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What price for an aerial installation?

What prices have you been quoted and paid for an aerial installation?

What prices have you been quoted and paid for an aerial install
published on UK Free TV

In responses to the guideline I posted about how much having a new aerial fitted should cost, Ian Grice posted: "£40-£50? Every aerial fitter I contacted wants at least £150+VAT considering you can get a class 3 aerial for under £10 and a class 2 for under £15 and cable is 40p a metre why are they charging so much for 30 minutes work?"

OK, for some places putting up a TV aerial is hard work, such as multi-story properties. As many people will simply be exchanging a Group A, B, C/D, E or K aerial for a wideband type, often without changing the supporting pole or cable, a high price cannot be justified.

I am concerned that some companies will exploit vulnerable groups (such as the elderly).

So, I what prices have you been quoted for aerial installations? What price have you paid for installation?

Do you know of any companies to avoid? Do you know of any companies that are good value for money?

Or do you work for a great aerial installation company?

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Wednesday, 14 September 2011
KB Aerials Sheffield

3:34 PM

Robert - a bit of patience and lining a freesat dish up isnt hard

as for female aerial riggers im not aware of a single one - I know one of my friends who is another aerial installer does know one female aerial installer

I cant see why a female could not do this job to be honest - I think the toughest part would be lifting the ladders off and back on to the van and setting them up but other than that as long as the person in question has no problems with working at height then cant see an issue

and as for sexist remarks "erection" yes im afraid the job is erecting aerials

I can see the amusement in that but don't find it derogatory or sexist - in fact I suppose you could class us
as erection specialists!

Shaun - how do you choose who gets invited to the forum and fixmy aerial .com as I am interested


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KB Aerials Sheffield's 274 posts GB flag
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Robert Oliver
3:38 PM

Keith Thanks for your support.I was not being sexist re erections etc although can see how a "cheeky mind" may read it. I used to run an aerial business in Oirland a few years back and never had a clue myself but had a good team who could.

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Robert Oliver's 6 posts GB flag
jim tenks
8:03 PM

I used someone from fix my aerial, lots of tests before he fitted anything all working great 5 tvs. not cheapest in area but also listed on fair traders scheme.

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jim tenks's 1 post GB flag
10:32 PM

Hi, our aerial is currently dangling from its cable due to high winds. It's a forty year old aerial put up when the house was first built, and I think is a basic Yagi type on a horizontal axis facing Emley Moor; we live in Eccleshill, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD2. Someone recommended to us a particular firm from Horsforth a few miles away, and when rung they quoted £50 to just remove the old aerial and tidy up, or £150 to install a new aerial.

This is from a firm that have been going for 30 years or so and sound quite 'old school' according to my mother who spoke to them. So does this sound about right? Also I thought the price of £50 for simply cutting the old aerial free and tidying up the cable etc seemed a bit much. I would have thought £30 to be more like it. As a quick fix, we had Virgin Cable switch back on our TV service in July (not been with them for TV since 1994), but would actually prefer to use Freeview with our PVR box.

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Ian's 2 posts GB flag
KB Aerials sheffield

10:49 PM

Ian yes those prices seem correct
As for £50 "just" to remove old aerial what u have to concider is they are doing a similar task to installing an aerial
They are using fuel to get there they have to run the van have possibly a 40 mins drive to get to you a 40 min drive back time on site ladders off the van etc
They could be installing an aerial and earning more in the same amount of time they have to pay tax on the money too and possibly vat
So if they charge £30 they pay £8 in tax a fiver to run the van my van does 22mpg fully loaded and 40 with ladders and all tools out its not like running a high mpg car so would you risk going on a roof for £17 for aprox 2 hours of your time £8.50 an hour to risk your life - sorry no not worth it and before u say firemen earn about that they get their pensions paid

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KB Aerials sheffield's 274 posts GB flag

10:51 PM

If you think £30 is the price for the job, then phone around and find somebody willing to do it for £30.

If you can't, you could go and hire a set of ladders and do it yourself.

On the other hand, if you find the cheapest price to be £50, then that is what it seems you will have to pay, or just wait for it to fall to the ground under its own steam.

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Ian's 170 posts GB flag
Thursday, 15 September 2011
12:47 AM

Thank you for the replies and hopefully I did not sound ignorant or like I wanted something for nothing. The firm is only 3 to 4 miles away, so approx 7 miles round trip. Our house and roof is easy to deal with, and the aerial is in an easily accessible spot etc. I doubt the whole job would take more than an hour, possibly less.

I appreciate your assessment and opinions, and therefore have decided to accept the £50 price.

Thank you for your time gentlemen!

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Ian's 2 posts GB flag
KB Aerials sheffield

7:21 AM

Ian , no problem

Thing about our job is no one wants to do it because of the risks involved but some people feel they shouldnt have to pay

Thankyou for seeing mine and ians point of view


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KB Aerials sheffield's 274 posts GB flag
Ron Lake

10:00 AM

Robert, Wutty, Brian, It seems to me that this whole country is fast losing any remnants of a sense of humour.
Come on guys, it was funny when you think about it. If a stand up comedian had used the same phrases, you would all be rolling about, admit it.
If my remarks have caused offence to anyone then I apologise, unreservedly.
Can't help thinking though that the term 'installation' would have avoided any of this, and yes I do accept that 'erection' is also a proper term for putting up an aerial.
The whole episode is hardly worth a flame war after all.
Have a good day all and be wary of the high winds.

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Mark Aberfan Aerials

10:34 AM

Hi Guys,

I'm still around & still can do a basic rig for £75 & make a living, Its not really a matter of choice, if the customer can get a cowboy for £50 I have to be competitive & offer a professional job at £75 to stand a chance of getting any work, my basic rig is a rx 12 / a crank & swivel / 10m rg6 / alloy co-ax connector, of course I would prefer to use a bechmarked aerial / ct100 cable etc but if the customer isnt willing to pay for that, then they get what they will pay for. I would add that in the valleys on the local relays my basic rig works perfectly & we dont get callbacks or problems with them.
We do all kinds of work from basic rigs to commercial system work but I have to say the basic rig is our bread & butter work which can lead to further work such as freesat installs if the customer dosent like the channel choice available from freeview lite on the local relay transmitters.

Mark Aberfan Aerials

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