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Wednesday 10 April 2019, PM

Journalism's class ceiling

BBC sounds music radio podcast from BBC Radio 4 on this show our guests are of such a high calibre the we can manage with just two of them and today. We're joined by a pair of trainers from to National institutions Julie Etchingham is a presenter of ITV News at Ten and Alison Phillips is the edito…

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The all new, all amazing Saorview Connect

Set up your Saorview ID, download our app, pair with Saorview Connect and start controlling your TV from the phone in your pocket. Remote record available on Saorview Connect with a software update scheduled for 2019. - link
Wednesday 10 April 2019, AM

Picture, sound and ease of use – which TV brand does it best? – Which? News

Scroll through your Freeview TV guide and you'll see all the major channels broadcasting in HD. Still undecided if you need a HD or 4K TV Take a look at all our HD TV reviews to see if there quality comes close to matching a 4K model. The best looking TV in the world is no good if the sound quality is lacking - and we've tested plenty of TVs with subpar sound. - link

NAB Show 2019 in Las Vegas

Coming up this week. We're talking tech at the nav show in Las Vegas with the people behind ipdtl and play out one but we'll hook up with James cridland. Who's there as well to find out what's been exciting him at the event and David Lloyds radio moments this time a big birthday for Graham Dean 21…

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Tuesday 09 April 2019, AM

Why did Radio 6 Music decide to shake up its schedule?

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, how's cuts cooking at the BBC Another One Bites the Dust without warning radio XL pm has ended and it's passing is greatly lamented. I think it's a great shame that reflects how it's like the Princess of endless cycle. Also this week the reinvention of audio …

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Monday 08 April 2019, AM

Sliding Into Irrelevance, Or Taking Control? by James Cridland

It's the highlight of my radio conference year-over 2,500 people highlighting the very best of radio across Europe and beyond. Radio has historically made all its content freely available, using the open and distributed nature of podcasting, and radio directories like TuneIn and others. - link
Sunday 07 April 2019, PM

Killing Eve fans in UK may have to wait months to watch season two

The long-awaited second series of the hit BBC drama Killing Eve will return to screens on Sunday night - but audiences in the UK might have to wait months to watch it. This is because Killing Eve was made as a special commission for BBC America, the corporation's for-profit US cable channel, which has the exclusive rights to show its first run - with those in the UK unable to watch it until after the US channel shows the final episode on 26 May. BBC America, a joint venture with US company AMC Networks, does not receive public funding and carries advertising, ultimately funnelling its profits back to the BBC to subsidise programming made for UK viewers. - link

Five brilliant features new TVs have that your old one doesn't – Which? News

We've picked five features to look forward to using when you buy a new TV. Top TVs for 2019 - pick a great model with the latest features. Read our guides on buying the best LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony TV to see what other new tech is headed to TVs in 2019. - link
Friday 05 April 2019, PM

#112 - BBC and Discovery agree UKTV deal, Apple TV+, Radio Days Europe

Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm only man on today's show on TV takes control of Dave and his sisters reality TV stars ask for more support from producers and we preview the first light of shows you'll probably be able to watch with Apple TV plus also we hear from the BBC's Bob shennan o…

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Friday 05 April 2019, AM

BBC News staff told not to tweet personal views after LGBT debate

The BBC has emailed all news staff warning they could face internal sanctions if they express strong political views on Twitter, after several members of staff went public with their complaints that BBC programmes are debating the rights and wrongs of teaching children about tolerance for LGBT people. Many LGBT members of staff at the BBC have privately told the Guardian of anger within the newsroom at how the BBC has allowed to turn the issue into a valid debate on the public broadcaster, following protests by mainly conservative Muslim parents in Birmingham and Manchester. - link
Thursday 04 April 2019, AM

Media Masters - Lydia Polgreen

medium mattress with Paul Blanchard welcome to media Masters a series of one-to-one interviews with people at the top of the media game today here in New York and drop by Lydia polgreen editor-in-chief of huffpost appointed in 2016. She previously spent 15 years at the New York Times where she s…

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Wednesday 03 April 2019, PM

How UKTV's Dave went from 'ridiculous idea' to award-winning channel

The rebrand from UKTV G2 to Dave in 2007 came about after UKTV brand tracker data revealed a stark disconnect between the original channel's reach and its spontaneous awareness. While he loved the idea of calling the channel a name, it took the wealth of research and insight to convince him - and the shareholders - that Dave was a good idea. - link

