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North East England - switchover completes on Wednesday 26th September 2012

If you live in the North East of England - you will need to perform a 'first time' retune on your Freeview TV or set-top box when you get up for breakfast on the morning of Wednesday 26th September 2012.

25 comments “At the top of the page, the pie chart shows this switchover will result in an increase of 3.4% of homes in the UK going digital, but the text alongsid”- Stuart Owens

Should the UK close down the TV networks to allow for more mobile broadband?

Ofcom is wondering if Freeview is needed in the future, or can we close down the massively popular service to provide more 4G broadband. Freeview occupies 256MHz today, whilst mobile phone services have 560MHz. Digital UK has a report that suggests Freeview is good for the UK.

122 comments “Steve PI agree that they should not close terrestrial TV broadcasting for many reasons. Not least of which is that not everyone wants to have inte”- MikeP

Changes to Saorview frequencies and power levels, 24th October 2012

Next week's changes in Northern Ireland are the end of the UK Digital Switchover. On the same day Analogue Switch-Off happens in the Republic of Ireland.

30 comments “Eddie: You must be receiving RTÉ from one of the Saorview transmitters in the Republic.Saorview pictures use the MPEG4 format whereas Freeview”- Dave Lindsay

Emley Moor transmitter 13th-19th September 2010

One last week of works will be required to restore Freeview services to West and South Yorkshire.

36 comments “everyone who still cant receive digital channels star complaining to BBC LOOK NORTH and lets see what annoucemant is made on the programme at 6.30pm.”- sharealam

Cardiff switchover dates set

As reported here for quite a while, the dates are the 3rd and 30th March, 2010.


The last day of analogue television in the UK - goodbye PAL

23rd October 2012 is the last day that analogue television will be broadcast anywhere in the UK, making way - at last - for a fully digital service throughout the kingdom.

15 comments “23 October 2012 most certainly wasn t the end of PAL in the UK.In fact, only yesterday I resurrected PAL as the reception medium for on of my PVRs”- Heinz

North and East Kent switchover completes on Wednesday 27th June 2012

If you live in the Dover and Bluebell Hill transmitter areas - you will need to perform a 'first time' retune on your Freeview TV or set-top box when you get up for breakfast on Wednesday morning.

3 comments “Viewers in North and West Kent who use Dover and Bluebell Hill full Freeview transmitters (and about 16 smaller relay transmitters) will have no analo”- Josh Welby

Switchover starts in Northern Ireland on Wednesday 10th October 2012

If you live in the Brougher Mountain, Divis, or Limavady transmitter areas your digital switchover starts 10th October. If you already use Freeview you will need to retune - if you have never had Freeview, you will get the standard definition BBC services - switchover will complete in two weeks later.

11 comments “DSO stage 1 in Northern Ireland will mark an important step in history - BBC Two becomes a digital only channel!”- Josh

Oxford transmitter fire

Oxford transmitter was not broadcasting TV on Thursday 13th May due to a serious fire at the top of the mast.

27 comments “Brian - Yes but every main stack is different and unique to a particular site. I can t see there being an out of the box model... What s interesting t”- Jordy

4G changes to relay transmitters - list of C61 and C62 shifts

There are 100 relays transmitters that are going to have small changes to their frequencies in 2012/13, to remove C61 and C62 from those used for television. Once these changes have been done, 4G (LTE) mobile broadband services can use them.

14 comments “I m going to be in a similar situation to Mark, I am running out of frequencies to set SKY RF2 output and CCTV output to. ”- Ian

2 days left of analogue television - goodbye teletext

The teletext service started back in the 1970s and was the first ever digital broadcast system. It was known as Ceefax on the BBC, and as ORACLE on ITV. To celebrate the passing of the service, here is the text of an ORACLE information leaflet produced by the IBA in the 1980s.

25 comments “Nick Cripps: Reception of radio, TV, mobile, etc are all to do with physics.The area around Keswick has lots of hills. Radio waves dont go throug”- MikeB

South East England switchover dates confirmed

Digital UK has confirmed that transmitters in East Sussex and Kent will switch to digital only transmissions in June 2012.

8 comments “Paul Ebans: The current weather conditions are predicted to give a fair chance of tropospheric ducting over the Heathfield reception area. This would ”- KMJ,Derby

Belper, Derby and Stanton Moor - retune required on 5th October 2011

Following a month of almost frenzied switchover activity, October 2011 has only six changes, starting this week with Belper, Derby and Stanton Moor.


