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Welcome to the UK Free TV Rigger's Zone

This section is dedicated to those who install dishes and aerials on your roof, cable your home - and climb transmitter masts. Please suggest any new topics here!

344 comments “Ian from Pinxton: I notice that BBC s Watchdog doesn t have a single kind word to say about Aerialforce UK! Richard, Norwich.”- Richard Cooper

How much does, at DSO, an aerial or satellite dish installation cost?

Given the Digital Switch Over (DSO), and the recession. Many retired people are apprehensive of being tied into Sky packages particularly those on fixed incomes, many are not aware of other options in spite of Digital UK efforts...

56 comments “Colin Jones: at S44 6J* you could be using Emley Moor, where transmissions have moved (on 14 April) to the reserve antenna. This is slightly further d”- Mike Dimmick

What price for an aerial installation?

What prices have you been quoted and paid for an aerial installation?

4758 comments “Wacatone:That does not seem unreasonable when you consider what is involved. You need an aerial of course, but them you need some form of distribu”- MikeP

Aerial group performance

How different aerial groups work

72 comments “Mark:According to the digitaluk trade information just below your posting you re best transmitter is Belmont, which is a Group A transmitter. Howe”- MikeP

Around the Bend?

Bent televisions screens is what I am on about this month; that is right curved screens - another 3D fad or something with more lasting appeal?

28 comments “David White: hurt my eyes , great quality thoughThe quality should be good - its either going to be a Full HD 8000 series, so a 1200hz screen, or”- MikeB