Why everyone wants a news channel

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts and this is the media show from BBC Radio 4 hello once upon a time there were just a few international news channels CNN BBC France 24 and so on but today are ways of come alive with a barrage of news outlets all of them international in Focus and many of them dedic…

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Wednesday 03 April 2019, AM

RadioDays Europe and Country Hits Radio

Coming up on the radio Today programme this week. We're at radiodays Europe in Switzerland were talking country Hits radio with Bauer Media is Gary Steen James cridland looks at the Move by public service broadcasters to take more control of the platforms where the content is and in David Lloyd ra…

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Disney, AT+T and Comcast v Netflix, Amazon and Apple

New investments in Hulu, a general-interest streaming service with 25m subscribers that Disney controls, will also be costly. For Disney, which oozed popular content even before the Fox deal, the economics of streaming stack up. - link
Tuesday 02 April 2019, PM

Nation spending five times more than they think on subscriptions every year

While half the nation know that National Price Hike Day is looming, more than three quarters have no idea how much their subscriptions will go up by. Freeview, a company built around offering a free service without any compromise on quality, hopes to encourage the nation to see where they could be saving by being more resourceful with their subscriptions. - link
Tuesday 02 April 2019, AM

Google Podcasts in-episode search is coming, shows now being fully transcribed

Google Podcasts is now automatically generating transcripts of episodes and is using them as metadata to help listeners search for shows, even if they don't know the title or when it was published. With the help of a tipster, we were able to find that the company has been logging those transcripts into the page source on the Google Podcasts web portal - you can learn how to access episode and show pages through your web browser from our earlier story here. - link
Monday 01 April 2019, AM

Discovery and BBC sign major global content partnership and agree on future of UKTV channels

As part of the UKTV agreement, BBC Studios will make payments totalling 173m to Discovery. It will mean BBC Studios and Discovery will work together to take our content right across the globe through a new world-beating streaming service. - link

BBC to take control of UKTV in £200m deal with Discovery

UKTV, which runs a mix of 10 free-to-air and pay-TV channels, is jointly owned by Discovery and BBC Studios, the commercial arm of the BBC. Under the terms of the deal the BBC will take control of seven of the UKTV channels - while Discovery will get Good Food, Eden and Really - for almost 200m. The BBC has agreed to pay about 100m in cash, take on about 70m of debt from UKTV, and also give Discovery a 10m share of the dividend that UKTV has amassed in its current financial year. The BBC has used a combination of cash, debt and a content deal to take control of UKTV because it does not have the financial firepower for a straight buyout of Discovery. - link
Saturday 30 March 2019, PM

Podcasting's Netflix moment: the global battle for domination

The battle to be a big player in podcasting distribution, led globally by Apple, is intensifying with Google last June launching its own service and the BBC, one of the biggest producers in the world, launching the BBC Sounds platform. In 2015, the year after the first series of Serial launched - the first global hit that put podcasting on the digital media map - worldwide ad revenues from podcasts totalled just 171m. - link
Friday 29 March 2019, PM

Investigating Extremism on Radio 4

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts show the BBC time to the far right I was horrified that someone well known for Neo Nazi symbolism and indus intimidation was being given a platform and feedback this week. I'll be talking to those responsible for the controversial Radio 4 documentary in the right al…

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Friday 29 March 2019, AM

Media Business Podcast #3: Broadcast Indie Survey

Hello and welcome to the media business podcast brought to you by Media business insight the publishing screen international and brought. I'm Chris Curtis editor-in-chief broadcast and this month we're checking the health of the interceptor as we reveal the results of our 2019 indie survey. You'…

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Thursday 28 March 2019, PM

ITV boss defends “different and distinctive” BritBox UK plans – TBI Vision

Unveiled a month ago by McCall, BritBox UK is intended to be the British equivalent of the eponymous two-year-old US SVOD, offering both archive content and originals. The business confirmed previously that BritBox US SVP of creative and editorial Reemah Sakaan will oversee the British service. - link

BBC impartiality has taken hit, director general admits

The BBC's director general has admitted that the corporation's reputation as a provider of impartial news has taken a hit in recent years, while insisting the corporation is committed to giving coverage to all sides of controversial debates. The BBC is also diverting funds from traditional radio output to expand BBC Sounds, its bid to reinvent the corporation's radio output for a younger audience, which it claims is used by 1 million people a week but which has been hit with complaints over its interface. - link

