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Monday 01 December 2008, AM

HD News - Panasonic TX37LZD81 Review

It is worth remembering that access to the 'Freesat' service requires a satellite dish. Of course there is much more to V-real 3 Pro - Panasonic have apparently re-engineered almost every element of their picture processing engine in its latest guise. Without any form of 100Hz processing this panel handles fast on-screen action with a smoothness and fluidity that few can match. - link

Gorilla's Absence Highlights Limitations of Pay TV Debate at Connected TV

- link

Turning off Richard Judy - TV Radio, Media - The Independent

They have spent the best part of two decades as Britain's most unlikely TV power couple. Since the couple's move last month from Channel 4 to the cable channel Watch, viewing figures for Richard and Judy's New Position have slumped disastrously, even by cable channel standards. The prime-time show attracted just 20,000 viewers for one recent broadcast, plummeting from 149,000 for the much-heralded first show at the beginning of October. - link

Media Talk: Taking the C-word out of the BBC link

Sky to appeal ITV stake decision

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Media Monkey: Google - from parasites to pals with ITV |Media |

Oh, and probably not when that substantial search advertising deal was signed too. To find out more information about driving traffic to your content or to place this widget on your site, visit We welcome your feedback at or - link

Axe is poised over ITVs 1billion budget as recovery plan is threatened by advertising revenue slump | Mail Online

Since arriving at the company at the beginning of last year, Grade has maintained that ITV's continued high level of investment in programme production is vital to its long-term performance. The broadcaster is now aiming to save 10million in addition to the 40million it announced that it would save earlier this year through the loss of 1,000 jobs --nearly 20 per cent of its workforce. Meanwhile, BSkyB says it will create an additional 90 call centre jobs at its base in Isleworth, west London. - link
Thursday 27 November 2008, PM

BBC Media Show: Manchester Media Festival link
Thursday 27 November 2008, AM

BSkyB Set to Delay ITV Stake Sale at Least Another Six Months

- link

TVonics urges consumers not to throw out old TVs - Which? News

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UK on track for digital switchover : Industry News : News : BCS

26/11/2008 The UK is 'on track' for the upcoming digital switchover, with nine out of ten households already digital TV subscribers. This is according to communication regulator Ofcom, which has revealed that the country is making steady progress towards the 2012 switchover. A spokesperson explained that the UK's current strong position 'is a lot to do with Freeview'. - link
Wednesday 26 November 2008, PM

Government ditches plans to give Channel 4 14m digital switchover help |Media |

The government has withdrawn controversial plans to award 14m to Channel 4 to help with the cost of digital switchover. Under plans announced last year, the government had intended to divert 14m of the BBC licence fee to Channel 4 - a move that has been under investigation by the European Commision as a potential breach of state aid rules. As the Government makes clear in its statement, broader decisions about the future framework of public service broadcasting will be made early in 2009 as part of its Digital Britain review. - link
Wednesday 26 November 2008, AM

BetaNews | Analysts: Consumers drop TV, turn to Internet for entertainment

- Many consumers are now spending less time watching TV, reading, and talking on the phone, preferring Web-based video, gaming, and social networks for entertainment instead, says new research by Magid Associates. Online gaming is another entertainment favorite, he suggested. Over 25 of online video viewers said they are watching less TV since they started watching video through online services such as Hulu, said the Magid advisor, whose company has done extensively since the 1950s with TV stations, cable networks, magazines, and other media around strategic planning, branding, programming, and promotion. - link

Teletext Extra to get 8m boost

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Tuesday 25 November 2008, AM

HDTV UK: BBC HD speculation: Formula One, Doctor Who

Nevertheless, BBC HD is more widely available, and should do a good job of broadcasting high definition F1 as and when it's available. Not necessarily significant in itself, it could lead the way to a high definition Doctor Who. In March last year, the BBC stated that Doctor Who would not be made in high definition due to the number of special effects used in the show. - link

Terrestrial - News - Teletext Extra to expand DTT footprint - Digital Spy

Teletext Extra is to become available on a further 3 million boxes, taking its reach to 8 million. The service - produced by development firm InView - gives viewers to access a 14-day EPG covering all Freeview channels. Teletext Extra also includes a 'Guest Channel', allowing third party broadcasters and advertisers to promote their programmes or services. - link

