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Happy 2016 - welcome to the Golden Age?

I would very much like to wish you all a happy new year! ——— one comment

Nine new ways UK Free TV makes your life better

Upgrade! There have been a number of fixes and upgrades to the site whilst it was in the process of being migrated from the old server. Which one is your favourite?

5 comments “The all channels page.If I click on Show everything or Just on Freeview or Just on Freesat or Just on Sky the page reloads and always shows Show”- Mark A

New secure server for UK Free TV

We have - at last - come to join in the world of HTTPS everywhere. This means UK Free TV can continue to provide location-based mapping, to be seen of kindly by Google as well as provide more security for the visitors.


UK Free TV now has more accurate Northern Ireland postcodes

The postcode database used by UK Free TV has been updated to provide more accurate mapping for postcodes starting with "BT".

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Lots of ways UK Free TV is little bit better today

I am taking the opportunity of being bed-ridden for at least six weeks to sort out some upgrades, updates and bug fixes for this our 13 year old website. Here is what I have done.

22 comments “Briantist: Experiencing problems (as seen below) when attempting to access the site via Firefox, although it seems to be OK, albeit a little slow to l”- jb38

I would like you to know why Briantist has not been posting on UK Free TV

During the 13 years I have been providing the UK Free TV web site, I always endeavoured to keep my personal life separate from goings on in the world of free-to-air television and radio.

12 comments “And from me, Brian. We all hope 2016 will restore you to vigorous health and activity!”- michael is managed by Brian Butterworth

We are independent and do not wish to be confused with Freesat from Sky or Freeview

43 comments “Bob: Check your signal strength on both the Humax and the Sony. My Sony PVR is pretty sensitive, but very robust about high signal strength - its will”- MikeB

ITV network - regional clean up

As ITV1 becomes ITV, I have taken the opportunity to bring the ITV network up to date on UK Free TV.

14 comments “How do these micro regions work? I thought the ITV regional news went out live.I have before switched between different micro regions on my Sky b”- Stuart Owens

Privacy policy

Read our policy for personal information and about computer cookies when you use

80 comments “AJR: Obviously your TV is tuned to Crystal Palace for BBC London. What do you mean by can no longer ? Have you tried tuning to Bluebell Hill?It s ”- Dave Lindsay

How many Freeview, Freesat, Sky and cable homes are there in the UK?

Ever wondered how many homes in the UK use the various different free-to-air and pay-TV platforms? Are there really four times as many Freeview-only homes as Sky-only ones?

19 comments “I suspect quite a lot of freesat boxes are bought by people like me who have sky on their main TV but take one of the spare outputs from sky s 4 way L”- David Pinfold