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New secure server for UK Free TV

We have - at last - come to join in the world of HTTPS everywhere. This means UK Free TV can continue to provide location-based mapping, to be seen of kindly by Google as well as provide more security for the visitors. ——— 7 comments

Lots of ways UK Free TV is little bit better today

I am taking the opportunity of being bed-ridden for at least six weeks to sort out some upgrades, updates and bug fixes for this our 13 year old website. Here is what I have done.

23 comments “Hi Brian. I am using the latest version of Firefox, which is 46.0.1 at the time of writing, and I am very pleased to say that all of your improvements”- Richard Cooper

I would like you to know why Briantist has not been posting on UK Free TV

During the 13 years I have been providing the UK Free TV web site, I always endeavoured to keep my personal life separate from goings on in the world of free-to-air television and radio.

12 comments “And from me, Brian. We all hope 2016 will restore you to vigorous health and activity!”- michael is managed by Brian Butterworth

We are independent and do not wish to be confused with Freesat from Sky or Freeview

44 comments “Bob: Check your signal strength on both the Humax and the Sony. My Sony PVR is pretty sensitive, but very robust about high signal strength - its will”- MikeB

ITV network - regional clean up

As ITV1 becomes ITV, I have taken the opportunity to bring the ITV network up to date on UK Free TV.

14 comments “How do these micro regions work? I thought the ITV regional news went out live.I have before switched between different micro regions on my Sky b”- Stuart Owens

Upgrade to transmitter coverage maps - now showing potential interference areas

Many of the pages on UK Free TV show coverage maps for the UK's network of Freeview transmitters - these are now showing additional information.

22 comments “barry swain : Hi, Barry. I m afraid we can t tell you the reason for your not being able to update your box unless you can tell us the make and model ”- Richard Cooper

Privacy policy

Read our policy for personal information and about computer cookies when you use

81 comments “AJR: Obviously your TV is tuned to Crystal Palace for BBC London. What do you mean by can no longer ? Have you tried tuning to Bluebell Hill?It s ”- Dave Lindsay

How many Freeview, Freesat, Sky and cable homes are there in the UK?

Ever wondered how many homes in the UK use the various different free-to-air and pay-TV platforms? Are there really four times as many Freeview-only homes as Sky-only ones?

23 comments “MikeP: Thats the situation I was referring to - I dont expect the figures of Sky 1 to be as high as BBC1 overall (because 3/4 of us cannot get it), bu”- MikeB

ITV and BBC regional TV maps - now with colour (again)

I have reintroduced the colourful "all regions" overview maps for the BBC and ITV television services, and also split the transmitter, BBC and ITV regions into separate pages.

8 comments “Hi Brian, Oliver s Mount is shown as Freeview Lite. It s a main transmitter or was classed as one? Has all the channels and one relay I think. ”- Phil