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Happy 2016 - welcome to the Golden Age?

About us: I would very much like to wish you all a happy new year! ——— Be the first to comment!

Yesterday, Drama and Really joining Freesat this month

Freesat: I'm very pleased to say that three of the UKTV channels will be joining Freesat very soon.

14 comments “Ian: Re; Yesterday. Yes, this seems to be the way of overcoming the necessity of requiring a viewing card for this channel.Tested out by disconnec”- jb38

Goodbye BBC Red Button!

BBC Charter 2017: The BBC is going to make saving this year of £150m because people are disconnecting their TV tuners and using the iPlayer online.

45 comments “Nick Anderson: The problem for the BBC is probably that not enough of us are using the Red Button services, useful as they are to many. At £15m a yea”- MikeB

Want to know how much the BBC spend in England, Scotland, Wales and NI per home?

BBC Charter 2017: Interesting figures from Broadcast magazine today - from their Nation and Regions Special - shows how much money is spent in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. I thought I would share...

19 comments “George Buchanan: Brianist explained some time ago that having a picture (any picture) improves how Google ranks the webpage. I have no idea why Briani”- MikeB

S4C and Welsh Exceptionalism?

BBC Charter 2017: Reading the report from Institute of Welsh Affairs Media Policy Group makes me wonder about how the next decade of broadcasting should deal with the nations, regions and languages of the United Kingdom.


Freeview HD's VisionTV 20 channels now have Android and iOS apps

Watch TV online: If you have a Freeview HD box and are connected to the internet, you can view more than twenty specialist online channels from the VisionTV people.

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Will the World Radiocommunication Conference be the death of Freeview?

Freeview news: In just over a week, an important conference in Geneva, Switzerland is being held. One of the many things under discussion will be the future of free-to-air television up to 2030. