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Wednesday 15 October 2008, AM

iPlayer becomes handier viewing option

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Poor advice on digital switchover

Campaigns Making consumers as powerful as the organisations they deal with. Consumer Rights Your essential guide to consumer rights and what to do if things go wrong. Conversation Want to comment on burning consumer issues of the day - link
Tuesday 14 October 2008, PM

Commons poised for licence fee debate

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Tuesday 14 October 2008, AM

MORE than a quarter of Gloucestershires TV watchers are still not prepared for the big switch-over to digital

The county's 578,631 residents, in 249,000 homes, are split between ITV's Central region in the north and east, and West region in the rest of the county. In Central, 74 per cent of households have prepared for the switch-over, set for 2011. In the West, 71 per cent have prepared for the switch, scheduled for some point between April and June 2010. - link
Monday 13 October 2008, PM

BBC unveils Freeview plans for iPlayer

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BBC s Huggers Cosies To Developers, Rivals; Freeview iPlayer Will Be App Platform| paidContent:UK

Original BBC future media and technology director Erik Huggers is at pains to show hes listening to calls for a more open dev strategy from the corporation. Hes used an interview via to reaffirm Aunties commitment to open-source data for web developers and some new projects coming down the pipe hint at how Internet TV Huggers says that a project, codenamed - link

BBC NEWS | England | Dorset | Digital switch advice shocking

Trading standards secretly contacted electrical stores and aerial fitters and found many gave wrong advice. Officers found some fitters recommended new aerials while one store said customers would need a new 1,000 television despite there being no need. The analogue signal will be gradually switched off region, by region and completed by 2012. - link
Monday 13 October 2008, AM

Countdown to digital revolution

It is six months until homes in Torbay and South Devon become the first in the region to have the analogue signal switched off and replaced by multi-channel digital television through their aerial. Commentators are concerned, however, that many of the 840,000 households in the Westcountry could be left with blank screens or mangled pictures because of ageing equipment, limits to test signals and technical issues that require aerials to be replaced, refitted or extended. The low conversion rates of second televisions in kitchens and bedrooms is also a concern among politicians and engineers. - link

informitv - Windows Media Center gains interactive television support

Over 30 million MHEG-5 capable receivers have been sold in the United Kingdom. Although the MHEG-5 standard has been updated to support high-resolution graphics in full colour and broadband connections, its critics argue that it is relatively limited. - link

The Press Association: Third of TVs not digital converted

- link

18m TVs fail to turn digital |

- link

The Press Association: Ratings plunge for Richard and Judy

- link

This Years Christmas TV Is Blank Digital Blackout Warning (from The Herald )

- link
Friday 10 October 2008, PM

A Freesat for Italy

- link

EXCLUSIVE: Metronic Freesat HD box delayed

- link

DTG News: ASTRA 1M Satellite launch date revealed

DTG Staff 08.10.2008 Links open in a new window. - link
Friday 10 October 2008, AM

Sling shoots AppleTV rival into UK stores | Register Hardware

Sling Media's SlingPlayer-in-a-box gadget, SlingCatcher, is now available to Brits. SlingCatcher takes the network-beamed feed from a Slingbox tuner and displays it on a TV screen. Sling's pitching the product as an alternative to the laptops, desktops and mobile phones Slingbox users current remote watch their favourite TV shows on. - link
Thursday 09 October 2008, PM

Freeview channel slot up for grabs - Brand Republic News - Brand Republic

Arqiva, which operates two of the six multiplexes that make up Freeview, said the new channel would be available for use by February. Arqiva expects to award the new channel before the end of the year. Unlike cable and satellite, channel slots on Freeview are scarce because of a relative lack of bandwidth on digital terrestrial TV. - link

C21Media: Bids invited for UK Freeview channel is Everything about content in the 21st Century, from television to web, mobile, tablet and beyond. - link
Thursday 09 October 2008, AM

Grade demands end to ITV indie quota

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UKTV bids to do a Dave with launch of Blighty

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Freeview channel to be auctioned off |Media |

A new Freeview channel is to go under the auction hammer - potentially sparking off a bidding war among broadcasters. Arqiva, which holds the licence for two of the six multiplexes that make up the UK's digital terrestrial TV platform, is calling for bidders by October 22, with the channel available from January. The relative scarcity of Freeview slots and the booming popularity of the service could make competition for the channel intense, one analyst said. - link
Wednesday 08 October 2008, PM

BBC iPlayer goes portable

These devices do not have internet connectivity, so we're talking about a download rather than a streaming experience. As an aside, working out whether a device supports Windows Media Protected playback may require some research on the part of the consumer. There's a bewildering number of similar-looking devices with different capabilities available in shops, and it can be hard to tell which formats are supported by any given portable media player. - link

Michael Grade warns that ITV could drop all PSB output |Media |

Michael Grade issued warning over future of public servce broadcasting on ITV. The executive chairman also said ITV1 should be allowed to scrap the quota that requires 25 of its programmes are made by independent production companies. Grade said today that he was in favour of scrapping a commitment to 25 of productions coming from the independent sector. - link
Wednesday 08 October 2008, AM

Letter: Ofcom supports a strong BBC |Media |The Guardian

She argues that Ofcom is seeking to break up BBC the to promote competition. Parliament gave Ofcom the twin duties of looking after the interests of the citizen as well as the consumer. It is precisely because the market and competition alone will not meet the needs of the citizen that we have steadfastly supported public service broadcasting and a strong, independent BBC as the cornerstone of a system adapted to meet the digital age. - link

Free satellite services boom

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Consumers tune out mobile pay TV | News | TechRadar UK

We love technology here at TechRadar the clue's in the name but if there's one service we wouldn't mind dying a very quiet death, it's the squinty, tinny, pixel-fest that is mobile TV. So imagine our delight on hearing that tech analysts Juniper Research are downgrading their forecast for dedicated mobile broadcast networks. Juniper reckons that of the 330m mobile users owning broadcast TV-enabled handsets in five years' time, just 14 per cent will opt for mobile pay TV services. - link
Tuesday 07 October 2008, PM

Barry Fox's Inside View: What dish for Freesat?