This week's increases in commercial multiplex capacity at 12 masts

This week sees another stage in the changes to the commercial multiplex capacity at 12 full-Freeview transmitter sites.

5 comments “ D.Rowe You ve joined the club! See Sudbury Arqiva multiplex B changes 16 November - retune required | - independent free digital TV advice”- drgeoff

Diary of changes to capacity of ArqB, ArqA and SDN multiplexes

Here is the current list of known dates of the changes to the three commercial multiplexes occurring in October and November 2011.

21 comments “Christiane Hennecke: Well the reception predictor indicates that you should able to have good reception from both the local Luton transmitter as well ”- jb38

Long Mountain group and Llangynog retune

On 19th October 2011, there will be a retune event at two transmitters in Wales.


Sandy Heath, Sudbury, Heathfield, 9 relays have extra retunes on 27th June 2012

Some small changes are made to the transmitter network on 27th June 2012 - if you use the Sandy Heath, Tunbridge Wells, Wivenhoe Park, Woodbridge, Sudbury, Burnham on Crouch, Clacton, Felixstowe or Heathfield transmitters, you may have to retune your Freeview equipment.

24 comments “I always retune at least once a week minimum,sometimes i have to perform wee tests where i have no option but to delete my current set up to assist ot”- Mark Fletcher

New national Freeview slot

Ofcom permit the BBC to joint market the new Arqiva A (COM5) slot with a space on pre-switch Mux B.

38 comments “Briantist: What about the joint Project Canvas between BBC, ITV, BT, Five, Freeview and Channel 4? Apparently this will be a new box for video on dema”- Michael Bane

BBC move Lincoln transmitter into Lincolnshire

The Lincoln Central transmitter was previously in the "Waltham" East Midlands region for BBC news.

12 comments “Daft idea anyway having Lincoln in the Yorkshire region when much of Yorkshire is in the Tyne Tees region. However as I too get Belmont in Sheffield, ”- Steve

Just 7.3% of the UK population left on analogue

Ofcom announces the latest digital take-up figures.

14 comments “Richard: quibbles - DVB-T and DVB-T2, it stands for Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial. DVB-T2 provides higher data rates for the same coverage ar”- Mike Dimmick

Changes to commercial multiplex capacity - 2012 timetable

Below is listed all the transmitters that will increase their transmission capacity for the commercial multiplexes during 2012.

16 comments “ Lee Woollard: The likely answer as to when the services will be broadcast from the Kendal and Kendal Fell transmitters is never. See here for an expl”- Dave Lindsay

Switchover starts in East Sussex and Southwest Kent on Wednesday 30th May

If you live in the Hastings, Heathfield and Tunbridge Wells transmitter areas your digital switchover starts this week. If you already use Freeview you will need to retune - if you have never had Freeview, you will get the BBC services this week. Switchover will complete in a fortnight.

13 comments “Re: Timmy K If you have a postcode of RH16 3?? then you may be able to receive a signal from Heathfield or Christal Palace. My postcode is RH16 3?? ”- Mark Agius

Northern Ireland RTE1, RTE2, TG4 special mini-multiplex from 24 October

From 24 October 2012, a special selection of services from the Republic of Ireland will be broadcast to homes in Northern Ireland. This will consist of a special multiplex from three transmitters in Northern Ireland, and intentional transmitter overspill from the Republic.

165 comments “W. Matchett: Not on Freeview , but you can on Saorview, if you re able to pick it up from a transmitter in the South. Knowledge of you location, prefe”- Dave Lindsay

Durris (Aberdeen) commercial multiplexes full power from 15th June 2011

The switchover at Craigkelly now allows Durris' commercial multiplexes to move to full power.

7 comments “Colin Tough: Durris commercial multiplexes now use the same frequencies as Knock More s public service multiplexes, and the Digital UK predictor shows”- Mike Dimmick

Why do the six Freeview "multiplexes" have twenty different names?

There are twenty names - 1, 2, A, B, C, D, PSB1, PSB2, PSB3, COM4, COM5, COM6, BBCA, BBCB, D3+4, SDN, ArqA, ArqivaA, ArqB and ArqivaB, given to the six terrestrial digital services... why?

