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Tuesday 28 July 2009, AM

IPVision FetchTV 8000 Digital TV Recorder: Integrated IPTV and PVR... from John Lewis

- link

Canvas Missing Bits: Targeted Ads, Micropayments, Global Ambition| paidContent:UK

Four months later, the trust asked the Beeb what Canvas really is and has now published the extra detail in a 76-page collection of documents. Here, on one page, we have collected the main points we didnt know before Venture proposal respondents had questioned eligibility critera - Private company Owned 66.7 percent by public service broadcasters, 33.3 percent by ISPs. Members Only four PSBs assumed so is S4C being overlooked. - link
Monday 27 July 2009, AM

ITV set to offload Friends Reunited at 160m loss |Business |

The Friends Reunited social networking website was bought by ITV for 175m in 2005, but has remained problematic for the broadcaster. ITV put Friends Reunited up for sale in February as the drop in online advertising revenues forced the company to dramatically writedown the value of a business that had cost it 175m. Analysts believe Friends Reunited is worth about 20m to 40m, but private equity firm Oakley Capital is understood to have offered just 15m. - link

Ofcom grants terrestrial spectrum for satellite services

Satellite operators will be able to use terrestrial transmissions to complement mobile satellite services in the United Kingdom but will be charged for the spectrum. Earlier this year the European Union gifted Inmarsat and Solaris Mobile satellite spectrum to deliver services across Europe, including mobile television. Ofcom, the communications regulator in the United Kingdom, proposes to charge them for using the same frequencies on the ground. - link

Could advertiser-funded programming solve TVs financial problems? |Media |The Guardian

Comparisons with the 1930s are less than cheering when it comes to the economy, but they may offer a chink of hope for cash-strapped commercial broadcasters. It was 1937 when the soap opera Guiding Light, produced and sponsored by the soap manufacturer Procter Gamble and aimed at housewives, was first broadcast on US radio. It is still a small business, says David Brennan, the research and strategies manager for the TV marketing body Thinkbox. - link
Sunday 26 July 2009, AM

The original Big Brother is watching you on Amazon Kindle

In any case, to wear an improper expression on your face ... was itself a punishable offence. In recent days we have had a dramatic illustration of this because people who had purchased electronic copies of Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm for their Kindles had a nasty shock. On Friday 17 July their books suddenly disappeared from their devices. - link
Saturday 25 July 2009, AM

Freeview with internet video moves closer

Printed from http// Print a single copy of this article for personal use. - link
Friday 24 July 2009, PM

Cumbria goes digital

The final stage of digital TV switchover for most of Cumbria was completed on 22 July, extending Freeview coverage to all households served by the Caldbeck transmitter group. Analogue services will remain switched off permanently, allowing Freeview channels to be broadcast from local relay transmitters serving areas such as Keswick, Glenridding and Pooley Bridge for the first time. Freeview coverage has now been extended to reach 98 of households in the Border TV region. - link

Will Arqiva resurrect Kangaroo?

- link
Friday 24 July 2009, AM

Media Talk: Public service reporting link
Thursday 23 July 2009, AM

High-definition television forces BBC to fix its sets - News, Gadgets Tech - The Independent

The BBC is to spend thousands of pounds of licence fee payers' money upgrading the ageing sets of programmes so that they do not suddenly look shabby or fake when broadcast in high definition HD. She estimated that the cost of shooting The Apprentice in HD could come to as much as 40,000 equivalent to 287 licence fees. He said he and his team had been forced to repaint the Dragons' Den set for this series. - link
Wednesday 22 July 2009, PM

Media Show: Out with the old and in with the new? link

Ben Bradshaw shows what the BBC has to fear from top-slicing |Media |

Ben Bradshaw sounded for all the world like a bullying politician. There is considerable frustration in government and regulatory circles that the BBC has not jumped at the chance to break its own monopoly over licence fee cash. By comparison with rivals all subject to serious recessionary woes the BBC looks big, secure and well funded. - link

