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4+: Channel 4 ad-free for 4 pounds a month after free trail

Free trail - sign up today for ad-free Channel 4 online. ——— 2 comments

Killing Eve, and killing Dirk

Many people are disappointed that a popular, stylish, award winning drama is being shown in the USA, but can’t be viewed until later in the year by BBC iPlayer people. Who, of course, feel that they pay £155 to be able to do that.


Is the UK television marketplace of 2019 ready for Disney+ and Apple?

Disney+, Apple and YouTube Red? In the last couple of days, the OTT subscription video services market (that Amazon Prime Video and Netflix) has taken a few interesting turns.

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Quiz: How many TV Science shows are on the BBC right now?

Go to iPlayer, Pick Science and Nature and count how many new science shows are there?


New section on UK Free TV dedicated to cutting the cord

New section on UK Free TV dedicated to cutting the cord.


Will BritBox survive in a Netflix world

Commercial broadcaster ITV said on Wednesday it would team up with the BBC, its long-standing public broadcasting peer, to create a British rival to Netflix called "BritBox" - Feb 27 (Reuters)


Cord Cutting UK Checklist: keeping it legal

The starting point for us here is doing things by the book. Some of the things you need to do to be a Cord Cutter UK can result in a proper criminal conviction if not done properly.


Prepare yourself for Cord Cutting: Where do I watch TV now?

You've got yourself an uncapped high speed broadband service with a wireless router, and like the idea of saving between 150 and 780 pounds every year. What is the next step?


How much money can you save by Cord Cutting?

If you are prepared to stop watching live TV and enjoy content only when you want to watch, how much actual money can you save?


Go for it! What do you do on cutting the cord day?

So, you have your fast broadband, your wireless connections, prepared your devices and checked out what to watch online. Are you ready to take the final step?