairman-paper| Reuters

A spokeswoman for ITV said the group was not commenting on any prospective candidates. IDnLP493693 The new non-executive chairman will then lead the search for a new chief executive and will appoint any interim executive management, allowing Grade to leave the company after three years in charge. - link
Saturday 26 September 2009, AM

Charlie Brookers screen burn: Live From Studio Five |Television radio |The Guardian

I'm talking about actual vegetables carrots, potatoes, turnips, cauliflowers such is the target audience for Live From Studio Five Five, daily, 6.30pm. Clearly too stupid for human consumption, it is instead aimed squarely at cold, unfeeling lumps of organic matter with no discernible minds of their own. A show which, incredibly, boasts Melinda Messenger as its intellectual touchstone. - link

ITV faces another mess of its own making after dropping Tony Ball |Media |

Michael Grade appointed to controversial position of ITV executive chairman in 2006. Not only has it terminated negotiations with the favourite to become chief executive, Tony Ball, but Grade has announced he will be leaving at the end of the year. With former BSkyB boss Ball out of the picture, the broadcaster will have to go back to the shortlist of rejected chief executive candidates or persuade someone who couldn't be enticed before that this chalice is safe to drink from. - link

BBC Trust - Trust publishes its submission to Digital Britain consultation

Please visit the BBC Trust homepage to find the information you want. you may have typed the web address incorrectly - please check the spelling, or that there are no spaces or capital letters. Alternatively, please try the other links and search box on this page. - link

Sir Crispin Davis tipped to replace Michael Grade as ITV chairman |Media |The Guardian

Adding to the sense of crisis at the UK's largest commercial broadcaster, ITV also admitted that Grade, the executive chairman, had decided to leave the company altogether, abandoning his original plan to move to the position of non-executive chairman on the appointment of a new chief executive. He was backing by leading shareholders including Legal General and Fidelity despite initially calling for a pay deal worth 42m. After meeting Ball, Crosby is understood to have got the impression that Ball wanted a mere figurehead as chairman. - link

BBC Red Button launches new CBeebies interactive service

There will also be new-look Birthdays and Star Of The Week interactive sections allowing parents to request that their child's name be shown on screen. Children can quickly find all their favourite CBeebies red button TV programming and games on whichever platform they are using, ie digital satellite, cable or terrestrial. It has allowed the BBC to provide audiences with access to the latest news, weather and other information, while also enabling the delivery of an enhanced experience across major sporting and entertainment events. - link

BBC Trust plans to fund regional news by selling broadcasting spectrum |Media |

He added that the BBC's plan to share facilities with other outlets, as well as potential changes to media ownership laws, could also provide indirect financial support for commercial news providers. The BBC's proposals were set out in the trust's response to the government's Digital Britain report, which proposed setting up a new contestable fund using the slice of the licence fee currently reserved for the digital switchover help scheme to provide top-up funding for news consortiums. The trust said it believed that there needed to be other local news sources besides the BBC. - link

BBC iPlayer goes high definition

It will mean improved picture quality on streams to web browsers. The iPlayer has been a runaway sucess, with more than 387 million requests to stream or download since it launched on Christmas Day 2007. User defined The player will now also allow users to customise the size of their viewing window, which the developers say, are now nearly twice as good as the previous high quality format. - link

Bristol digital switch: Having you turned of your analogue TV signal? | News | This is Bristol

TV viewers in the Bristol area who have not switched from analogue to digital will start seeing warnings on their screens from today. The move is part of a new campaign to target the 64,000 homes in the south west which have not converted to digital TV. The on-screen captions will only appear on analogue channels, and will increase in frequency as the switchover approaches. - link

South and Central Wales go digital

- link

Project Canvas boxes to be available for Christmas 2010 - Media news - Media Week

If approved, the first wave of set-top boxes are expected to cost between 100 and 200 and will include a common electronic programme guide EPG that would allow users to flick freely between scheduled and on-demand programming. The broadcasters behind Canvas are already assuring potential content partners the ordering of the EPG will be purely democratic, based on the most popular, and not pre-determined. The products are also set to include a PVR recording device, so that users can store their own content, and will allow audiences to access the full range of digital without using an aerial such as Freeview, or a satellite dish. - link
Friday 25 September 2009, PM

Tony Ball and ITV end job talks

Mr Ball was opposed to proposed candidates to replace Michael Grade. It is understood that Mr Ball had set a deadline of this weekend to agree terms. Shares in ITV fell 1.2p to 45.3p on the news. - link
Friday 25 September 2009, AM

Media Talk podcast: Strictly Come Dancing, the Observer, and trouble in the political blogosphere link

Full text of David Elsteins Beesley lecture |Media |

That is the subject of my lecture tonight, launching the Beesley series. For over 30 years, from 1955 to 1988, the UK enjoyed a stable, managed broadcasting sector, built on spectrum scarcity. The advent of Channel 4 in 1982 was seamlessly integrated. - link

Tories will tell BBC to give up licence fee increase |Media |

A Conservative government will tell the BBC to give up its annual licence-fee increase next year if the party wins the general election and the economic downturn continues, shadow culture secretary Jeremy Hunt said today. The Tories, who could be in government when the next fee increase is debated in parliament early in the summer, voted in May for the BBC to give up this year's 3 rise to the 139.50 fee, saying that it should be frozen because the country was in recession and that there was no inflation. The current six-year licence fee settlement, which was agreed in January 2007 and runs until the end of March 2013, handed the BBC a 3 annual rise for the two years from April 2007, a 2 rise for the following three years, and an increase of between 0 and 2 in the final year of the deal. - link
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