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Read this: Rupert Steps Back, Toxic Brand and RTS roundup

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Rupert Steps Back, Toxic Brand and RTS r…

At three business.

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Hello welcome to the media podcast I'm acting on the show today and it's gone and lachlan win succession.

We look back at the seven decades of Murdoch Media Empire The Twisted relationship Media house with Russell Brand from tax gate to the scratches will broadcasters ever learn lessons Cambridge but we tell you tonight and why are striking about the numbers that's all coming up in addition in the news this week in on musk wants to charge uses of x according to an unusually well prepared statement to the press this week.

He came the most box and fake account out of business, but will it also do the same thing to his platform and Stephen Fry and maybe regretting he lent is voice to the Harry Potter audiobooks as the very.

Sample text has been used to deepfake his voice on the upside.

It might say nephew hours in the Sainsbury's voiceover, please from London podcast studio to Professionals always available for voice-over work at first.

We have a pop pictures crystal op302 Jose vs.

People for years and years.

Why has it ever been sued? Why is it still going combination of things smart lawyers a very inventive English language and I think generally being smart about what are sources about what we say what we don't say what we keep back and I think yeah, I managed recklessness seem a lot more pressure considered so people want to enjoy gossip.

Malicious you want to make sure that everybody sort of feels you got planned over responsibility to make sure that you want making people party to something they feel towards you like touching or you just want to walk the line where it's you know.

What are the just used in the lock buying a bygone Times has all those stories of a long time coming to have lots of those problems to the poppets inbox.

I mean big year for a lot of that's a lot of stories that have been years in the making 7 years in the Whispers that have all come to light it's been a bit of a domino effect.

I think the same sort of the meteor 21c other people building up things down what you know.

I'm a bit of a rough as I'm back and going so hard on the Phillip Schofield story because I think a lot of people felt.

How to get people to talk on the record about that sort of thing and I think the song brass neck to to consider Kate so lovely and about it all just met the people who have been wavering as to whether or not to calibrate cover and talk to say it actually you know what I have a story about this and I'm going to yeah.

I'm next to Chris welcome back Charlotte tobitt from Prescot to my child's another week another complaint 4 GB news.

Did you see my house outburst on the channel Israel that she had between two co-presenter on it was remarkable and what's interesting in particular.

Is that since then the chair of the culture Media sport committee rota to say

This undermines your perception of June possibility and he has written back to say well actually we were really impossible because we had two people from completely opposite side the argument so I continued on Twitter so I'm people suggesting.

You know if they're that hostile towards each other can kind of relationship continue, but you know you so far.

It is but probably do anything that dynamic works quite well, I have left right mix the train generate that that's a little battle every morning.

I'm using actually speak about GB news Angela and his first when talking about Dan Wootton he said he wasn't launch investigation and monitoring serious allegations about the presenter, but no the allegations have been admitted or proved by

Body of outsourcing the investigation try keeping off his TV channels such as sounds like a fancy way of saying I'm not going to you about it.

I suppose the Fox and news he's going to become chairman Emeritus still looking around but not doing a lot of things today that goes to Laughlin it's been around for a long time that's of 6070 years of activity.

What do you think his Greatest Hits are over that time Charlotte blimey well an interview that we have them on press Gazette back in 2005 and he said that I mean obviously.

Thought that his Legacy was the Wapping dispute with unions that kind of moved all of the production from Fleet Street to Wapping in was a major he sort of said well.

That's you know that changed the industry and that's kind of all my Legacy and it would have happened otherwise and probably so that's what he thought we going through his veins and TV networks Movie Studios as well, but it was the press that I'm excited before he kind of started on running everything he was a sub-editor and that was when he got his first taste of news and you can tell like it's always clear that was passionate about titles like the Sun than the times and the New York Post that's why there's always been stories about how involved is he in there editorial decisions and it's because he's clearly like really passionate about it still and that's why he's kept going even those 19.

Yes, always 78.

I think was 1954 that he first sort of tick on Pages in Australia and then obviously built up the Empire since massive impact on kind of this opinionated talk broadcasting.

You know we know most recently took TV and the UK but obviously Fox News in the US and Sky News Australia we sometimes forget over here, but that's kind of the same deal and massive over there taken over the chip off the old block well if the he was always the heir apparent wasn't I think has he won the succession? This is it seems kind of boring now as a result we've had four years of this and you know the the coverage great piece of Vanity Fair few months ago about how dramatic and crazy dull pain with all the you know that.

