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When will I get a new Freeview aerial because of even more mobile broadband?

What is going to happen during the 700MHz clearance? To make way for more mobile broadband in 2020, millions of Freeview viewers are going to need to act. A very few will need a new aerial. Will that be you?——— 15 comments “It is high time the major high street retailers realised that they need to stock DAB + radios and to phase out those that are not capable of receiving”- Nick Anderson

Ofcom announces 700 MHz clearance schedule 2017-20

To make way for new and better 4G data services for everyone's mobile devices, Ofcom has decided to change the Freeview system around starting in 2017.

61 comments “Charles: look at your location - your just 25km from the transmitter, with just a very small obstruction in the way very close to you. You should have”- MikeB

Do not forget that 4G starting soon in 20 cities and towns really soon

It is possible - but still unlikely - that the new 4G mobile services will take out your Freeview. Here is the list of places that will see services in the next month.

24 comments “Paul: It s nothing to do with 4G, that has not started in your area yet. ”- MikeP

Expecting 4G interference? Tests now show that you have a one in 300 chance

Remember the scare stories in the papers? Millions of homes will have problems when 4G starts... Even the Ofcom figures suggested 760,000 homes would have problems. The 4G tests suggest the just 90,000 homes will need to fit a filter.

285 comments “sue Hickerson: What transmitter are you tuned to? Fortunately, you ve included your postcode, and as you can see, you should be fine for Sutton Coldfi”- MikeB

Using UHF channels C61 to C69? Time to retune

As from today, the whole of the "800MHz" band belongs to Three, EE, Vodafone and O2. If you are not a giant telecoms company, and are using still them for anything, now is probably a good time to stop.

50 comments “Hi brian,get better soon,from nicholas....”- nicholas

Mendip, Bristol and relay transmitters - retune require on 27th March 2013

To allow for the launch later this year of 4G mobile broadband, changes are being made to some digital TV transmitters. Many viewers in the South West of England will have to retune after 6am on on 27th March 2013 to continue to receive certain Freeview TV and radio channels.

124 comments “I agree with jb38, on site diagnosis is always best - just not always possible. Those thinking there is any difference between a group C/D aerial fo”- MikeP_UK

800MHz 4G broadband potential for Freeview interference - new map

The colourful map below shows all the UK digital TV transmitters that will be using C52 to C60 when the 4G 800MHz services start.

15 comments “I thought that 61-68 where going to be used for 4G? What s going to be on those frequencies now?I thought that was why Moel-Y-Parc s D3 4 multiple”- Stuart Owens

Freeview 2020 vs 4G mobile - play Ofcom channel bingo

Ofcom is consulting about the long-term use of the broadcast frequencies used to provide Freeview. A large range of options are being considered from expanding Freeview to provide 50% more services, to reducing the service to three multiplexes by 2030 to make way for 4th Generation mobile broadband. However, new technologies, such as High Efficiency Video Coding (HVEC) and Internet Protocol Television, could provide a better television service.

20 comments “Dave Lindsay: I don t know whether the 800Mhz band was sought because it goes through walls better, or whether it was a case of additional frequencies”- KMJ,Derby

29th May 2013 retunes for Oxfordshire and East Midlands

As part of a rolling programme in the regions that experienced the early digital switchovers, some viewers on the Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Oxfordshire will need to retune on Wednesday. However, viewers of some relays must not retune.

24 comments “when are we going get more channels on freesat any one tell me as I keep getting told more channels coming but don t get any please please some one te”- leslie rainer

10th April 2013 retune for Winter Hill, Keighley transmitters and relays

To allow for the launch later this year of 4G mobile broadband, changes are being made to some digital TV transmitters. Many viewers in the North West of England (as well as parts of Yorkshire and the Midlands) will have to retune after 6am on 10th April 2013 to continue to receive certain Freeview TV and radio channels.

165 comments “friendlyfairy: Without knowledge of your location, preferably in the form of postcode, it isn t possible to make any suggestions. If you don t wish to”- Dave Lindsay

Which "at800" mobile masts might stop my Freeview working?

