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Now and Next

If you have ever used the TV Now and Next screens on Ceefax or Teletext, you will be familiar with the basic idea of an electronic programme guide.

17 comments “elizabeth woodside: I suggest you both look at the setup menus for your tv s - now and next is normally activated by pressing information, the epg wil”- MikeB

Loft aerials

One of the most common problems people have with Freeview reception relates to the use of "loft" aerials.

289 comments “dave simpson: Indications are that you have a clear line-of-sight with the Keelylang Hill transmitter @ 22 miles / 359 although Rumster Forrest operat”- jb38

Do I need to buy a booster?

With analogue television, it has often been necessary to buy an amplifier to improve the quality of the television picture, or to supply a steady on several televisions fed from the same aerial.

369 comments “Peter Wright:Unlikely at present. Skelmersdale is partly served by a Freeview Lite transmitter but there would be issues with interference from o”- MikeP

Freeview reception - all about aerials

Your ability to receive all the Freeview transmissions depends on the suitability of aerial: the design style, "group" and its physical location.

3510 comments “Martyn: Digital UK are still reporting that COM4/5/6 are broadcasting at 200kW on Rowridge VP, there hasn t been any reduction in broadcast power on R”- StevensOnln1

How to install

This new section will be starting 10 Feb 2005.

53 comments “Chris Bell: The power of Blaenplwyf s COM channels are 10kW and its PSBs are 40kW. The COM channels also use a transmission mode that is less robust a”- Dave Lindsay

Freeview modes

Four of the Freeview multiplexes (collections of channels) broadcast in one mode known as "16 QAM (3/4)", and the other two broadcast in another mode called "64QAM (2/3)".

450 comments “Jackson G: The aspect of your problem that s still inclined to suggest its being caused by software defect is the fact of the TV shutting down when ce”- jb38

Connecting it all up

Why are there so many sorts of connecting cables? Find out with this quick guide.

2108 comments “MikeB:You can get a suitable splitter from Amazon, such as this - Digital Toslink Optical Fiber Audio Cable Cord Adapter: Electronic”- MikeP

Indoor aerials

What do you do if you can't use an external aerial for Freeview?

268 comments “andrew Rose:None! You need an aerial outside above the roof, usually they are mounted on the chimney stack. Aerials in the room are very ineffect”- MikeP

How to receive Freeview on your PC

If you want to watch digital television, one of the way to do this is use your PC. There are three main options.

616 comments “Hi Brian,Is it not time that someone at Freeview gave more up to date information on watching Freeview on PC. I have just had the latest email new”- ROBERT PLANT

Whole house digital TV

There are many ways to make all the TVs in your home digital.

318 comments “William:If you have a quad LNB feeding two separate satellite boxes (or a sat equipped TV) each will work independently allowing you to view diffe”- MikeP