Previously unreported details about the injuries and haven't done that yet on his head and yeah, it's just a handover to Laughlin does feel slightly on Saturday hours after having heard the news that was that we can building 270 years of this sort of thing online today and lachlan may be in charge now Rupert still is sort of the main shareholder and obviously his family owned big chunks of that business and when he isn't around that was probably off the real succession about business and the others dynamic building which began.

Yes, I think you know by James you know I don't know how to evolve prove is Butlins as well.

Just having an idyllic.

I want to be rid of some of them all toxic elements of the

Started off just shut them down and I think lachlan is he you know continuity continuity keys.

Yes absolutely early continues to be a Russell Brand a post the exposure in despatches and the times and the Sunday Times are the charges put him on his YouTube channel which he got out before the doctor that however broadcasters address the reactions from the public so far about it at the RTS Cambridge convention and said yes, you know we take this really seriously we're they pulled a lot of stuff which I was surprised by how quickly that happened a lot of content brown and beige by both channels has come down from online.

I guess you'll have to wait and see whether ever reappears or or maybe.

Editing and put other things back up and I think that's still unclear and I think that is a question of kind of for future like potential of the allegations and investigations.

Whether you erase stuff London maybe put some sort of I think it's easier with like a website article because maybe you could just put something at the top saying since this was probably I guess it's different for a whole episode of TV but I do think that's an interesting question of kind of the public record of content does it mean like a person for the programme going this represents different times when we're all idiots and can't see what was in in front of our face and maybe that's what they doing for like things on Disney plus when something is a bit racist a lot and most recently.

The time today in this is Comedy Central roast battle when Katherine Ryan may be held him to task they didn't really sit on on the TV that really make the Edit discussion about the fact that he's sort of pivot to being a kind of right-wing anti-vax commentator was in thinking a little bit about all this stuff coming out of that give him too much credit.

I think what happens in these situations a lot more is that the potential avenues? They have to maintain a career narrow off a choked so what you end up with is if you feel like you can't get a break on television anymore you set this up you become the owner of your own brand New Barnet ended and then you're much more inoculated from any sort of external forces any external producer or a story breaking.

Take your audience away from basically, so I feel like it's not so much for site as an inevitable consequence of burning so many bridges in various places in one of the reasons to keep happening and will it take so long to come out? I think it's because of the fragmented way that a lot of Media works as a lot of freelancers operating within the company's broadcasters have their own people in house and you know as we've seen with a few other high-profile presenters who have been totally stories a few months ago.

You know they make quite good looking for themselves moving from doing working voice-over doing work in theatre doing publishing doing work.

You know you you can jump from place to place them because everybody working.

There is a lot of people on freelance contract.

So you don't want to rock the boat or end up being penalised to speak.

And then that causing the mother repercussions in their great people.

Can you know whispers can start people think this is maybe not a great person to imply but nothing former happens, so that one of your company employing them and then but then free to go and work somewhere else and it's only reaches a critical mass of places where they burn Bridges that enough people start talking to each other and sometimes you know the the network of the Gossamer like that sort of a lot of this relies upon takes 1015 years for someone who worked in the place to cross paths with someone else to work placement that happened to me.

You're the one that did that when there's been on the whistleblowers that becomes encouraging other people step forward doesn't yeah? Yeah, I mean I think one of the big problem.

They might be the only one who plays the Brunt of it may become the face of this story and that's a terrifying thought a lot of legal worries to bring some of the stuff up with people who have

Deep pockets I liked how the times had like to solid paragraphs quite high up their story to sleep playing out all of the things.

They had to do to bring the story to publication and kind of make that point that you know this wasn't just like a everything.

We've looked up in a month.

It really is 4 years of work and yeah, it's Gary I mean Catherine already mentioned her when she was interviewed by Louis Theroux and kind of alluded to it.

She did make the point of you know the person.

She's talking about has deep pockets and and may well want to you know anything and obviously the same applies for publishers and during a kind of economic tough times publishers broadcasters on going to be taking risks that unnecessary risks, but we'll have amazing noise and I enjoyed seeing the Times is legal director.

I think kind of credited by some of the day and it shows how much the

Lawyers and have an input in these stories and really help them to publications.

That's really valuable.

We understand when the public get annoyed by this was looking at some of the comments on Twitter about Russell Brand and there's a lot that say if you don't about this all along so long to come out.

