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BBC salami-slicing returns to overnight services?

Tony Hall, the BBC boss, promised first that the licence fee settlement was "cash neutral" and then that there would be no "salami-slicing" of services. So why have overnight TV and radio services been cut? ——— 12 comments “Willie Bone: True, there is nothing quite like a live presenter, but that means a live presenter and a small technical staff, etc have to stay up all ”- MikeB

#GreatBBC campaign launched

Two top British producers, Charlie Parsons and Lord Waheed Alli have created a campaign website called “greatbbc” to help prevent the BBC from being destroyed by the current Charter Review process.

44 comments “Nick: Matey, you are completely out of touch. I get my news and informed opinions from the internet. I take active parts in forums. I watch DVD s. I w”- MikeB

Goodbye BBC Red Button!

The BBC is going to make saving this year of £150m because people are disconnecting their TV tuners and using the iPlayer online.

60 comments “GeordieLad:Totally agree.They should aim to entertain, educate and enlighten without any form of bias. They should report facts without the ”- MikeP

Want to know how much the BBC spend in England, Scotland, Wales and NI per home?

Interesting figures from Broadcast magazine today - from their Nation and Regions Special - shows how much money is spent in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. I thought I would share...

28 comments “Neville: Its not disrepectful, but is stating the obvious with regard to ITV getting an income from advertising. And Richard is right, the BBC has BBC”- MikeB

S4C and Welsh Exceptionalism?

Reading the report from Institute of Welsh Affairs Media Policy Group makes me wonder about how the next decade of broadcasting should deal with the nations, regions and languages of the United Kingdom.

6 comments “Frank Woodcock: The problem isn t with broadcasters wanting to show stuff in 4K - Sky Q - Overview - Your wireless home entertainment system - they do”- MikeB

How would you cut £613m from the BBC budget?

UK Free TV is making it possible for you to decide what to cut and what to keep. Use the tick boxes to select what you would cut from the BBC budget, and see your progress in the bar below. Please share!!!

74 comments “To my way of thinking, watching any form of TV should need a licence. It always used to be called a broadcast receiving licence and was needed to watc”- MikeP

Time for the BBC to release the DOGs?

If 70 households really missed the BBC so much after 9 days, to the extent their £3.60 "refund" seemed like a bargain, shouldn't the BBC start better marking the output with "paid for out of the TV Licence" marks?

28 comments “I presume by using the DOGS you are meaning the station identification logo (SIL) often shown at various times durimng the broadcast. Some channels di”- MikeP

BBC Trust say no to BBC One +1, yes to close BBC 3 on TV and extend CBBC to 9pm

The current regulatory body for the nation's premier public service broadcaster has agreed to make BBC Three and online only service, but has rejected plans for BBC One+1 to replace it.


What would you like to see on Freeview in place of BBC three?

The BBC seems set to move BBC Three onto the BBC iPlayer. What should the BBC do with the channel's precious broadcast bits and top-page Freeview slot 7?

37 comments “Having only Freeview and owning a net tv, I, like many others are short on High Definition channels. As I live under the Mendip transmitter umbrella I”- Richard

Which 29 stars wrote Prime Minister Cameron to ask him to protect the BBC?

We are writing to place on record at the very start of the process our concern that nothing should be done to diminish the BBC or turn it into a narrowly focused market-failure broadcaster....

23 comments “Nick: For someone who doesn t feel that a reply is warrented (as you ve said in at least one previous post), why do reply to me? However, lets go thro”- MikeB

Want to see 24 weird flags of the world that BBC World News invented?

The BBC World news channel back in 1997 - before it became all serious red and cream - used fluttering flags of countries that mostly never existed. Can you spot which is which?

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Chancellor George 18% BBC fee cut to lowest level of BBC TV since B&W 1978

Yes, it's back to when most homes had black and white televisions and there was only two TV channels on air because cutting the BBC income by 18% is what is going to be done tomorrow.

26 comments “RichardW: Both sets of reception predictors indicate your area as not being particularly good for reception, the reason for, basically being down to t”- jb38

What is the BBC going to cut to fund free TV licences for 4m homes with over 75s

Just before the turn of the century, popular - with 43.2% of voters - New Labour Chancellor Gordon Brown found 300 million quid to pay the TV Licences for households with pensioners aged 75 or over. The dilemma for Tory Chancellor George Osborne, with 36.9% of the population behind him and cuts to make, is how to live up to a recent manifesto commitment to keep the pensioner benefits?

11 comments “Briantist: It would be interesting if someone like GeordieLad could actually define what they mean by non commercial , and educational and information”- MikeB

BBC Charter renewal: what of TV news for the UK?