The business pressures behind Channel 4s joint venture ambitions |Media |

Channel 4's protracted search for financial security involves strengthening its position in the recession-hit television advertising market. Cutting overheads and gaining extra market power are increasingly important. Even if C4 only got the UKTV portion of that 7.15, that could see C4's respected sales team increase its reach to control close to 30 of the market. - link

Arqiva in talks to buy Project Kangaroo technology |Media |

Discussions with Arqiva are understood to have progressed to an advanced stage, although a final deal is yet to be signed. Orange pulled out of the process in May. Project Kangaroo has cost its partners in excess of 30m and the remaining assets are now likely to be snapped up for just a few million pounds. Last week BBC Worldwide revealed in its annual report that Kangaroo had cost it 9.1m. - link

BSkyB warns crown jewel panel on restricting rights - Business News, Business - The Independent

The deadline for submissions to the government-appointed panel reviewing the Free to Air Listed Events closed on Monday. Sky had already put forward one submission, before adding the findings of an independent report it had commissioned from Deloitte on the day of the deadline. It also wants to protect its rights to screen international cricket matches. - link

Public Service Broadcasting: Annual Report 2009 | Ofcom

Published 210709 Introduction Ofcom has a duty to assess the designated public service broadcasters, taken together, in terms of their delivery of the public service purposes set out in the 2003 Communications Act. The report is intended to provide an up-to-date evidence base of the current delivery of public service content in the UK and gives a factual account of broadcast hours, viewing figures and audience opinions of the channels over the last five years. These included a re-balancing of public service obligations across the sector on one hand, securing the economic future of strong institutions which have public purposes at their heart the BBC and Channel 4 on the other, freeing up commercial networks while retaining modest public service commitments consistent with the commercial value of the licences. - link
Wednesday 22 July 2009, AM

BBC iPlayer to come to Freeview HD through broadband | RBoffers News

This also includes the basis of all products so that people will not have to buy a new product even if iPlayer becomes available after the launch of Freeview HD. In order to receive this service a broadband connection will be required. However, part of the technical development thats taking place will look into ways of improving the experience by utilising the users bandwidth. Our product would still need a broadband connection, but in terms of speed there would not be a massive requirement there. - link

Arqiva to go Global

- link - News :: PC repair shops found to be snooping customers data : Page - 1/1

A Sky News investigation has found that PC repair shops are wrongly diagnosing computer faults and consequently charging excessive amounts - all whilst attempting to steal a customers' data. Sky's undercover investigation made use of a notebook equipped with screen-capturing software and a hidden built-in webcam, both used to capture the work of the so-called PC repair specialists. To make the notebook appear faulty, Sky loosened a memory chip to prevent Windows from loading. - link

Spend on original UK programmes declines but viewers still appreciate PSB channels | Ofcom

Independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries. 4G auction bidders announced December 20, 2012 Ofcom has today announced the bidders in the forthcoming 4G mobile spectrum auction the largest ever sale of mobile airwaves in the UK. npower fined for making abandoned calls December 6, 2012 The conclusion of an Ofcom investigation has today found npower, the gas and electricity supplier, to be in breach of rules on abandoned calls. - link

Setantas Sky slots to be sold off |Media |

Canis Media said there were also an unspecified number of unallocated digital EPG channels slots available. During more buoyant economic times this fuelled a lucrative market in EPG slots with some slots going for more than 1m. However, the recession has led to fewer channel launches and prices of EPG slots have fallen considerably. - link

Dragons Den on HD

Thanks to my PVR I was able to catch up on the first HD episode last night. Watching it confirmed my view that HD brings real benefits to programming which is about people and their emotions, and where the viewing experience is about support and empathy. Yes, at one level Dragons' Den is a business show, about projects, profts and margins. - link
Tuesday 21 July 2009, PM

Freeview assigns switchover task to WDMP - Marketing news - Marketing magazine

WDMP was appointed following a three-way pitch against undisclosed agencies. The process was overseen by Tim Hunt, director of marketing communications at Freeview. The agency's brief will be to provide direct marketing support in designated 'Digital Switch Over' areas as regions across the UK progress with digital switchover. - link
Tuesday 21 July 2009, AM

iPlayer on Freeview as soon as possible - Digital Spy

The industry body is currently overseeing the technical development of new set-top-boxes for receiving high definition Freeview when the service launches at the end of the year. However, there are concerns that many areas will not have sufficient internet speeds to effectively access VOD content in the medium term. - link

Carphone Warehouse to become IPTV Warehouse?

