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Tuesday 12 August 2008, PM

The Press Association: Freeview viewers top TV innovation

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Tuesday 12 August 2008, AM

ITV Shares Drop on Falling Ad Sales, Slashed Dividend

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ITV cut to BB+/B after H1 results - S

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UK Competition Commission invites comment on BBC, ITV, Channel 4 joint venture -

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ITV faces revolt from regional broadcasters-paper| Industries| Technology, Media Telecommunications| Reuters

The three companies are under separate ownership from ITV but rely on it to sell advertising and provide most of their programme content. - link
Sunday 10 August 2008, AM

ITV companies in battle over cost of shared content |Business | The Observer

ITV argues it is effectively subsidising the smallest parts of the ITV network, because between them they keep 3 per cent of the advertising revenue generated from the shows, but pay only 2 per cent of their cost. It says scrapping the arrangement would save it 25m a year. The market value is difficult to determine because TVE is the only broadcaster to buy large amounts of programming from ITV. - link
Tuesday 05 August 2008, PM

Commercial radio is struggling to stop its young stars defecting to the BBC

You, the hip young gunslinger of Middle-of-Nowhere FM, have just won several best newcomer awards after untold, unpaid years slogging it out in the broadcasting backwater of student radio. Your profile remains low, but the major stations are circling overhead and the sickly-sweet scent of celebrity hangs heavy in the air. A career beckons but you're at a crossroads. - link

BBC iPlayer: Meet The Audience

We've just got the results back from our first major piece of audience research among BBC iPlayer users. It's great to have some solid evidence to back up our ideas on how people were using the service, and I've been delighted to see how positive people are about it. We also monitor our message boards to keep an eye on any problems that people are encountering, and we scan articles and blogs posts about BBC iPlayer which give us a lot of ideas and feature requests to go into upcoming site updates. - link

Yorkshire. Now available in London. - blog - James Cridland

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Raymond Snoddy on broadcasting: Camerons top-slicing plan for television means pain for the BBC - Comment, Media - The I

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Tuesday 05 August 2008, AM

BBC Interactive TV News: itvt

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Compro VideoMate Vista E850F TV tuner card - Blogs - PC Advisor

The Compro card can record TV programmes to Mpeg1, Mpeg2 and Mpeg4 video and is able to show a programme as you record it. An EPG electronic programme guide provides TV listings and programme synposes, subtitles and Teletext pages. - link

Birmingham's digi-TV service is most popular in the country

Aug 4 2008 Birmingham families are big fans of pushing the red button on their remotes, making the citys local interactive digital television channel the most popular in the country. Birminghams Looking Local channel, developed by Digital Birmingham and available through interactive digital television idTV, allows residents to access a range of council and other local services via their remote control. The citys channel, launched last year as part of a national programme, has the highest reported usage in the country, with more Birmingham residents accessing council services via their TV than any other place in the UK. - link

Top Up TV Offering Setanta Free For A Season To New Customers In The UK | EPL Talk

For what is suppose to be a pay-tv service, Setanta is becoming a favorite option for television providers looking to offer an cheap incentive for customers. The box sells for either 90 or 100 pounds depending on recording space, and theres also a 20 pound connection fee charged to all customers who take any service. People who already have Top Up TV can sign up for three free months of Setanta, but cant take part in the full season offer. - link

BSkyBs remote chance of hitting 10m customer target - Telegraph

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Court give Cablevision the OK to unbox its DVR | Good Morning Silicon Valley

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Monday 04 August 2008, PM

informitv - Satellite dishes up high definition television in 1080p format

The Dish Network claims it has become the first broadcaster to offer programming in full high definition 1080 line progressively scanned format. DirecTV says it will offer movies in 1080p later this year. Both pay-television providers are competing to offer more and more high-definition channels, launching additional satellites to provide the capacity. - link

informitv - Red Bee Media retains BBC interactive services

Red Bee Media, formerly a wholly-owned subsidiary of the BBC and now a separate commercial company, has retained the contract to manage interactive services on behalf of the corporation for the next five years. It has also assumed responsibility for the playout of Channel 4 in addition to providing services to the BBC and other broadcasters. The BBC put the provision of its interactive services out to competitive tender earlier this year but the incumbent prevailed over other bids, including a joint venture from BT and ioko. - link
Monday 04 August 2008, AM

Digital switchover scheme is stressful, confusing and unfair |Media | The Guardian