I mean you can see why this colour also plays into the sort of don't trust the media fire of conflicting factors right because this all of this does sort of them play into the theory of I'm being silence.

You know this is a conspiracy against everybody's absolutely does feel like that.

So that is supposed to be truthful statement.

However, you know fact is a lot of his jealous work on the stories.

You don't really have enough or you have 60% of 2.

Enough to satisfy your lawyers, so you can't push it over the line you suddenly find out that there's another organisation working on a similar story maybe have a missing piece that you don't you can share things it looks like a true then looking for the same puzzle pieces and when you do Busters you and you can move forward in lockstep, but then that yet that does looking like the MSM have joined forces.

You know strange bedfellows to send United against the figure anime one of the

One of the arguments of the defensive building up an audience and it's causing you know what's causing the establishment Media to get scared like he pose a real threat of them sort of YouTube numbers that you was getting my own.

I know rumble separate platform, but his YouTube numbers really haven't changed the huge amount since the days.

He was doing the truth not Ed Miliband interview that was happening around that time.

It's gone up since but got about half a million views 550000 views and that seems to be the kind of rough average that he's getting these days and it's completely different.

I don't think he's red-pilled an entire don't you know MB vans, but you know it doesn't seem like he poses any more of a threat to establishment media than he did 8 years ago, but that are you know everyone's saying that you both a great threat to the media then too so I know it's people think there's some great big god.

People ever worked in a Newsroom where someone said on Twitter we can get the printer to work let alone and co-ordinate a secret Kabbalah of all the story is it just never happened with it.

No way in the Christmas rota the news and features accidentally doing the same story it's it's absolutely wouldn't happen unfortunately.

We are just so people because she misses out of the Conspiracy and get home.

You'll have the same as well.

I listen to podcast ministry folk.

Are you having another at this week in Cambridge without for the RTS conference? I caught up with Kate Buckley a fresh from the conference have a train station to find out exactly what the reactions been Channel 4 The Great lineup of speakers the Beginning by Russell Brand and everyone.

As I'm all know everyone in the same boat on a broadcast the wise they've all got some brand exposure.

That and that's why Russell designed and also open secret that we heard obviously for the time the Channel 4 dispatches investigations now, so it's a little bit what else was the core the core talking point survey my TV festival lots came up about a jobs at him in factual.

What was the key story so obviously we had a very nice.

She talked about her she talk about 20:30 so she said that I think most of us were really happy about.

Was asked about me or has the advertising very well, it doesn't look like I'm going to have a bump up in advertising commercial broadcaster and discussion about this.

Really interesting session where they actually the place the face of a presenter on to is very realistic scary or is it a good news stories? You don't have to have a live person doing that is developing.

What is it going to be able to do and where is it going to take us?

The highwomen doing creativity so far and talk to you you get different views on the things we have to focus on the Data please training something that's because the system do that before you go.

Murdocks of semi stepping back to be chairman Emeritus of Fox News and news corp, did that cause a little ruffle in the in the room when when his email went out because of James Corden and everybody it is influenced six and seven decades.

Thanks Kate I will see you in the studio see if you're up for more on Rupert Murdoch including a very spicy anecdote about saving Rupert Murdoch's life go no further the latest episode of the to Matt's you might remember.

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Any bank, they are City no more at / we are back with me and it's the local Media crisis.

No not in radio this time instead.

It's depressed a journalists at National World titles are on strike today that Friday the 2nd of 3 days of industrial action what's been going on so it's basically overpay and whatever national titles of National World used to be one from st.

Johnston Press jpimedia than a couple of years ago.

It was bought by David Montgomery used to be the boss of like local world and some of the trinity mirror which is I reach the tracker.

Love it, but some of the title saying like The Scotsman Yorkshire pace, Yorkshire Evening pay, Sheffield Star Portsmouth News

That sort of thing so they had a think it was a 4.5% pay offer which is obviously below inflation so Union the nuj not happy about that and national and basically said we can't give you any more all starting the business if we give you any more and they said that's not good enough say as you say on the day this comes out there on the second day of striking between the strike dates Elsa doing the work to rule you know not working beyond your contractor sort of unpaid overtime etc.

Which output exactly and local news that's that's standard pretty much summed across the board now really in terms of pay unsatisfaction.

I mean this time of Reach which is the biggest local publisher in the UK had a strike again that was overpay.

They did resolve it this year.