Who still watches rolling news channel or half-hour news shows? Lots of people it seems!

4 comments “I watch the News Channel regularly and enjoy it. I also watch Sky News from time to time. I like current affairs programming and it features heavily i”- Charles Stuart

Should Ofcom regulate the BBC?

The BBC Trust seems to be not really living up to expectations. Would Ofcom be a suitable body to regulate the BBC?

15 comments “I ve just had an idea about how Ofcom could replace the BBC Trust. It would be a very strange situation if Ofcom found itself having to threaten the B”- Charles Stuart

BBC Licence fee and new Charter: the political reality

Let's have an honest look at the current political situation and what it means for the BBC Charter renewal.

12 comments “Briantist: Thanks for your thoughts - your perfectly right when you point out that people really like the BBC, despite the newspapers. Its just that t”- MikeB

Licence fee replacements: All-homes broadcast contribution?

Having looked at the Finnish income-based model, and the French council-tax add-on, the version preferred by the Select Committee Report is the German Model. Let us have a closer look.

25 comments “anyone aware that the epg listings on freeview have been given the wrong start times starting from sunday march 27 breakfast news 5-9am wrong it shoul”- donald kirkbride

BBC plc, 2017: Rest in peace, Auntie (from 2019)

It never went right for the BBC after it was sold off when the new government decided to "remove the legacy of public service by transferring all broadcasting to the private sector". In less than three years, after compounded mistakes, the old broadcaster is assigned to the recycling bin of history to make way for better mobile broadband.

11 comments “Martin Baines: When you use phrases like soft left editorial line do we want to fund what is basically a propaganda service from taxation , I think yo”- MikeB

Licence fee replacements: broadcasting contribution via the Council tax?

Looking at the top three European replacements for the TV Licence, today we have a closer look at the French system.

12 comments “The current ‘TV licence fee’ should be replaced with a two part system: 1. A ‘Basic TV/Radio subscription fee’ for just BBC 1, BBC 2, their c”- J Peter Wilson

Income-based broadcast support tax

Let us look in more detail at the income-based broadcasting tax that could, as had happened in Finland, replace the TV Licence.

7 comments “Wont this mean even less income considering the amount of people on low income? People on a higher income will be moaning and quite rightly so for hav”- Ian

TV Licence replacement: is going to be French, Finnish or German?

Back in February 2015, the Culture Media and Sport Committee of the House of Commons published their Future of the BBC report. It looked at three other systems in use to collect money for the public service broadcaster. Which do you like?

26 comments “Excuse me LongTime...... you really haven t got any idea how deaf,disabled,blind people have to fight to get proper access to TV... how dare you to te”- rob

What is in store for the next round of BBC cuts?

The BBC have asked their Anne Bulford to produce a report, "Driving efficiency at the BBC" that shows where the next lot of cuts are going to happen. What does it mean for you?

45 comments “Rob: I dont pretend to know everything. If I did, I wouldn t need to keep to asking for you to back up your opinion that BBC bosses to be on over infl”- MikeB

What is in store for the next round of BBC regional TV cuts?

Taking out 25% - 250 million pounds - from the BBC television budget next year is going to be a challenge. Today I look at how the BBC regional news services in England might be "reshaped" to the smaller budget.

31 comments “Graham F Lewendon: I find the national far more useful than the local. Our local news really isn t local at all - its an entirely different region. If”- MikeB

What is in store for the next round of BBC Radio cuts?

How on earth can you cut nearly a quarter (22%) from the BBC Radio budget? What does taking 35 million pounds a year away look like?

14 comments “geoffrey o neill:From my personal view, I will happily stay with FM but not DAB. As a very experianced choral singer since the age of 11 I have c”- MikeP

BBC Three week: the history of BBC Three

Before looking to the future of the channel, first lets look back 22 years and see how we got here.

10 comments “Richard Cooper: Have you all noticed how much more spam this site is getting, even compared with a year ago. Any ideas why?”- MikeB

BBC Three week: what does TV look like in 2025?

What is television is going to look like in 2025. Will there still be channels? Will people still be watching live TV? Will personal video recorders be a thing of the past? Will channels like "Dave" be something to our grandchildren, with faint nostalgia?

15 comments “I be honest... i don t really like the idea TV to be internet based service.... if this happens we will be spied on and what programmes we watch and h”- Rob

BBC Three: Online only is right - if and only if -

The difference between traditional TV and the internet can be boiled down to one fundamental issue: the internet is forever, and the BBC is ephemeral. The only way BBC Three will work online is if the library of programmes builds over then years. Look.....

5 comments “@ Eric BrightwellNot everyone has PVR recorder.... Unless TV makers put in PVR inside the TV set then everyone be able to record free-view or free”- Rob

Would the BBC work better as a company, charity, instead of a new Royal charter?