Media Masters - Richard Sambrook

Media Masters with Paul Blanchard welcome to media Masters series of one-to-one interviews with people at the top of the media games on by Professor Richard sambrook director of the center for journalism at Cardiff University during his 30 years with the BBC he was instrumental in establishing its…

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Wednesday 27 March 2019, PM

Attenborough's Netflix adventure

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts and this is the media show from BBC Radio 4 in the era of Steve Jobs Apple revolutionize computers with the mac music players with the iPod and basically the hold of modern history with the iPhone this week's job successor Tim Cook and as a supercharged effort to re…

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Wednesday 27 March 2019, AM

Rhod Sharp's 25 years Up All Night on 5 Live

The radio Today programme with broadcast bionics innovative solutions for creative radio people welcome to the weekly potrika me up this week. I've been chatting to Rhod sharp to Mark the 25th anniversary of 5 Live this week has been on up all night since the first night the station launched as yo…

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Tuesday 26 March 2019, AM

Apple TV+: less a rival to Netflix, more a smug religious cult

The boring, sprawling 100-minute broadcast ended with Apple CEO Tim Cook tearing up as he delivered a namaste to Oprah Winfrey, the last of a string of A-list contributors, also including Steven Spielberg and Jennifer Aniston, who, live on the stage of the Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino, previewed shows they are making for the new Apple TV app. Equally revealingly, ahead of announcing the starry original shows, the launch lauded the use of the Apple TV app for navigating and curating content from theoretically rival streamers, including Amazon Prime, HBO, Showtime, and, strikingly for UK viewers, BritBox, the planned new BBC/ITV product. - link
Monday 25 March 2019, AM

The end of open: BBC blocks its podcasts on Google

March 25, 2019 By James Cridland 3.6 minutes to read. Some time on March 19th, the BBC started blocking all access to its podcasts on Google search, Google Assistant, and Google Podcasts. No new podcasts have appeared within Google Podcasts since March 19th, and many podcasts have already been removed altogether from the service. - link
Friday 22 March 2019, PM

Should the BBC have called the Christchurch shooting a 'terror attack'?

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts BBC Radio budgets are fighting and the controller videos please decision to catch the much admired late Junction down for three Editions a week to one longer edition has caused house of pain from fans of experimental music. I think they do for you should be building…

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Thursday 21 March 2019, PM

Premier League streams: Three men jailed over illegal videos

Three men who sold illegal Premier League streams to more than 1,000 pubs, clubs and homes have been jailed. The three men sold the illegal streams to venues and homes in England and Wales over a period of ten years. - link
Thursday 21 March 2019, AM

Media Masters - Tina Brown

Media Masters with Paul Blanchard welcome to media Masters a series of one-to-one interviews with people at the top of the media game today. I'm here in New York and John by ward winning editor journalist and author Tina Brown as the editor of The newly resurrected Vanity Fair in 1984 by the end…

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Wednesday 20 March 2019, PM

HuffPost's Lydia Polgreen

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 often say this is the show where the biggest beasts in the media Jungle come out to play and today is no exception let me introduce you to our guests Lydia polgreen is here the editor-in-chief of huffpost Lydia welcome to the show what brings you to…

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Wednesday 20 March 2019, AM

Capital Breakfast’s Roman, Vick Sonny

On this edition of the weekly podcast from Radio today will hear from Roman Vic and sunny from the Capital Breakfast Show as they prepare to go national across the capital brand in England Scotland Wales James cridland takes a look at a US station that's playing podcasts on the air and as always a…

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Monday 18 March 2019, AM

BBC chair: UK media regulation is no longer fit for modern age

The BBC chair is to suggest that the system of media regulation is no longer fit for the modern age, after the corporation was forced to delay plans to make more programmes available for up to a year on iPlayer. The BBC director general, Tony Hall, has also had to make the case that the BBC provides value for money, while also trying to avoid appearing triumphant in pointing out that the BBC can still reach enormous audiences. - link
Friday 15 March 2019, PM

Reinventing Local Radio

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts, what does it mean to reinvent local radio to be honest, I don't really know but that is what the BBC claims it is doing in Leeds so in this week's feedback will be going there to discover the reality behind the slogan go outside walk into your city into your town. …

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Taking On Big Tech, Disney Closes In On Fox, Global Cuts

Hello and welcome to the media podcast by Molly men on today's show big interests take on big tech how an unlikely Alliance is for me to try and change the way Google Facebook is dominate the media market was on the programme new research showing the divide between podcast audiences in the US and …

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Thursday 14 March 2019, AM

Media Masters - Ken Hertz

Media Masters with Paul Blanchard welcome to media Masters a series of one-to-one interviews with people at the top of the media game tell me when Los Angeles and John by Hollywood dealmaker can hurt a senior partner in century City Law Firm of hurts, Liechtenstein and young is firm represents Tal…

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Who cares what the papers say?