35 comments “JohnD: As it s a reception issue, knowledge of location, preferably in the form of postcode or that of a nearby property such as a shop is imperative.”- Dave Lindsay

Arqiva statements on London Digital Switchover

"The Digital Switch Over process for the Crystal Palace transmitter group, serving 12 million people in Greater London and parts of the Home Counties, has been successfully implemented by Arqiva."

27 comments “I am astonished at the high number of spelling and grammar mistakes in contributions,surely it only takes a few seconds to look again before pressing ”- Bernard Hunt

Switchover starts in North East England on Wednesday 12 September 2012

If you live in the Bilsdale, Chatton, Pontop Pike or Fenham transmitter areas your digital switchover starts 12th September. If you already use Freeview you will need to retune - if you have never had Freeview, you will get the standard definition BBC services - switchover will complete in two weeks later.

36 comments “J Sellers: There are less HD regions. The BBC has just one for BBC One HD and a message appears telling viewers to switch to BBC One when regional pro”- Dave Lindsay

No new full Freeview transmitters

Ofcom have confirmed that full six-multiplex Freeview will not be extended beyond the 80 transmitters that currently carry the service.

30 comments “Jon Glover: Also meant to add, that if your TV/box uses an HDMI cable for any purpose? make sure that the aerial lead into said TV/box is kept well aw”- jb38

Wenvoe commercial multiplexes at full power from 27th April 2011

In the fifth switchover week for 2011, the final two commercial multiplexes will be powered up to full output.

27 comments “Mike: Talk to your building manager or agent. It s possible that your building has a channelised system, where each desired frequency is separately fi”- Mike Dimmick

Switchover starts in Sheffield and Chesterfield

If you live in Sheffield and Chesterfield your digital switchover starts this week.

12 comments “pleased i ve seen this as i use e/moor in alfreton and claycross. didn t realise chessie and sheff switched sooner than e/moor. but forwarned now wh”- ian from notts

UK Digital switchover ends - Northern Ireland completes on 24th October 2012

If you live in the Brougher Mountain, Divis, or Limavady transmitter areas - you will need to perform a 'first time' retune on your Freeview TV or set-top box when you get up for breakfast on this Wednesday morning.

113 comments “sonia morrow: Some forums say it s not available in the North. The only possibility is: can you receive it from one of the terrestrial transmitters in”- Dave Lindsay

Norfolk sees the end of analogue TV as high power digital starts

If you live in Norwich, or in Norfolk and parts of North Suffolk, you will need to take action on Wednesday morning as high power digital television services bring digital and high definition television to everyone.

33 comments “I was wondering, comparing the ITV regions on this website to the ITV regions you can add and view through the Other Channels facility and then compar”- Stuart O.

West central Scotland switchovers start 11th May 2011

If you live in the West of Scotland, digital switchover starts for you today, 11th May 2011.

30 comments “Mike: Just to add to what s already been mentioned, insomuch that you should be aware that although these Bush PVR s are extremely user friendly in op”- jb38

Arqiva statement on West Central England switchovers

Digital Switchover completes for Ridge Hill, The Wrekin, Lark Stoke and Bromsgrove

19 comments “Bernard - I live in Gloucester, and have received BBC West for the last 30 years. I have never seen a piece on Points West about a place in Herefordsh”- andrew mark

Another non-standard EPG dies: GuidePlus+ withdrawn from ITV1.

The GuidePlus+ system joins InView in being withdrawn - leaving some Bang and Olufsen, Philips, Pioneer, Panasonic, Sharp and Sony equipment without an electronic programme guide.

60 comments “Don t some Panasonic products like the IDTVs for example use GuidePlus+?”- Josh

The commercial multiplex after switchover: ArqA, ArqB and SDN

A frequently asked frequency question is: why the commercial multiplexes have to have power restrictions after the switchover is officially "complete". The answer is...

23 comments “doug smith: Since the final change on 18th April 2012, Rowridge has been broadcasting all channels using horizontal and vertical polarisations.How”- Dave Lindsay

Dates confirmed for STV North (ne Grampian) transmitters

Next summer, the North of Scotland will become digital only, and with only two weeks to switch in each area.

