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Welcome to the UK Free TV Rigger's Zone

This section is dedicated to those who install dishes and aerials on your roof, cable your home - and climb transmitter masts. Please suggest any new topics here!

342 comments “Guidance on the planning regulations are here:Planning Portal - Satellite,TV and Radio AntennaPermission is not required for an antenna that ”- Dave Lindsay

PARAS site Archive

PARAS was an informal group of industry insiders with detailed knowledge about the UK switch to digital TV, and how it is affecting the public. They had one thing in common: they were appalled at the way some traders and broadcasters are using the switch to digital TV as a means of misleading or even ripping off the public. The more vulnerable members of society seem to be the main targets. This is an archive of the website that existed for one reason only: to provide basic facts about the switch to digital TV in the hope that fewer people will be misled.

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Clairmont Cairn photos

Jordy has provided some pictures of the Clairmont Cairn in Republic of Ireland.

17 comments “I often wonder after visiting Clermont recently and talking to RTE engineers who compared to Arqiva engineer s are more of the old school approach... ”- Jordy

Stacker/ De-Stacker

Can you shove two cables down one?

18 comments “I ve used PF100 coax cable on my installation,which copper double screened semi-flexible(also 1mm inner conductor)satellite cable, works areat,availab”- Des Collier

What price for an aerial installation?

What prices have you been quoted and paid for an aerial installation?

4756 comments “liz richards: Hi, Liz. Customers reviews of their experiences with Aerialforce are, to say the least, very mixed! What you need to do is to put your c”- Richard Cooper

BBC Rogue Traders

A story from the BBC hidden camera consumer show. Be afraid, very afraid.

27 comments “Ron Lake: I have noticed over the last 12 months theres less and less of the out of town boys coming to my neck of the woods. In my opinion it was ”- Dave

Aerial group performance

How different aerial groups work

70 comments “Moss : Well, up to a point anyway, that can be quite true!, but one gets what one pays for as far as construction (ruggedness) is concerned, even alth”- jb38

What will we all soon be using the spaces in Freeview for?

Steve Cannon RDI Training and Skills Director provides an update to the emerging technology that fits between the gaps of Digital TV - the White Space Technologies.

6 comments “Thinking aloud, surely those areas that were difficult to provide with UHF TV in the past (the 0.2% unserved by main or relay transmitters prior to DS”- MikeP

Around the Bend?

Bent televisions screens is what I am on about this month; that is right curved screens - another 3D fad or something with more lasting appeal?

28 comments “David White: hurt my eyes , great quality thoughThe quality should be good - its either going to be a Full HD 8000 series, so a 1200hz screen, or”- MikeB