The BBC exists because, every ten years, the monarch has granted another Charter. Given the changes in the media landscape in the last decades, should the BBC move to another status?

37 comments “Personally, I d rather pay less than 3 per week for TV without inane and interrupting adverts - but I d rather it was factually correct and not as bia”- MikeP

BBC 2017: The problem with turning Freeview into Payview to keep the 3% happy

Today I am going to game another BBC scenario: I am looking into how the BBC might become an encrypted service, but without turning the BBC into BBC plc.

59 comments “MikeP: Sky analogue started in the clear but Sky Movies was soon encrypted well before the digital services started, as was Sky One. Sky News and Euro”- Mike Davison

BBC 2017: Tell me about the 16 options to collect the BBC 4 billion quid a year?

This is a look at sixteen options to fund the BBC in the coming decade. I know you will be surprised by how the options have stacked up: the question is do we change the Licence Fee to one of these smart ideas?

32 comments “Briantist: Is there a figure for total TV ad spend? C4 and C5 obviously would add to the figure, as would the smaller channels, and I did see that Sky”- MikeB

BBC, plc 2017: BBC announcement

The manifesto promised to "remove the legacy of public service by transferring all broadcasting to the private sector", with just a month to go before the shares in BBC plc are allocated, the BBC issues a statement to clarify the services that will be provided in their subscription offer.

15 comments “Briantist: it. Still doesn t have quite the snap of Skynet though....”- MikeB

TV Licence decriminalization: just how much is it going to cost you?

As there is the potential for the BBC funding method to be changed by Parliament today, I thought it might be helpful to look at how much extra it would cost - or what services would be cut - if the BBC moved from the Licence Fee to subscription or adverts.

23 comments “Rob: I was thinking along the same lines as far as SSD s are concerned (a liittle pricey at present), but I can see exactly why a Cloud system would b”- MikeB

If the Licence Fee is frozen for 5 more years how could the BBC reshape itself?

I have been looking at the figures for the existing BBC services and considering what the BBC should have been doing to "cut its coat".

27 comments “Briantist: There is also another problem with having CBeebies basically codesharing with CBBC during a school day slot - what happens at 4pm? If you h”- MikeB

BBC Productions: will it be Arqiva mark two in 2017?

BBC Director General Tony Hall has finally made his mark on the future of the BBC. If Greg Dyke launched Freeview, Mark Thompson takes credit for the iPlayer, how will the Tony Hall plan fare for Auntie?

17 comments “trevorjharris: We ve had the World Cup, etc, but there was plenty of other things available, and there were no more repeats than at any other time. Br”- MikeB

BBC plc 2017. June: Media Talk discusses the ad-funded Auntie.

Once again we are looking at what happens when in 2015 the new government decided to "remove the legacy of public service by transferring all broadcasting to the private sector". Curiously enough, an edition of Media Talk that had the good fortune to fall through a time warp from three years in the future defined the marketing division of the British Broadcasting Corporation as "a bunch of mindless jerks who were the first against the wall when the revolution came". Or did they?


Why the BBC should abandon 700+m "regional news" to fund local radio, BBC three,

In summary: the more I think about this, the more it makes sense for the BBC to withdraw from so-called regional news and plough the extensive savings - 715 million pounds a year - into an improved local radio network, keeping BBC three on the television, expanding BBC FOUR and creating a new daily tea-time family comedy spot. Part of the savings would be used for a Scottish Six news programme, plus NI Six.

83 comments “MikeP has made a good point about VHF compared with UHF though UHF with a larger aerial and pre-amp was nearly as useful for covering no-signal spots ”- Rog Parsons

BBC three to be taken online and replaced on Freeview and satellite with BBC 1+1

This will be subject to the approval of the BBC Trust: however it seems that the BBC will save 50 million pounds a year moving BBC three online. 30 million of the savings will boost drama on BBC One. The Freeview, satellite and cable capacity will be used to repeat BBC One shows an hour later from 8pm to 4am. The CBBC channel will remain on air until 8pm.

61 comments “Excuse me for being thick, but how can scrapping BBC three save money, if it is still going to be broadcast on the internet and the transmission slot ”- Betamax_man

BBC plc, 2017. The new CEO decides between ITV and HBO

Following a manifesto commitment to "remove the legacy of public service by transferring all broadcasting to the private sector", the incoming government decides to sell off the BBC when the Royal Charter expires on the 31st December 2016.

19 comments “MikeB: Re: BBC and allegation of left wing bias, I would say that the various examples given in the second / third paragraphs of your posting just abo”- jb38