Freeview Launches In Australia

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache/1.3.29 Server at Port 80 - link

Has Blu-rays encryption been cracked again? |Technology |The Guardian

A few eager hackers on the Doom9 forum have, over the past couple of months, developed their own Blu-ray software player, by analysing in minute detail the workings of real Blu-ray players. Ideally, the Blu-ray disc BD shouldn't realise it's playing somewhere it shouldn't. Of course, not everyone wants to pay 79 64 for a closed-source Windows program. - link
Monday 24 November 2008, PM

Atkinson to revisit Blackadder

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BetaNews | Analog messages may be broadcast following the DTV transition

February 17 may not be the absolute end to analog TV transmission in the US, should the House follow the Senate's lead in passing legislation enabling analog broadcasters to continue serving public service messages for one month. The House counterpart to Rockefeller's bill was introduced last September, but currently remains in committee. At the time, Baker felt even the appearance of a delay could only serve to confuse consumers. - link
Monday 24 November 2008, AM

informitv - Digital video recorders are most popular in the UK

A recent Ofcom survey found that 30 of respondents in the UK said they had a DVR. With nearly 21 million DVR households, the United States still has far more in absolute terms. UK consumers are blazing the way when it comes to embracing the digital TV age, trumpeted the Ofcom announcement. - link
Sunday 23 November 2008, PM

Turner in Nuts TV dispute - Rapid TV News

Read more Louise Duffy 04-01-2013 A Pakistani parliamentary panel has asked the government to ban all foreign content in any language during prime time on television. Read more Iaki Ferreras 04-01-2013 Madrid's regional public broadcaster Telemadrid is going through the worst time in its history the company has serious financial problems and is close to shutting... - link
Saturday 22 November 2008, PM

News | Over 20% of consumers watch iPlayer for an hour a week - NMA

- link
Friday 21 November 2008, PM

BBC NEWS | Business | BBC local video scheme rejected

The plan has faced fierce opposition from newspaper publishers, who have argued that it could damage or kill off their own local online operations. The trust said the BBC's proposal did not meet its criteria for offering value to the public. A study by broadcasting watchdog Ofcom found that if BBC local video services were launched, annual revenues at existing commercial providers would fall by up to 4. - link

Media Talk: The BBC verdict on Brand link
Friday 21 November 2008, AM

Connected Home News

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Switchover gets bad reception - Borders Today

They said they had other complaints, but weren't sure the problem was theirs. I couldn't, of course, access the remaining missing channels. I contacted Digital UK's press office to point out that, far from being a seamless changeover, there were unresolved problems. - link
Thursday 20 November 2008, PM

Scottish Borders analogue signal turned off

All terrestrial TV signals were turned off shortly after midnight and a team of 20 engineers worked through the night on the UK's first full conversion of a transmitter group to all-digital TV services. - link

First digital switchover under way - TV Radio, Media - The Independent

The UK's first full-scale digital television switchover was on course for completion today. All analogue TV services in the Scottish Borders went off air during the night to be replaced by digital channels throughout the day. The switchover in the Selkirk transmitter region was expected to be completed by 4pm. - link
Thursday 20 November 2008, AM

Trust to 'contain' BBCW activity, Lyons tells Mps

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BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Main BBC channels go live on net

The live simulcast for both channels will be available from 27 November. If viewers miss any programmes they will be available for up to a week on the BBC iPlayer. According to media watchdog Ofcom, the number of people watching TV on the internet has doubled in the last 12 months. - link
Wednesday 19 November 2008, PM

Kangaroo is still a good proposition for advertisers - Brand Republic News - Brand Republic

It was - or is - meant to do for online TV services what Freeview did for mainstream TV channels aggregate them and make them more accessible to the public. However, he is moving on to lead Microsoft UK after just four months, seemingly disillusioned by the political difficulties in bringing three competitive broadcasters together to deliver Kangaroo. There is confusion about how it will work alongside the iPlayer and how Kangaroo will differ from that. - link

Five spies hidden value in childrens TV market - Brand Republic News - Brand Republic