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts and this is the media show from BBC Radio 4 who cares what the papers say I was because the Herald the Scottish broadsheet one of the world's longest running newspapers has terminated its daily leader column the editor believes that the modern reader can make up the…

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Why does the London Underground still not have Wi-Fi in tunnels?

Advertisement But why does London have much worse connectivity than most other public transport systems below ground And why is there zero phone connectivity Take Moscow's Metro, where both Wi-Fi and mobile phone network have been available since 2014. These signals work in line of sight, and that's doable because tunnels in Moscow are wider and straighter than those in London. - link
Wednesday 13 March 2019, PM

New inquiry: Public service broadcasting and video on demand

The Communications Committee launches its new inquiry which will investigate whether there is a future for public service broadcasting in the context of the rising popularity of video on demand services. Does public service broadcasting do enough to reflect and serve the demographics of the UK Have public service broadcasters responded adequately to market changes - link
Wednesday 13 March 2019, AM

Scottish commercial radio with Colin Kelly and Adam Findlay

Coming up this week will focus on commercial radio in Scotland and dissect the latest on local nurse with Colin Kelly and Adam Finlake also James cridland has his latest thoughts on the future development of the industry are there more radio moments with David Lloyd radio today's Roy Martin is her…

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Friday 08 March 2019, PM


BBC sounds music Radio podcasts wrong all these years hello I'm on the Today programme now and I'm going to talk a little bit like this and project my voice and I realised it's much more interesting to listen to people who have a conversation more being themselves. Well. I try and feedback this we…

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Thursday 07 March 2019, PM

Terms of reference: Review of BBC news and current affairs

We are conducting a review of the BBC's news and current affairs output across television, radio and online. We expect to publish our findings in autumn 2019 and any relevant findings will inform our future regulation of the BBC. Review of BBC news and current affairs Terms of reference. - link

Media Masters - Martin Brunt

Media matters with Paul Blanchard welcome to media Masters a series of one-to-one interviews with people at the top of the media game Down by Martin Brunt crime correspondent for Sky News then the chief reporter for the Sunday Mirror he joined. The channel is part of their launch lineup in 1989 si…

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Thursday 07 March 2019, AM

The future of video viewing: forecasts to 2028 | Mar 2019 | Enders Analysis

Linear TV is still a mass market medium, watched by 90% of the UK population each week. However, our latest viewing forecasts predict broadcasters will account for two-thirds of all video viewing in 2028, down from c. 80% today, due to the relentless rise of online video services Total viewing will continue to increase as more short-form content is squeezed into people's days, particularly on portable devices, but the key battleground for eyeballs will remain the TV screen The online shift has already had a huge impact among younger age groups, with only 55% of under-35s' current viewing to broadcasters. Older audiences are slowly starting to follow suit, but have a long way to go - link
Wednesday 06 March 2019, PM

BBC must prepare for a digital future, says director general

The BBC must plan for a future where a large proportion of its audience never watch its traditional television channels, its director general will say, as he calls for the iPlayer catch-up service to become a rival to Netflix. The BBC director general will attempt to emphasise the scale of the challenge as the BBC juggles this transition with running its existing outlets. - link

Investigating Michael Jackson

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 what is the king of pop a paedophile to have been mini disgusting statement made recently concerning allegations of improper conduct on my part these statements about me are totally fast in life. He denied it. He beat multiple criminal charges, but …

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Britbox set for rights battle | News | Broadcast

"Over time, there will be real tension around rights negotiations," said one senior indie figure. "The challenge for the PSBs is that they are nowhere near fully funding shows – so the idea that the likes of Amazon, Disney and Netflix will allow them to carve out exclusive UK SVoD rights is ludicrous. "The US giants will start to consider UK programming as a low-level investment because if a show isn’t driving real value [in its home market] then there is no point in them putting proper money in." - link
Wednesday 06 March 2019, AM

Roundtable #24 including Scala Radio launch

The radio Today programme with broadcast bionics solutions for creative radio people in the weekly podcast from Stuart Clarkson and we start with a thank you for your lovely comments about last week's radio Today programme with Dirk Anthony and Matthew Wright lots of you been listening to it as on…

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