Reluctantly accepted the payoff of that they got given but they did kind of locally make the point they didn't love it and and the national as well there been since the past few months so yeah, there's a bit of unsatisfaction moment there was even a vote of no confidence in David Montgomery the figure has no I mean not very nice nickname for him.

So yes, it's it's all it's all just a bit.

It's not a very nice time National World particular problem newsquest so the revenues have been up recently haven't met is it is it a compliment and where they operate or is it just how the business is run at least a bit x of none of them pay isn't crazy.

Hi some of them have been putting up more than others the only day did criticise newsquest for how much a it's BBC fun.

Democracy reporters but newsquest can have it back and said well.

We do you need to cover our kind of employment costs.

We can't give them all the money so and then other publishers actually kind also said yeah, that's a fair point from useless actually it is something going on.

I think that yeah national world is kind of just the current flashpoint.

I would say to the media quiz this week isn't the numbers I meant to give you a number for you have to do is tell me the story behind that number so buzzing with your name if you know the answer so Charlotte all say Charlotte and Chris you say here we go first number 100 Charlotte what is 100 x correct this is it celebrating 100 years of being at the Bradshaw of broadcasting which apparently some cricket reference ne10 night moment Carrie Bradshaw

It's still going online world isn't it? It's most profitable part.

I think of immediate because you think print magazine answer anymore and yes the new sun sails have gone down a lot better have been building a subscription.

So you're getting people who think well.

I do still enjoy the tradition of sitting down one day.

We planning might watch next week and I guess it is kind of that escape from online and obviously they do have a website that they've been building in yes is surprising operations holidays, but they can do stuff of the website.

They wouldn't with the magazine and it does seem to work and obviously they can share some stuff.

I like the website does gaming prick sample which the magazine doesn't and the website can be much more like what's on tonight or what's you know what you need to know now rather than the as I say the magazines more about like sitting down and and it doesn't matter when the structure of a few days you do it like.

You can take that time and I mean there's been a few stories with done recently about people enjoying a colour curated experience well.

That's print or digital that is just a different not literally coloured my hair like associate colours with the days now think they're the radio x on Saturday your pink for you Thursday Friday and I've really got Lauren for the Monday you changed.

I'm sure that you know that was the Rose reading and definitely get a sense of that is really sure you know reading Barry Norman's little film little paradise.

I need to think there was a period of time even though I haven't seen the film.

I'm fairly you know got a sense of when it came out what how many stars are got just sort of information.

I absorbed from this Media

80s that was like a family meal it like that time you have to get both the radio x on the TV times for the didn't have the listening to everything together.

So you got the times for BBC TV and yeah, it's a big part of people's wanted to see what it still does well 50 million.

Is that mean 50 million?

Who's the top 1?

This is the amount of Dollars the Rupert Murdoch thought it would cost Fox News in the numbers that actually 875 million something along those lines in a million.

I'll give you the bonus point to Charlotte for that is 787.5 million.

This is from Michael wolves and you book on trump and a couple of extract so far is Michael Wolff trump, when I started reading a little slightly extend the truth isn't there on on some of these things reading I was like it.

Obviously has sources are incredible but how can he know that every minute detail?

I guess where you know the bones and then you like build a scene around.


I just always leave wondering like I'm sure the gist of this happened, but is every word very very particular 1:5000000 Rugby World Cup France vs.

New Zealand the opener 15 million viewers is men's rugby.

The new women's football story about how the organisers were really surprised, how well the game today by the organisers surprise.

Don't worry.

I honestly don't know what the reason is I've been watching because my husband loves it and so much more than I actually expected but I honestly don't do you know why is higher than expected? I don't know.

Well, if you do know at home get in touch the media podcast thank you both keep up with your good work the UK or I'm still on Twitter / x at Charlotte and that's it from us today of a London podcast Studios next week with the British podcast Awards start a podcast shaped hole here in the studio if you want to use it plus you get 25% off your first if you use the code Media pod at the London podcast studio stop contacting Media pod at the London podcast studio 24 25% that produce was it was a rethink audio production.

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Accept Amex today, I never like the analogy of you tried being as goes down and never liked it because I will come home when I was the AMA people my people live here I moved to New York and I went all over the world when I came home.

My people were still here.

My family is here.

So how do you talk about a city maggots disappear? My name is Jessica care more resilience and Hustle from the heart of the day show on Apple podcasts Spotify or wherever you find great stories.

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