The latest figures from Googles Android developers website, concerning the market share of the various different versions of the mobile OS, have arrived and the good news is Jelly Bean is making swift forward strides. In fact, Jelly Bean is now on 10.2 per cent.. more - link

The Bill joy for Scottish fans | The Sun |Showbiz|TV

Scottish channel STV had sparked fury by announcing it would not be showing the new series. Scottish fans with digital or Freeview will be able to catch it at 11pm on ITV3. - link

Oldest TV found in London home

What is thought to be Britain's oldest working television has been tracked down in a house in North London. The set belongs to Jeffrey Borinsky, an electrical engineer and collector of antique television and radio sets. Despite its age, it can show modern TV channels broadcast on Freeview. - link
Monday 20 July 2009, PM

Tim Berners-Lee says television channels are history

- link

BBC Interactive TV Executive, Rahul Chakkara, to Step Down | InteractiveTV Today

According to Broadcast, only around a third of the approximately 100 employees of the Platforms Group have agreed to date to make the move they have until September to make their decision. Neither Chakkara nor the BBC has been commenting publicly on his decision to step down. - link

Project Kangaroo bounces back on

- link

Freeview HD boxes in shops by year-end - Digital Spy

With the increase of HD adoption, the market for Freeview HD will also most likely grow by around four million homes each year. - link

Wyplay Wyplayer - Register Hardware

It is, in essence, a high definition Personal Video Recorder combined with a media streamer, in a single box. Wyplay's Wyplayer media player The Wyplayer is a slim unit, almost square, measuring 275 x 240 x 45mm. Theres a single UHF aerial connector, which feeds both tuners internally, and a pass-through output for the TV. - link

IP Visions Hybrid Freeview-OTT Device to Be Available in John Lewis Stores | InteractiveTV Today

The box also allows customers to access 1,500 hours of content from such providers as Paramount Pictures, National Geographic, and Cartoon Network on a pay-per-view basis. Our first retail deal for the box with John Lewis means that it will now be much easier for customers to buy one of our FetchTV boxes. The company says that it also offers home media center functionality, allowing customers to view their own digital pictures and home movies on the TV. - link

BBC - BBC Internet Blog: Radio and Telly? Thatd be Telio!

Editor's note While our coverage on the Blog of the radio visualisation trials to date have focused almost exclusively on Radio 4 the truth is that our colleagues at Radio 1 have been putting in the hours too. Here's how their listeners have responded. 'Visualising Radio' is a clunky term. 'Visualising Radio' isn't very sexy and when I hear Chris Moyles or Aled say it on the radio it feels horribly corporate. - link
Monday 20 July 2009, AM

Joint venture between BBC Worldwide and C4 imminent |Media |The Guardian

It is certainly not the first time a deal has been said to be close. Today C4's board will respond to those demands that its remit be changed - the first big rewrite of the broadcaster's remit since it started broadcasting in 1982, and one that will require deft legislative amendment. In its Next on 4 policy blueprint last year, C4 estimated a funding gap of 100m a year by 2012. - link
Sunday 19 July 2009, PM

Landlady fined for Sky TV scam - Lancashire Evening Post

A landlady has been fined for illegally receiving Sky TV programmes screened to punters in her pub. Traders who want to screen Sky programmes in such venues need a business subscription which costs anything up to 3,000. It is understood inspectors visiting the pub discovered the illegal broadcasts. - link
Saturday 18 July 2009, AM

