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All five public service channels now free to air!

It nice to see that all five of the designated public service broadcasting channels can now be viewed throughout the UK on Freeview, Freesat and Sky. ——— 23 comments “Robert Goulden: Any new relay transmitters built will only carry the public service channels, not the commercial channels which you refer to. Please p”- StevensOnln1

Will we ever have Freeview Ultra HD or Freesat Ultra HD?

You can already buy Ultra HD television sets in the high street. If I buy one, how long will I have to wait for Freeview and Freesat to broadcast my favourite shows in the better format?

26 comments “Michael. evison: ITV2 HD, ITV3 HD ITV4 HD are subscription channels on Sky. It seems unlikely that they will join Freeview or Freesat any time soon an”- StevensOnln1

New Freeview TVs and boxes to be HD only from 2016

From the start next year, the Freeview logo will only be on new TVs if they provide Freeview HD. From the end of next year, all new Freeview equipment will be HD.

27 comments “Paul Bale:Freesat is not operated by Sky/Mr Murdock. Freesat is exactly that - free satellite broadcasting of most services that are available on”- MikeP

On the tenth day of Christmas Auntie brought to me ... five more HD channels

It is confirmed. If you use Freesat HD, Sky HD or Freeview HD, the BBC have five more HD channels for you from December 10th.

152 comments “I have set up an aerial which picks up Winter Hill at a friends house, horizontally polarised C/D group, BUT channel 54 (on which the HD multiplex is ”- Anthony

Newsflash - Freeview HD "COM7" multiplex on air and showing Al Jazeera preview

Just a quick post to let you know that the extended Freeview HD service has started test broadcasts. The first new multiplex, COM7, is broadcasting - from Crystal Palace at least.

38 comments “I note that the predictor suggests that I should be able to receive Wenvoe without any problems. I ll probably have to replace my aerial anyway to get”- Charles Stuart

BBC Two HD Channel to launch 26th March 2013

BBC Two HD will replace the existing BBC HD Channel and will be available subscription-free on all HD digital television platforms

39 comments “AncientFootsteps: While I agree with the general point you make about losing BBC4 output from HD - a point I made in an earlier post - I suspect that ”- Tony Hill

Channel 5 HD on Freeview cancelled ... again

Ofcom have notified today that Channel 5 have withdrawn from Freeview HD.

34 comments “Amid all the chat over CH 5 not taking up slot on free view and some saying about the image quality being questionable these attributes will depend on”- Graham.F.Lewendon

Want to watch BBC three or CBBC in HD? You need to retune your Freeview box

When the BBC HD channel changed to just showing BBC TWO programs, viewers of the other five BBC TV networks lost out. The BBC are going to launch two of them shortly, so retune your Freeview HD box.

77 comments “Paul Bale: When BBC 3 closes down next year, they may move BBC 4 HD to the National BBC B HD multiplex. (Replacing BBC 3) Or you could get a Freesat”- Mark A

BBC advertise for a new Freeview HD channel

The BBC have placed an advert in Broadcast magazine asking for a single HD channel to join the Freeview HD line up - or even three SD channels.

39 comments “Peter Henderson: Yes, its rather unfortunate regarding Ch5 HD being transmitted by Sky as encrypted, and of course it still is as I just checked it on”- jb38

Freeview HD boxes in the shops from next week

Humax and Bush have devices ready.

68 comments “Anyone seen this device yet{3view PVR 500GB HD Freeview tuner, Internet on TV } .There s one for sale on E-bay for 170. Normal selling price is 299.”- Brian Wright

Freeview to get fifth HD channel, possibly by Christmas 2011

Following successful beta testing by BBC Free to View Limited, Ofcom is inviting the other public service broadcasters: ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, S4C, UTV and STV to apply for the fifth slot.

65 comments “Huw Radley: Yes! quite a number of people have problems with reception of Crystal Palaces low powered HD service, and especially so if they reside to ”- jb38

UTV HD on Freesat and Sky from November

At long last, the UTV high definition channel, which has been running on Freeview HD since switchover, will be added to Freesat and Sky homes from 4th November 2013.