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Oxford sees the end of analogue TV as high power digital starts

If you live in Oxford, High Wycombe or Swindon or in Oxfordshire, you will need to take action on Wednesday morning as high power digital television services bring digital and high definition television to everyone.

29 comments “Boa Gongrui: Double posting on different boards is not helpful. I have replied on the main Oxford board. The DSO at Oxford went ok, The 3 main PSB mux”- Chris.SE

Arqiva press release on Oxfordshire switchover

Here is the press release confiming the timings for the switchover at Oxford.

120 comments “Hello,It s Suzanne again! Since last night I ve lost Dave, Challenge, Really on Ch59, all other channels are fine. Although I did note Saturday ev”- Suzanne

West Yorkshire to get reduced Freeview service for two months

From 14 April 2010 the Emley Moor mast will be on the reserve antenna, causing Freeview reception issues.

121 comments “Joanne Pollard: Just in addition to what was mentioned.You should always be aware of the fact that a signal that s too strong can cause exactly t”- jb38

Arqiva statements on Sandy Heath and Nottingham

Arqiva confirms switchover timings.

22 comments “So Sandy Heath transmitter ends analogue at 12:01am and Nottingham at 12:09am. Why don t they just say around midnight. I m not a betting man, but ”- Mark A.

All Freeview equipment must be retuned at midday on 30 September 2009

No matter where you are, if you use Freeview from a box, have a Freeview TV or use a Freeview+ recorder you MUST retune on this day.

220 comments “Indeed, very strange. Especially as that ancient Nokia has text. It might be that I will have to call Philips on that expensive helpline. Don t like t”- Ray

North West England (Granada) and North Wales switch off dates finalised

Digital UK have announced today another set of dates for four transmitter groups.

6 comments “Hi Brian. Do you know if Ofcom have published the date for when Mux1 will start transmitting DVB-T2 signals (on Winter Hill)?”- Barry S

Changes tonight at The Wrekin, Lark Stoke, Bromsgrove, Mendip, Hunshaw Cross

28th September 2011 - changes also at Cirencester, Hutton, Portisthead, Woodcoombe television transmitters.

22 comments “Sean: replied on main Mendip hollister: First, try doing a Factory reset from the Setup menu and if needed do an Automatic Install, both”- Chris.SE

Waltham - retune required Wednesday 13 April 2011

Multiplex 2, with the ITV and Channel 4 channels, moves frequency at Waltham.

34 comments “bernard hunt: Actually brian not quite correct. whilst the programme content is for west the radiation pattern is exactly the same as central and will”- bernard hunt

Five million London homes must 'full retune' when switchover ends on 18th April

If you are one of the millions of people who live inside the M25 - or up to 15 miles outside the capital's orbital motorway - you will need to perform a 'first time' retune on your Freeview TV or set-top box when you get up for breakfast on Wednesday morning.

24 comments “Let s hope this will finally resolve the power output problems from Oxford that we have been promised since our switch over last September.”- Robert

Final switchover for Sandy Heath and Nottingham on 13th April in 2011 week 3

If you are in the west of East Anglia, you will use the Sandy Heath transmitter, or one of the three relays at Luton, Kimpton, Dallington Park (Northampton). You may use the Nottingham transmitter if you are in the very central section of Nottingham.

34 comments “Briantist: Yes, I d forgotten to try that. But it didn t work; made things worse, as did an attenutator. At all times, though, PSB1 was consistently w”- chrism42

Fixed the post-swichover details

I have spent a little while updating the after switchover details to reflect the new Ofcom documents.


The Wrekin overnight 18th-20th January tests will affect Sutton Coldfield

Each main Freeview transmitter, prior to actual switchover, requires a full-power overnight tests. This will happen at The Wrekin for three nights, taking the analogue services off air. However, as three of the signals conflict with the pre-switchover Sutton Coldfield transmission, these tests will also take Multiplexes 1, 2 and A off air in Birmingham overnight.

45 comments “Correction to your information,Sam. For the transition period,SDN ch39 and ch31 both 2kw will be used,not ch49. Wrekin A=ch39 Wrekin B=ch31 Can t ”- aerialman

Switchover events 2012

List of all the remaining switchover events in the UK, during 2012.