Manufacturers and consumer groups have criticised a government scheme designed to help elderly and vulnerable viewers switch to digital television for sowing confusion and helping BSkyB market its pay-TV services. The coalition - including IT companies, telecoms groups and TV equipment suppliers - also claimed Sky's set-top boxes were less energy-efficient than rival devices, and complained that the company was being allowed to offset this by handing out low-energy light bulbs. Customers are then left to decide whether to continue receiving these services by taking out a subscription or to settle for a free package without the added benefits. - link
Friday 01 August 2008, PM

What Satellite Digital TV

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Terrestrial - News - Ireland confirms national DTT rollout - Digital Spy

The Republic of Ireland will launch a national digital terrestrial television system by Autumn 2009. The test service carried 17 television channels, 16 radio services, a high definition service, an electronic programme guide, and a digital teletext system, in the same amount of spectrum used to transmit four analogue services. - link
Friday 01 August 2008, AM

Imaginationland the Movie - South Park Studios

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Thursday 31 July 2008, PM

ITVs Fairburn named as Freesat chairman - Brand Republic News - Brand Republic

Fairbairn joined ITV as director of group development and strategy in March 2007. She has also worked at the BBC as director of strategy and distribution, and was one of the principal architects of Freeview. As well as being Freesat chairman, Davie is currently the BBC's director of marketing, communications and audiences. - link

Trust in TV crisis could rumble on all year

It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link

BSkyB to cut 250 posts to reduce costs |Media |

BSkyB is in the process of cutting about 250 posts after a review looking at how costs could be reduced across the business. Wholesale subscription revenue fell by 13 year on year to 181m, down from 208m and advertising revenue fell 7 year on year to 328m from 352m the previous year. The company added that programming costs were 1.7bn, an increase of 109m year on year, with sports costs rising by 87m to 929m year on year driven by the start of the new FA Premier League contract in August 2007. - link
Thursday 31 July 2008, AM

Barry Fox's Inside View: Switchover USA

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Wednesday 30 July 2008, PM

Win a free view of sunny Sydney s beautiful harbour - Times Online

The man used his first public statement on the ordeal to criticise the police, who he claimed took an hour to arrive then dithered for a further 30 minutes before taking his severely injured companion, who was bleeding profusely, to hospital. Describing the two-and-a-half hour attack on the bus, he said The cruelty I saw should not be seen ever. The attack was so brutal I cant even tell you ... even animals dont behave like that. Once at hospital, he was left to sit in a corridor naked and received no treatment. - link

dB Broadcast preps Beeb for digital age - News - Telecommunications - Business Weekly - Cambridge, UK

You may not be able to visit this page because of an out-of-date bookmark/favourite a search engine that has an out-of-date listing for this site a mistyped address you have no access to this page The requested resource was not found. Please try one of the following pages If difficulties persist, please contact the System Administrator of this site. - link

Media face web censorship at Beijing Olympics |World news |

Journalists at the press centre for the Beijing Olympics. The blocks on internet sites in the main press centre, which will house about 5,000 journalists, and other Olympic venues will make it difficult to retrieve information, particularly on political and human rights stories the government dislikes. Journalists at the main press centre yesterday found they were unable to access sites such as Amnesty International or any site with Tibet in the URL. - link
Wednesday 30 July 2008, AM

BBC: mobile viewing figures are fine | News | TechRadar UK

The BBC has moved to quash rumours the recent trials of streaming its mobile channels over 3G networks were a disappointment. The BBC has moved for a public consultation for permission to begin streaming its channels over 3G, and published the results of its findings over the recent 12 month trial with mobile networks, which concluded in April 2008. Included in the proposal were figures which showed few people actually used the BBC channels, peaking at 580 for daily usage in June 2007. - link

Borders Digital Switchover Looms (from The Herald )

- link

Scottish Gold TV channel planned |Media |

Taggart a favourite to be a staple on 'Scottish Gold'. There would be a level of commissioning guaranteed to Scottish-based independents, Woodward said. To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 7239 9857. - link
Tuesday 29 July 2008, PM

BBC NEWS | Scotland | South of Scotland | Regions 100-day digital countdown

In 100 days the Scottish Borders will become the first full region in the UK to switch off analogue signals and move to digital television. Put simply, anybody whose home is served by a main transmitter will receive more channels than those whose home is not. However, Digital UK, which is overseeing the process, claims this is missing the point. - link - Analyst Blog: BSkyB Trades at Fair Value