16 comments “Just checked again this afternoon and UTV HD is now on 103 and UTV SD on 178.Must ve started when I was out. ”- PJH

Digital UK on Freeview HD channel numbers: "we can not do that, sorry"

In a recent consultation, Digital UK asked which channel numbers they would like the Freeview HD channels to appear on. The answer was as easy as one, two and three...

32 comments “David : Re: your query on Film4 HD. Please disregard that said in my reply made yesterday @ 9.03PM, as further checking has revealed that Film4 HD (wh”- jb38

BBC One HD - 3rd November

BBC One starts the HD service two days before bonfire night

87 comments “David Taylor: HD transmissions start on the second DSO day, 28 September 2011.At Oxford, all multiplexes move to their final channels and modes at”- Mike Dimmick

Want to see the extended Freeview HD coverage areas? See the UK Free TV maps

UK Free TV now shows the coverage areas for those masts that will have the extended Freeview HD service from next year

23 comments “Wayne Todd:To assist with your query we need you to provide a full post code of your location please? TGhat way we will be able to determine what”- MikeP

HD and Freesat questions and answers

Al posted some very good questions about HD and Freesat.

230 comments “MIKE: Firstly, by using all capitals, you are SHOUTING at us. Please dont.Your getting no signal means exactly that - your box or TV is telling y”- MikeB

I've got an HD TV ... why can't we have high definition channels in place of the

Freeview HD has them on 101, 102, 103 and 104. Sky has them on 141, 142, 178 and 230. On Freesat they are 108, 109, 119 and 126. Wouldn't it make sense for the public service channels to be in the "normal" place in the channel number list - why do they have to be on some seemingly random channel number?

30 comments “Capvermell: According to this thread Re-Order HD Channels - Freesat - Digital Spy Forums , although you cannot reorder the channel numbers, you can ha”- MikeB

Want to know which transmitters will carry extra Freeview HD?

Details of the new Freeview HD transmitters to come on air next year

70 comments “Matt: There are no plans to expand coverage of the COM7 multiplex which carries BBC Four HD and BBC News HD. COM7 COM8 are temporary services which ar”- StevensOnln1

BBC One Scotland starts in High Definition, Monday 14 January 2013

Following on from BBC One Northern Ireland, the nation of Scotland gets its primary BBC channel in high definition from next Monday.

47 comments “John: You can get ITV 1 London and all the BBC regions (BBC1 and BBC2) as well as BBC1 HD on both the Sky and Freesat EPGs.Here in NI we still can”- PJH

Welcome to UK Free HDTV

Welcome to our new section on Free HD TV in the UK

137 comments “I think I ve got the channels now by changing the box settings to those shown on Wikipedia BBC page - someone was very quick in updating that, thaknfu”- George Buchanan

Freeview HD - final dates

2010 is the year for Freeview HD for many people. But not all. The full list is here.

144 comments “Carole: Speaking as an engineer I think its quite appalling the way these devices are allowed to be advertised, as although it may well be perfectly w”- jb38

Are you really watching free TV in high definition?

There are many hurdles you have to jump if you really want to watch free television channels in high definition.

98 comments “David Sorley: Freeview logos are placed on those devices which it has approved as being compliant with the way in which Freeview works. This doesn t n”- Dave Lindsay

Should I buy Freeview HD for Christmas?

It isn't just for the first high definition EastEnders on Christmas Day, Freeview HD is the gift that keeps giving

98 comments “jb38: Hi jb38. Thank you for your prompt replies. Using the Woolworth s stb, the tv, which is an old Wharfedale L1911W-A will only pick up signals on ”- Richard Cooper

Freeview HD London details

The technical details for Freeview HD from Crystal Palace are...

90 comments “Ah maybe that s the issue. We have to have our aerial in the loft. Although like I say, we have no issues getting all the SD channels at the moment. I”- M
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