22 comments “Fawley closed on 25 March 2009. It had to give up C34 so that Rowridge could use it, to free up some channels for Stockland Hill PSBs.The one-chan”- Mike Dimmick

Improvements to Freeview EPG data in reception overlap areas

Freeview and Freeview+ equipment will be better able to record and schedule regional programmes on the public service multiplexes in areas where regional services deliberately overlap.

30 comments “J redgrove: Well, it wasn t my idea in the first place, but in my opinion it s an excellent idea.For at least 90% of the population, the picture t”- John Robinson

Almost five million London homes begin switchover this week with a retune

If you live inside the M25, or up to 15 miles outside the capital's orbital motorway, you will need to retune your Freeview TV or set-top box on Wednesday morning.

34 comments “Briantist / Anyone else who Knows: I m curious. I seem to remember at the very beginning of digital switchover a few years ago that it was said that t”- Will

Switchover starts in Hampshire, West Sussex coast plus Brighton and Hove

If you live in the Rowridge (Southampton, Portsmouth, Poole, Worthing) and Whitehawk Hill (Brighton and Hove) transmitter areas your digital switchover starts this week

69 comments “Hmm video is private with me, 12 sec delay wih me betweeen my relay and Rowridge, did nt expect that... ”- Dave

C61, C62 clearange and the 4G broadband sale

Ofcom have recently issued a consultation document covering the "award" to a number of frequencies ranges for use for "4G" mobile broadband and this may cause disruption to your Freeview reception in the future.

19 comments “Gordon: Note that the allocation for ArqB has now changed from the original C62 to C52, which is still in group.The normal change is for uses of C”- Mike Dimmick

2013 - post-switchover changes to Freeview transmission frequencies

To provide for the new mobile broadband services (4G) a number of changes will be made, and these will result in retuning events.

26 comments “Norman Ansell: Digital UK s trade view suggests that the percentage of locations covered within your national grid square will - after all changes are”- Mike Dimmick

2011 switchover week two: The Wrekin and Ridge Hill transmitter groups

If you live in the West of Central England and use The Wrekin, Ridge Hill, Lark Stoke, Bromsgrove - or one of these main transmitters' relays, your digital switchover starts Wednesday April 6th.

88 comments “bob p - I don t know the details, but think it could improve - or make worse - your situation.I begin to suspect that your mains booster may in fa”- Steve P

Final switchover for Craigkelly, Scotland on 15th June 2011

Switchover in Scotland is almost complete, with the penultimate step this week taking place in and around Edinburgh.

9 comments “Richard McCulloch: I KEEP telling Brian to remove those.These represent tentative future allocations. They might be used for Jeremy Hunt s pet Loc”- Mike Dimmick

Brighton transmitters will be in BBC South East from 7th March 2012

No longer will Brighton terrestrial viewers get their 'local' news from 60-miles-away Southampton, but from Tunbridge Wells, after switchover.

74 comments “Mick Carter: Portslade transmitter relays Whitehawk and therefore carries BBC South East. Its presence should, once tuned correctly, play no part in y”- Dave Lindsay

Channel Islands retune to get ITV2 and ITV3, 29th February

If you live on the Channel Islands and watch television using Freeview, you will need to retune on 29th February 2012 to make way for 4G broadband - and to get ITV2 and ITV3 for the first time.

16 comments “Is it possible to give us the details?above. For example,i don t understand why viewers on the Channel islands will now be able to receive ITV 3,as t”- Aerialman

Last switchover dates for England confirmed - Tyne and Tees, 26 September 2012

OK, so it will be after the end of the Olympics, but Sunderland, Whitby, Morpeth and Berwick-upon-Tweed will be able to receive Freeview channels for the first time.

34 comments “Super Saint: You will always get best results from whatever transmitter the aerial points to. If she s already receiving Tyne Tees programmes, the eas”- Mike Dimmick

Switchover starts in Berkshire and North Hampshire

If you live in the Hannington transmitter area your digital switchover starts this week, with two weeks before analogue stops forever and high power digital replaces it.

72 comments “Nigel Smith: The situation with Hannington is that the Commercial (COM) multiplexes remain on low power as Guildford is presently using the same chann”- Dave Lindsay

Arqiva statement on Hannington transmitter group

Arqiva confirms switchover completion details

29 comments “Dave Lindsay: Regarding the predictions given on DUK s trade view, I wasn t in any way trying to infer that should what I suspect actually apply then ”- jb38

Northern Ireland "mini multiplex" (NIMM)

I have added information to the UK Free TV database to cover the so-called mini-multiplex that will carry three Irish channels, TG4, RTE1 and RTE2 in a very special multiplex from three transmitters in Northern Ireland.

