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Freeview local TV branding announced - Local TV or |local|

Comux UK, who won the Ofcom licence to operate the local TV multiplexes in 19 major cities and towns are calling their services "Local TV".

24 comments “My, that s original calling local TV stations local it s almost as staggering as when dear old Auntie BBC re-named her wireless stations abolishing su”- Watlingfen

Interleaved Frequencies maps (old ones)

Maps of the Interleaved Frequencies coverage areas for the UK transmitters

33 comments “Briantist: The mobile phone companies got burned with the 3G sale at 2.1GHz. I don t think anyone expects them to bid nearly as much for the 800MHz lo”- Mike Dimmick

Local TV on Freeview

A quick look at where Local TV on Freeview may be viable

9 comments “will calder: The choice is actually one of which transmitter, so the answer depends on the direction of your aerial.If it s roughly west south wes”- Dave Lindsay

Local television on Freeview - maps

Maps showing the locations chosen to have a local television service on Freeview. The interactive map shows licensed locations, applications and second-phase sites.

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Local TV on Freeview - new Ofcom maps

Here are the maps produced by Ofcom to indicate the areas that can be covered by the interleaved frequencies required to provide local television services on Freeview.

47 comments “I m pretty sure the maps are possible future not present service ”- Stephen P

Local TV - Virgin Media coverage

Here are details of which of the possible Local TV areas have Virgin Media fibreoptic digital television coverage that would support the new local TV channel.

41 comments “Braintist: How typical do you think it is that the house where my aunty lives is so close to getting Virgin Media s services but can t because the cab”- Josh

How might a 10,000 pound a week local TV channel work?

Each of the local television stations will need to run a service with costs less than half a million pounds each year. How is that achieved?

39 comments “I think you may as well have these stations online so that you can tune in to any that you want. Otherwise you are bound to have the I live in x and I”- Steve

Where can you see where Freeview local stations will be picked up? UK Free TV

UK Free TV's prediction maps now include the local TV services that will go on air over the next 12 months.

23 comments “Brian Rawlinson: STV Glasgow is broadcast from Black Hill on UHF channel 51 (714MHz).However, as you reside in a block of flats then the system ma”- Dave Lindsay

Local TV - an introduction

The current regional news situation and the proposed "Channel 6" local TV service.

27 comments “nicholas Mugford: Hi, Nicholas. I think you do have a point here, although in the East of England tv viewers have always liked regional tv news magazi”- Richard Cooper
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