Five's plan to launch a dedicated children's TV channel next year is likely to have surprised many. The ad market is anything but buoyant, with ZenithOptimedia predicting that it could fall by 7 next year meanwhile, advertising to children has become so intensely regulated that many broadcasters have scaled back their children-focused operations this year. On closer analysis, however, it appears the RTL-owned broadcaster might be onto something in wanting to extend its established - and successful -Milkshake programming strand into a channel of its own. - link

BBC Media Show: 19 Nov 2008 link

TV viewers to be left shortchanged after digital switchover? - Pendle Today

- link
Monday 17 November 2008, PM

BSkyB to challenge ITV ruling : Broadband TV News

It was the November 2006 purchase of the ITV holding by Sky that effectively scuppered Virgins own plans to acquire the commercial broadcaster. BSkyB has until December 1 to make a final decision, but management thinking is said to currently favour a visit to the Court of Appeal. - link
Monday 17 November 2008, AM

informitv - Channel 4 pulls plug on red button interactive advertising

A decade after the launch of digital television in the United Kingdom, Channel 4 is to end red button interactive advertising at the end of the year, saying that there has been a decline in demand. The channel ended interactivity associated with programmes three years ago. Theres no money in interactive advertising, apparently, but dont tell Google. - link

Video: See the BBC World News promo |Media |

- link

Phew - Border viewers can watch Neighbours - North West Media News - How-Do

- link
Saturday 15 November 2008, AM

Scottish viewers left with no STV as channel goes off air for 30 minutes |Media |

Viewers in the central Scotland region, which includes Glasgow and Edinburgh, lost ITV1 coverage at around 10.45am. A logo flashed up on screen saying that programmes would be back shortly. An STV spokeswoman said a power cut was to blame for the problem. - link

BBC in talks with Google

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Friday 14 November 2008, AM

Media Talk: The Paul Dacre dilemma link
Thursday 13 November 2008, PM

Online TV Will Only Take Two Percent Of TV Revenue Share By 2012: Report| paidContent:UK

- link
Thursday 13 November 2008, AM

Media Money: Freeview and recession

12 November, 2008 By Kate Bulkley As the recession bites, Freeview is increasingly the place to be. It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link

Duncan has plenty on his plate at Channel 4 - Brand Republic News - Brand Republic

When Andy Duncan took over the big chair at Channel 4 in July, 2004, the broadcaster's footprint had barely expanded beyond the mother channel. E4 had launched, but was only available on pay-TV platforms. More 4's launch was just on the horizon. - link

Freeview ad exposes digital divide

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Wednesday 12 November 2008, PM

BBC Media Show: 12 Nov 08 link
Wednesday 12 November 2008, AM

BBC Video Remix Spin-Off Masher Launches After Securing Finance| paidContent:UK

Masher was conceived as a prototype by BBC Motion Gallery, the commercial video library that licenses clips to and from a number of broadcasters, but was acquired by the investors in July. The business model will be ads and sponsorship on the Masher site plus licensing fees for white-label versions of the service, Clifton said. This functionality stringing together multiple short video clips in to a single production is an area the big video sharing sites still havent added. - link

BetaNews | Status of the DTV transition in markets 6,000 miles apart

From the two furthest-flung television markets in America come updates on their respective transitions to DTV. One is being expedited for environmental reasons, and the other will remain on schedule with monthly shutdown tests. Today, it was announced that Hawaii's mandatory transition to digital broadcast will be completed a month ahead of the scheduled February 17 deadline to accommodate the nesting season of the Hawaiian Petrel, an endangered sea bird. - link

Will the recession hit pay-TV? - Brand Republic News - Brand Republic

After surveying 1022 UK consumers, the research company stated that 18 plan to reduce their spending on TV channels next year while another 6 will forego extra services because of the slowdown. Associate director Tim Barber speculated that Freeview 'will benefit at the expense of paid-for television services'. Sky contests Continental's claims, citing its latest results to back its case. The company passed the 9m subscriber mark during the three months to September, and defied tough conditions to increase average annual revenue per user ARPU by 19, to 430, reducing churn to 10.9. - link
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