119 comments “Michael: Check the coverage of Divis and Black Mountain on Digital UK s postcode checker. You ll certainly get the PSB channels, and probably the Com ”- PJH

Final switchover for The Wrekin, Ridge Hill groups on 20th April in 2011 week 4

If you are in the west of Central England, you will use the The Wrekin, Ridge Hill, Lark Stoke, Bromsgrove transmitters, or one of the many relay transmitters.

42 comments “geoff: The Wrekin is Group A for PSBs and Group B for COMs. Long Mountain is Group C/D.If you re sure you can get good results from Long Mountain,”- Mike Dimmick

COM7, COM8 and COM9 part II - which transmitters are "in group"

A list of which transmitters, if the proposed additional three multiplexes are provided, will require use of a wideband aerial.

19 comments “This is just a theoretical question because it interests me. I guess that eventually the five DVB-T munltiplexes will be converted to DVB-T2. When tha”- Charles Stuart

Switchover events September- December 2011

List of all the remaining switchover events in the UK for 2011

32 comments “Briantist Ridge Hill West.Thanks for your interest. Just one final point, none of the Ridge Hill relays will be carrying Itv1 West,anyone wanting West”- bernard hunt

Switchover ends in Berkshire and North Hampshire

If you live in Berkshire and North Hampshire, you will need to take action on Wednesday morning as high power digital television services bring digital and high definition television to everyone.

23 comments “In my previous post in an arc from NE to SW. should have been in an arc from NE to SE.”- Adrian

Will there ever be more services on the Freeview Light transmitters?

The short answer is no; as that seems unreasonable, here is a longer answer.

94 comments “Freeview Light National service. Will there be more services on Freeview Light? Yes.Some more channels have been added over the years, when sp”- Mark A

Switchover starts in 4 million homes in Yorkshire, West Midlands 7th September

If you live in or around Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Stoke-on-Trent, Derby, Lemington Spa and the West Midlands; or your live in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Halifax, Huddersfield, Sheffield, Barnsley, York or Worksop - digital switchover starts just after midnight on Wednesday.

43 comments “jean: HD services from the Fenton transmitter start on 21 September.The Sutton Coldfield coverage area already has a temporary HD service but this”- Mike Dimmick

Black Hill, Scotland switchover process starts

Tonight sees the end of BBC TWO Scotland as an analogue service. If you live in Glasgow or the central belt of Scotland, you will have to retune.

22 comments “Tony Currie: The other news programmes I have watched, they had a full report lasting a few minutes about switchover and then the news presenters woul”- Stuart O.

Sudbury Arqiva multiplex B changes 16 November - retune required

Viewers in Suffolk and Essex that use the Sudbury transmitter will need to retune their Freeview boxes on 16 November 2011.

236 comments “Peter: Ensure that 5* is tuned to C58 which is the signal from Sudbury. This information is usually given on the signal strength screen.If it s no”- Dave Lindsay

Oxford transmitter - service restricted until end of September 2010.

Main TV transmitting antenna at Beckley mast is damaged beyond repair

45 comments “Tony Mallett: perhaps you should actually contact the broadcasters rather than posting here? This is a 100% volunteer website where people with some k”- Mike Dimmick

Arqiva statement on Belmont and Olivers Mount

Arqiva have issued a statement confirming that digital switchover is complete.

18 comments “Gavin Richardson: You re just under 1km from Olivers Mount. Pre-DSO, all MUXs were 100W, and post-DSO they re now 2kW (PSBs) or 1kW (COMs). The powe”- Jim F

Tacolneston (East Anglia) transmitter Freeview retune

If you receive your full-service Freeview reception from the Tacolneston transmitter, you will need to retune on Wednesday 17th August 2011 to continue to receive all services.

