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TV: Separating content from delivery

Free TV 2020: To understand television today, it is first necessary to understand that there have been big changes in both the nature of the content and how the stuff that people watch is delivered. ——— Be the first to comment!

Redefining UK, Free and Television

Free TV 2020: Having spent Wednesday of last week at the Digital Television Group New Horizons summit, I need to redefine what the scope of this website is. What constitutes television, what counts as free television and how do people view the United Kingdom?


Podcast transcriptions, better Read Me, toxic Perspective and Twitter fixes

About us: Lots of site fixes means new auto-transcriptions of podcasts, a cleared Read Me layout, AI-powered anti toxic-comments system and restored Twitter posts.


Killing Eve, and killing Dirk

Cord Cutting UK: Many people are disappointed that a popular, stylish, award winning drama is being shown in the USA, but can’t be viewed until later in the year by BBC iPlayer people. Who, of course, feel that they pay £155 to be able to do that.


UK Free TV Money Saver

About us: This is the UK Free TV Money Saver. It will provide you with a personalised list of options that will show you how to save money on your TV subscriptions. Answer just ten questions and you will see a list of suggestions on how to keep watching TV your way, but with annual savings.


Why did the BBC just use 1.1 Million TV Licences to buy UKTV from Discovery?

Freeview news: "This is our largest ever content sales deal. It will mean BBC Studios and Discovery will work together to take our content right across the globe through a new world-beating streaming service" Tony Hall, Director-General of the BBC, said in a statement.


Quiz: How many TV Science shows are on the BBC right now?

Cord Cutting UK: Go to iPlayer, Pick Science and Nature and count how many new science shows are there?


Removing all barriers to communication between diverse cultures

Non-UK channels?: I have been working on adding a unique feature to this site's recommendation system. I've been using the application programming interface to the Google Cloud Speech-to-Text service to transcribe the podcast that are recommended by me for you to listen to.

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Is the UK television marketplace of 2019 ready for Disney+ and Apple?

Cord Cutting UK: Disney+, Apple and YouTube Red? In the last couple of days, the OTT subscription video services market (that Amazon Prime Video and Netflix) has taken a few interesting turns.

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Upcoming Freeview transmitter changes 2017 to 2020

at700 Freeview retune: Listed in this article are all the UK’s main Freeview transmitters, for each one is a list of the channel frequency numbers, and below them the latest expected date of changes, and the various changes.


Freeview 2017-2020 map

at700 Freeview retune: Map of 700MHz clearance programme

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The lower the channel number in the guide, the more viewers it gets ... Right?

TV channels news: One of the reasons that Freeview does not reshuffle the channel numbers is because there is a lot of value in the lower numbered slots in the electronic guide. I thought it would be interesting to take a look.


Evolution of safe working at height from ladders processes and training

Rigger's zone: In the first of a series of guests from the Registered Digital Institute, Steve Cannon the RDI Skills Development Director looks the importance of safely working at height from ladders and on rooftops.


Technical changes to Freesat channels, 2nd-10th October 2013

Freesat: Are you having problems with certain Freesat channels?


Why does BBC Worldwide not make more profit for the Licence Fee payer?

TV channels news: BBC Worldwide is a private company wholly owned by the BBC. It used to make profits - which reduce the Licence Fee - of between 16% and 21%, but has managed much less since 2004, despite sales of over one billion pounds. So, where is the £595 million?


Do not forget that 4G starting soon in 20 cities and towns really soon

at800 Freeview retunes: It is possible - but still unlikely - that the new 4G mobile services will take out your Freeview. Here is the list of places that will see services in the next month.


Digital UK on Freeview HD channel numbers: "we can not do that, sorry"

High definition: In a recent consultation, Digital UK asked which channel numbers they would like the Freeview HD channels to appear on. The answer was as easy as one, two and three...


Kiss Fresh and True Entertainment on Freeview

Freeview news: This week is a busy one for Freeview channel launches. To add to Film4+1, we have a new radio station and a popular Freesat channel.


Local TV on Freeview "radiation patterns" update

Local TV: The local TV services on Freeview that will be starting within the next 12 months are designed to have their output restricted to local areas. To do this, the transmissions are only output in certain directions.


Want more local TV details? See UK Free TV

Local TV: I have added in the details - courtesy of Ofcom - of the upcoming local TV services on Freeview.


Travel Channel and Film4+1 comes to Freeview, Film4 to Freeview Light

Freeview news: Two welcome developments for Freeview today. The popular Travel Channel (already on Freesat 405 and Sky 251) starts an evening service, and Film4 moves to all UK transmitters, bringing more choice to homes with the limited Freeview service.


How do the new ITV local news regions compare with the BBC?

TV channels news: I thought it might be interesting to look at the differences in the provision of local news on BBC1 and ITV (or UTV or STV) once ITV plc implements the local news changes.


New satellite footprints page

General satellite: A new page has been added to UK Free TV to show the satellite coverage areas - known as footprints - for each of the satellites used to cover the UK.


Local television on Freeview - maps

Local TV: Maps showing the locations chosen to have a local television service on Freeview. The interactive map shows licensed locations, applications and second-phase sites.

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Upgrading from Sky+HD to Freesat+HD

Freesat: What to do if you want to stop subscribing to Sky+HD but do wish to record/pause/play free HD television.


Help receiving BBC TV - Transmitter work

Transmitters: See the list of current BBC transmitter faults


Stacker/ De-Stacker

Rigger's zone: Can you shove two cables down one?


Aerial group performance

Rigger's zone: How different aerial groups work


Welcome to the UK Free TV Rigger's Zone

Rigger's zone: This section is dedicated to those who install dishes and aerials on your roof, cable your home - and climb transmitter masts. Please suggest any new topics here!


Identifying boxes on the roof

Rigger's zone: How do you tell the difference between a splitter and an amplifier?


Free Sky box for pensioners

General: The Digital Switchover Help Scheme will be handing BBC money to Sky for 75+ year olds, disabilities and blind households.