When news people lose sense BuzzMachine

Financial Times editor Lionel Barber predicted that almost all news organizations will be charging in a year just because they need to. Meanwhile, former McClatchy news exec Howard Weaver thinks that news orgs should get, oh, say, 10 percent of Google et als revenue because they, oh, should. Would Barber ever suggest that GM would charge more just because it needs to, with no consideration of the market forces and its competition - link

Amazon deleting 1984 from Kindle, but 99-cent ebook was illegal copy | Betanews

The press loves a juicy story, and Amazon served one up on a silver platter this morning by automatically deleting certain copies of George Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm from customers' Kindles. Amazon was able to remove the titles because the Kindle is configured to automatically sync up with the user's Bookshelf via the electronic book reader's WhisperNet wireless service. When the company removed the unauthorized books from customers' accounts, they also disappeared from the Kindle. - link

BBC3 random documentary generator |Media |The Guardian

Simply think of a four-digit number between 0000 and 9999, then pull the relevant ingredients from our four component pools Z-list celebrity presenter, style of reportage, subject matter and trite conclusion put them all together and hey presto Having unnecessary cosmetic surgery to look like subject 5. Basic sarcastic voiceover, no actual contact Edgy subject matter 0. - link

Digital TV - News - IP Vision launches Fetch TV Freeview+ box - Digital Spy

It also offers pay-per-view access to films and premium content from Paramount Pictures, National Geographic and the Cartoon Network. - link

Kay Burley accuses Sky News colleague of staggering sexism - Telegraph

Burley, who anchors the afternoon programme on the rolling news channel, immediately challenged her colleague. Speaking before the tournament, Ross Fisher, 28, said he would abandon the tournament to attend the birth, which was due on Tuesday. - link

North Wales News - DIGITAL D-DAY

Currently programmes in Welsh on S4C are interspersed with English-language shows from Channel 4. Tudur, who trained as a plate spinner for the day, said Its important that people realise that Wales is going totally digital. The old-fashioned aerial TV signal will be switched off and in its place will be a digital only service. - link

Up to 70 job losses as Teletext closes news service From Hounslow Guardian)

- link
Friday 17 July 2009, PM

informitv - BBC paints Canvas as a television revolution

Erik Huggers, the director of future media and technology at the BBC, presented the video at a conference organised by Intellect, the consumer electronics industry association. Short on any substantial detail, its consumer-friendly approach raises more questions about the role of the BBC in promoting such a platform. Once upon a time if you wanted digital TV you had three choices, says the video. - link
Friday 17 July 2009, AM

NorDig releases the specification for the NorDig Compliant DVB-T2 IRDs.

1. NorDig specifications for Integrated Receiver Decoders and relevant parts of integrated digital TV-sets. 2. NorDig specifications for the use of transmit parameters in NorDig compliant networks. All specifications are based on DVB and the minimum performance sets that are specified for NorDig compliant networks. - link

Freeview in over a quarter of NZ homes

Freeview New Zealand is now available in 255,048 homes across the country, according to the latest figures released by the platform operator. The latest sales figures for the three months ending June 2009 indicate that there are now 167,328 Freeview satellite homes an increase of 11,846 from the last quarter and 87,720 Freeview HD homes an increase of 17,061 from the last quarter. One of the key drivers for our growth in the last quarter has been the sharp deals available in retail, which is partly due to new brands coming into the market with Freeview approved products. - link

BBC Media Show: 15 July 2009 link

Radio spectrum to be used for wireless home cinema

Ofcom has given its permission for a small part of the radio spectrum to be used for wireless home cinema. Ofcom has now introduced regulations which will allow this technology to be incorporated in home entertainment equipment without the need for a licence. DTG Staff 15.07.2009 Links open in a new window. - link

Teletext to close news and information service - TV Radio, Media - The Independent

Teletext's news and information service is to come to an end in January next year - two years ahead of schedule - the service's owner said today. The group, which had intended to shut the service in 2012, said the closure decision followed indications from regulator Ofcom that it would not back state intervention to support the continuation of a public commercial Teletext service after 2014. However, its holiday service on Freeview and other commercial services will continue to broadcast. - link
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