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Friday 16 May 2008, PM

The Insider: Grades got away with it

13 May, 2008 It's too easy just to blame ITV for the premium rate phone line scandal. It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link
Friday 16 May 2008, AM

Media Talk podcast: Sony Awards, schmoozing, and Sir Michael Lyons | Media |

Radio 4 may have grabbed the headlines, but the real triumph was for the BBC World Service. We hear from Helen Lewis, the founder of Schmooze Booze, and - for the benefit of those under the age of 35 - we discuss the good old days when you could drink and smoke in a newsroom. Oh, and by the way, Good Week/Bad Week's not dead - it's only sleeping... - link

Analysis: Freesat Proves Popular Online in the UK | Digital Media Wire

There were 79 more searches for the term freesat than the term sky during the week ending May 10th. However, this is to be expected for a new product that has received a lot of media attention over a fifth of Internet traffic to Freesats website came from news and media sites during its launch period. As the chart below illustrates, Skys homepage still received 250 more internet visits that - link

Croatian state broadcaster nicks BBC web site design - The INQUIRER has a rather damning comparision of the two state broadcasters' sites here where it would appear that the two sites were indeed separated at birth. As our knowledge of Serbo-Croat is rudimentary at best and web translation services insist on telling us things such as 'then then remain indefinitely of how this yes' and 'smo does raspitati who is who leg is doing', we feel unable to comment on the detail of the accusations. Smo does raspati, indeed, as they say in old Zagreb. - link
Thursday 15 May 2008, PM

BBC NEWS | Business | to close 77 stores

It said 77 shops out of the 177 outlets would shut as their leases expire over the next five years. The closures are part of a major shake-up of DSG, which it hopes will cut costs by 50m in 2008/09. High Street gloom DSG has issued two profit warnings this year amid a challenging trading environment as cash-strapped consumers struggle with higher household bills and mortgage repayments. - link

ITV shareholders slam Michael Grades pay | Media |

Grade under fire at the ITV annual general meeting. Grade, who was paid nearly 2m in his first year as ITV's executive chairman, urged investors at the company's annual general meeting to be patient as he pushes through a multi-year turnaround plan. Although Grade said his overhaul was already bearing fruit, shareholders raised questions over ITV's share price, which has almost halved over the past 12 months. - link ads affect us all, warns Emily Bell | Media |

He added that the BBC would be likely to use its TV network to heavily promote its multimedia arm to build on audiences in key markets. The Guardian has a smaller proportion of international users than other UK newspaper sites, according to ABCe figures. It has recently established a deal with Reuters to sell advertising on its US site. - link
Thursday 15 May 2008, AM

BBC3 hopes to lure teens with afternoon opening

It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link
Wednesday 14 May 2008, PM

Andy Duncan fed up by Channel 4 funding squabble | Media |

Duncan said he wanted to concentrate instead on the urgent need for Channel 4 to find a solution to its funding shortfall through the Ofcom public service broadcasting review. Lyons warned that the additional regulatory scrutiny that would come with public money could fatally undermine Channel 4's unique role and purpose. He avoided commenting directly on Lyons' speech or which potential funding option Channel 4 favoured, focusing instead on hammering home the urgent need to find a workable solution. - link

Rights group calls on BBC to relax copyright rules

It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link

Stephen Fry : "BBC - The future role of public service broadcasting"

This might be because You have typed the web address incorrectly, or the page you were looking for may have been moved, updated or deleted. Please try the following options instead Use BBC search above to see if it's available elsewhere Use our site index - link

BBC to drop BBC Parliament service for Olympics | Media |

This will mean that viewers accustomed to the channel's in-depth coverage of parliamentary committee hearings will instead be introduced to the delights of a myriad of minor Olympic sports. BBC Parliament has previously filled its summer schedule with repeats of big political and state events such as coverage of past general elections and, last year, Princess Diana's funeral, to mark the 10th anniversary of her death. However, coverage is not expected to leak on to BBC3 or BBC4. - link

LG HB620T: Freeview on your phone! -

- link

FreeSat mounts educational campaign - Brand Republic Login - Brand Republic

The ads are running in national and regional press, plus some regional radio stations. The campaign aims to explain the service in everyday language and stress that FreeSat is available to almost everyone in the UK. It does so by featuring a variety homes with FreeSat colours beaming out of the window. - link

Raymond Snoddy on Broadcasting - Comment, Media - The Independent

Naturally, Olswang emphasises, there is no suggestion that Robbie Williams or Ant and Dec were aware of any of those issues. The watchdog's investigation into ITV has, however, thrown up an interesting issue for the future. Often it came down to making sure that there was a reasonably geographic spread of contestants. - link
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