UK Free TV now has a new feature: the site now shows you the ten nearest mobile phone masts to your chosen location. These are the most likely places where 4G wireless broadband base-stations will be placed. If these are within 1.5km of your Freeview aerial, you may need to fit a filter to your aerial cable.

20 comments “Sasa:Your relative should check that they are tuned to the Emley Moor transmitter. That uses channel 47, 44, 41, 51, 52, 48, 32 and 34. If they f”- MikeP

How do I know if the 4G broadband will overload my Freeview?

During 2013, some of the frequencies that were used for television before the Digital Switchover will be auctioned off and used to provide 4th generation (4G) mobile broadband. Many homes will need to fit a filter, and a small few will have to switch (for free) to Freesat. Knowing in advance where these homes are is a complicated matter.

155 comments “rob : Thanks for the update, pleased to know that you have succeeded in overcoming the problem.However, I do have to say, that as far as your old ”- jb38

4G interference much less than expected in the Midlands test area

at800 has completed its first live test to help assess the extent to which Freeview could be impacted when new 4G mobile services at 800 MHz are launched later this year.

11 comments “Bob Loader: I m going to give you exactly the same answer I gave you before - your signal is far too strong! As I said before (and read the too much o”- MikeB

Why have I been sent a filter for my Freeview?

Starting 29th April 2013, the third phase test for the at800 interference to Freeview is taking place. For this test, filters are being sent out to all homes at risk before the test starts. The area chosen for this third test is West London, including Isleworth - the home of satellite pay broadcaster, British Sky Broadcasting.

75 comments “Stuart Shaw: The best question to ask is, why do you need them? If you got sent one in the post last year (or at least a card saying you might have ”- MikeB

2012/13 Freeview changes to clear C61 and C62 for 4G mobile

Here is list of all the Freeview transmitter changes that will happen from the last months of 2012 to 2013 to remove channels allocated to C61 and C62. This is to allow for the nationwide launch of 4G mobile data service.

22 comments “Jayne Wilks: It s possible. The page on this site for the Clearwell relay TV transmitter has not recorded it being off since last Wednesday when the r”- Dave Lindsay

4G test signals areas listed by the BBC

The two locations in the West Midlands, Cradley Heath and Rowley Regis, will shortly be experiencing the test 4G at 800MHz signals to see if they interfere with Freeview and cable TV.

30 comments “I live in East Yorkshire - HU17 and get Freeview from Belmont (60kms away). When I first got digital TV about 7 years ago the weak signal then on offe”- Steve

Digital Dividend - changes to the 800MHz band

Ofcom have proposed C61, C62 (and C69) will be removed from Freeview and be moved to C39, C40 and C38.

31 comments “Would you please warn people off these 7 and 9 screen 12 volt (DC) portable digital receivers with 5.75 mag mount aerials or more likely pull-out wire”- Watlingfen

Freeview changes to clear the way for 4G broadband in 2013, updated

Some of the dates have changed in the plan to clear C61 and C62 for 4G mobile broadband.

19 comments “Lesley Green: What UHF channel are they (BBC standard definition TV and radio) coming in on? It should tell you on the signal strength screen.Mend”- Dave Lindsay

Freeview interference from 4G-at-800 London tests start Monday 15th April 2013

Following on from the recent pilot test area in the West Midlands, produced many fewer problems than expected, a larger test in south east London - specifically Southwark, Lewisham, Greenwich and Tower Hamlets - will test to see if the new 4G broadband signals prevent Freeview reception.

24 comments “Trevor: As far as manual tuning is concerned the channel number is suffice, as although two of CP s muxes (HD COM6) are transmitting with a negative o”- jb38

Ofcom moves to protect Freeview interference from 4G mobile devices

Don't worry - Ofcom will ensure that everyone effected by 4G interference will still be able to watch digital television, and at no cost to the affected viewers.

128 comments “Edward anderson: You havn t given us a postcode, so we have no idea what signal you should be getting. Since 4G hits higher frequencies, a problem wou”- MikeB

Ofcom channel bingo II - introducing the bands

A second look at how the long-term use of the broadcast frequencies used to provide Freeview may chance over the coming years.

7 comments “With this sort of cutting up of the band I would suspect that the long term aim is to eliminate terrestrial TV altogether. Even with lite only repeate”- Andy