- link

FOXSAT-HD Software Release Version: HZPTSF 1.00.15

- link

EC looks to break down TV borders : Broadband TV News

The European Commission has criticised the sluggish growth in cross-border conditional access services. The Commission is planning to put together a picture of potential cross-border markets and has highlighted the movement around the continent by many Europeans. As millions of people in Europe live away from their country of origin and want to access services from back home, but often cannot, the Commission will be gathering more information on potential markets for the distribution of TV programmes and films beyond national borders, said a statement from the Commission. - link

Italian Sky viewer wins right to use his own receiver

- link
Tuesday 07 October 2008, AM

Teletext National News

- link

Burnham: No place for new music talent on TV

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Fincham delays ITV one-off dramas |Media |

Peter Fincham has delayed at least three single dramas. The drama, filmed this summer for a planned autumn transmission, is loosely based on a real story. ITV does not bear the total cost of a production on its books until it has aired, which often can affect when a show is broadcast. - link

Burnham backs Ofcoms ITV plans

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Monday 06 October 2008, PM

Broadcasting - News - Carter becomes broadcasting minister - Digital Spy

Former Ofcom chief executive Stephen Carter has been appointed minister of communications, technology and broadcasting. - link
Monday 06 October 2008, AM

The Press Association: 5m homes plan 2009 digital switch

- link

How to save the BBC |Media |The Guardian

The BBC stands as the only truly admired emblem of Britain trusted, envied and valued, a gift to the rest of the world. The proof is that BBC online is the third most visited website in the world. How typically British, though, that the BBC should be constantly harried and threatened by politicians of all parties. - link

The BBC can be an open source for all of UK plc |Media |The Guardian

The future for the BBC lies in the technology that can open it up to the world, just as technology gave it life last century. In the corporate world, Facebook, Apple and Google have launched platform services that allow external developers and companies to build services using their code - but the BBC is uniquely placed to use those same principles to create a cultural and commercial resource for the nation. It sits on a vast content resource, much of which is already being digitised under the BBC Archive scheme. - link

We asked: What is the biggest issue facing the BBC? |Media |The Guardian

To find out more information about driving traffic to your content or to place this widget on your site, visit We welcome your feedback at or - link

Opinion, Emily Bell: No need to fight fire with fire any more |Media |The Guardian

On September 22, 1955, the eagerly anticipated new independent television service, the ITA, went on air for the first time. Despite the limited reach and apparent mundanity of this new channel, the BBC reacted, one might say somewhat hysterically, by burning Grace Archer alive. It has inspired innovation and change within TV and radio and online worlds. - link

Brussels seeks to ban 14m subsidy to C4 |Media |The Guardian

The European commission is likely to ban the government's proposed 14m aid to Channel 4 to meet the costs of the digital switchover and fulfil its public service broadcasting PSB commitments. Neelie Kroes, European competition commissioner, has cast serious doubts over whether the funding is compatible with EU state aid rules. In a letter sent to the foreign secretary, David Miliband, this summer and seen by the Guardian, she suggested that Channel 4 had enough reserves and revenues to pay for its digital expansion. - link

RTL gets green light to put in offer for ITV |Business |The Observer

ITV is top of Zeiler's shopping list, but a move is still thought to be some time away. He will need to borrow to fund a bid for the UK commercial broadcaster, which is valued on the London Stock Exchange at 1.7bn. With credit markets still seized up, that could prove difficult even if RTL were prepared to inject 60 per cent of ITV's equity value. - link

Jonathan Meades: The man who reaches parts of Britain that other documentary makers dont - Media, News - The Indep

- link
Friday 03 October 2008, PM

Google, 2001

From September 29 to October 31, 2008, this page allowed you to search the Google index of 2001. We featured this approximation of our 2001 search engine to celebrate our 10th birthday. Now that Search 2001 is gone, why dont you enjoy what the Web features today - link
Friday 03 October 2008, AM

Channel Five launches hot dog ad to promote rebrand |Media |

Link to this video Channel Five has taken the unusual step of relaunching its flagship channel with a TV campaign that promotes rival broadcasters' programmes. The TV campaign, which will run on rival digital and terrestrial channels including ITV, features a man in a giant hotdog suit getting hyped up in a changing room before entering a major sporting arena. EastEnders and Doctor Who are among the programmes from rival channels referred to in the ad, which aims to champion the virtues and quality of television. - link
Thursday 02 October 2008, PM

Sky to be thrown out of Freeview? - Rapid TV News

Read more Louise Duffy 04-01-2013 A Pakistani parliamentary panel has asked the government to ban all foreign content in any language during prime time on television. Read more Iaki Ferreras 04-01-2013 Madrid's regional public broadcaster Telemadrid is going through the worst time in its history the company has serious financial problems and is close to shutting... - link
Thursday 02 October 2008, AM

Media Money: Regional job cuts at ITV

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Radio Today with United Radio..: BBC starts DAB+ transmissions

- link

Serious Fraud Office rules out TV phone-in inquiry |Media |

ITV ended up being fined a record 5.675m by Ofcom over the scandals. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 7278 2332. - link
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