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Welcome to the UK Free TV Rigger's Zone

This section is dedicated to those who install dishes and aerials on your roof, cable your home - and climb transmitter masts. Please suggest any new topics here!

344 comments “Ian from Pinxton: I notice that BBC s Watchdog doesn t have a single kind word to say about Aerialforce UK! Richard, Norwich.”- Richard Cooper

What price for an aerial installation?

What prices have you been quoted and paid for an aerial installation?

4758 comments “Wacatone:That does not seem unreasonable when you consider what is involved. You need an aerial of course, but them you need some form of distribu”- MikeP

BBC Rogue Traders

A story from the BBC hidden camera consumer show. Be afraid, very afraid.

27 comments “Ron Lake: I have noticed over the last 12 months theres less and less of the out of town boys coming to my neck of the woods. In my opinion it was ”- Dave

Aerial group performance

How different aerial groups work

74 comments “Dave:You would be best fitting a log-periodic aerial externally. They cover all the current and known future transmissions so will not need any fu”- MikeP

Around the Bend?

Bent televisions screens is what I am on about this month; that is right curved screens - another 3D fad or something with more lasting appeal?

28 comments “David White: hurt my eyes , great quality thoughThe quality should be good - its either going to be a Full HD 8000 series, so a 1200hz screen, or”- MikeB