Our six-month price target is 39.00 BSY is the operator of the UKs largest digital pay television platform, Sky digital and as such it has dominant market share in this segment. The company has over 8 million pay-TV subscribers, approximately 40 of British households. To retain share, large media companies are forced to reinvest in additional media outlets. - link

Scotlands digital switchover 100 days away

Switchover at the Selkirk transmitter group will be a two-stage process. Two weeks later, on 20 November, all remaining analogue channels will be permanently switched off and replaced with their digital equivalents and additional services. To continue watching TV via an aerial after switchover, viewers will need to convert their television using a digital box or upgrade to a fully digital model. - link
Tuesday 29 July 2008, AM

Digital switchover lowdown - News - Manchester Evening News

The exact date will be announced nearer the time. YOU don't need a new TV Almost any set can be converted for digital, even black and white ones. To find out your options use the postcode checker on the digital UK website . - link

Shoppers misled over Digital TV - News - Manchester Evening News

Many of the leading High Street retailers failed to give the correct advice when we approached them for guidance about buying a new television. In seven of the 18 TV shops surveyed, staff did not even know that the Granada region switches over to digital in autumn next year. Sales assistants in some outlets were confused about whether a traditional VHS video recorder would work after switchover. - link
Monday 28 July 2008, PM

BetaNews | Verizon launches 100 HD channels on FiOS in New York City

Other bundles are available with the faster Internet service of 20/20 Mbps. Even if all work proceeds according to schedule, some areas of the city won't be FiOS-enabled until 2014. - link

Setanta risks takeover unless it adds more subs

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Terrestrial - News - Humax releases two Freeview PVRs - Digital Spy

Humax is releasing two Freeview personal video recorders under the Freeview brand. The second, the PVR-9150T, has a 160GB hard drive and is priced at around 150. Both have twin tuners, and the Humax Freeview interface includes features such as seven-day schedule information, series linking and split recording. - link

ITVs PSB duties may lower; plans to share licence fee

It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link

informitv - Web no threat to television advertising says British academic

A media academic has dismissed the threat of the internet to broadcasters, describing it as Bllocks 2.0. Patrick Barwise, retired professor of management and marketing at the London Business School, says television advertising is down but it is not falling off a cliff. People who should know better are talking about a digital revolution, about whether or not we will all be watching linear television in five years time, he said. - link
Monday 28 July 2008, AM

Ofcoms blueprint for public service broadcasting leaked |Media | The Guardian

With some updated audience research added, it will form the basis of Ofcom's conclusions in September, which will then feed into its final recommendations next year. ITV ITV argues in its confidential submission to Ofcom that the costs of fulfilling its public service role will outweigh the benefits by the end of this year. Ofcom puts the date at 2011, but estimates that by 2012 they will be costing ITV 60m a year. - link
Sunday 27 July 2008, AM

McGoogle s over one trillion served | Good Morning Silicon Valley

- link
Saturday 26 July 2008, AM

Rhyl coverage will be TV landmark - WalesOnline

It will be a landmark for the Welsh language broadcaster, with English language commentary available for the first time. - link
Friday 25 July 2008, PM

Government wants to cut illegal filesharing by 80% by 2011 |Music |

Illegal downloading it is estimated as many as 7 million people in the UK are illicit filesharers The government has set a secret target to reduce illegal filesharing of music and films by up to 80 over the next three years, can reveal. The goal was outlined in a letter by Baroness Vadera, the business minister, relating to the agreement the government struck with internet service providers and the film and music industries to curb illegal filesharing. Industry estimates put the number of illegal filesharers in the UK at between 6 and 7 million people. - link

People with visual impairments and communications services | Ofcom 1

You might like to try one of the following to help find what you were looking for Make sure the address of the page you are looking for is spelled correctly. Try submitting a question to our FAQ system Go to the Ofcom homepage and navigate to the information you want. Click the 'back' button to try another link. - link

Freesat price check

- link

BBC Trust consults on corporations mobile plans |Media |

However, ITN has argued that the launch of ad-free BBC services will crush the development of commercial models of mobile advertising by rivals. However the corporation also argues that - in line with its remit - mobile allows it to increase the reach of BBC services and hit currently under-served groups such as 16- to 34-year-olds. The trust will consider whether a public value test should be applied to the BBC's proposals. - link
Thursday 24 July 2008, PM

Metronic readying Freesat HD receivers

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