93 comments “Mr.A.Sherreard: Yesterday and Film 4 that you are referring to are transmitting from a very low powered multiplex at Sudbury, and which is something t”- jb38

East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire switchover "ends"

If you live in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire your digital switchover "ends" tonight, 17th August 2011

15 comments “Jim J (NG14 6**): You possibly wont receive them very well anyway in your area, as these two channels are remaining on low power(4Kw) until November 2”- jb38

Switchover "completes" for Southampton, Portsmouth and Brighton

If you live in the Rowridge (Southampton, Portsmouth, Poole, Worthing), Salisbury and Whitehawk Hill (Brighton and Hove) transmitter areas you will need to take action on Wednesday morning as high power digital television services bring digital and high definition television to everyone.

49 comments “Sally: The frequencies for the COM muxes at Rowridge will change on 18th April 2012, so you will need to re-tune, but after doing so, as the same freq”- KMJ,Derby

Switchover completes for non-coastal West Sussex

If you live in the Midhurst transmitter area (West Sussex, above the South Downs), you will need to take action on Wednesday morning as high power digital television services bring digital and high definition television to everyone.

16 comments “BriantistHaywards Heath was in East Sussex until the 1970 s but is now in West Sussex. HH goes digital in a few months so most but not all West S”- Mark Agius

2011 switch-overs start today at Sandy Heath, Nottingham

If you live in East Anglia or use the Nottingham transmitter, digital switchover starts for you today, 30th March 2011.

63 comments “Eugenia Alexis.Is this the BBC2 analogue you re referring to that you lost.The answer is it was forever switched off in the early hours of yesterday m”- Mark Fletcher

Switchover starts in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

If you live in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire your digital switchover starts tonight.

88 comments “J Darnell: Yes, the main part of your switchover ends tonight. It is expected to be complete by 6am.Arqiva A and B will still be on restricted pow”- Mike Dimmick

Switchover starts in Norfolk

If you live in the Tacolneston trasmitter area your digital switchover starts this week, with two weeks before analogue stops forever and high power digital replaces it.

79 comments “Brian: The SDN/Mux A multiplex remains on C31 until 9 May 2012.C51 is the final location but it is currently in use at Hemel Hempstead and can t ”- Mike Dimmick

Switchover starts in the Oxford area

If you live in the Oxford area your digital switchover starts this week, with two weeks before analogue stops forever and high power digital replace it.

83 comments “Paula: Apart from the possibility of your actual TV having developed a fault, if the indoor aerial you are using has a separate booster try removing i”- jb38

Switchover starts in the East Midlands

If you live in the East Midlands your digital switchover starts this week.

92 comments “David Huge mistake please don t concider itnow signal strengths have increased im going to be looking for a new job!any offers?How have”- kb Aerials Sheffield

Digital switch-over problems

There are now a number of issues related to digital switchover (DSO) in the UK.

287 comments “jj thompson: Should you be referring to Freeview channels continually dropping out because of poor reception then you do NOT require to keep carrying ”- jb38

Where are the public service (Freeview Light) transmitters?

Whilst 8.5% of the population of the UK will have only the public services after switchover, this ranges from 6% in England to 34% in Wales.

153 comments “Indeed Nick, the +1 stations do not need to be on PSB multiplexes, in my opinion. ITV3 and ITV 4 at least instead of ITV+1 and ITV3 +1.I would im”- PJH

Analogue and digital signal strength

The strength of an analogue signal is no guide to the strength of a digital signal

208 comments “susan hudson: The TV Licence permits one to view broadcast programmes and gives no warranties as to availability of signals and no assistance to recei”- Dave Lindsay

Sudbury transmitter group switchover "ends".

Essex and parts of Suffolk complete digital switchover, 20th July 2011.

64 comments “andyboy: If you have two aerials close together, then they can interact with each other, the elements on one aerial reflecting signal onto the other o”- Mike Dimmick

Freeview Retune - list of manuals

Here is a list of all the manuals you can download to help with the retune.

199 comments “Briantist : Cant speak for donald kirkbride, but it still doesn t work with me.”- jb38

TVs and boxes that do not support the 8k-mode

Here is the list from Digital UK of boxes and sets that will not receive Freeview after switchover is complete

440 comments “Lisa Brumhead: On re reading your posting, if by both you are meaning the Freeview box as well as the TV, then are you connecting the box straight int”- jb38

Freeview signals: too much of a good thing is bad for you

If you have a high-gain aerial or use signal amplifiers, it is quite common to find that the high-power digital signals provided after switchover will overload your Freeview equipment - and can appear to be "weak signals".

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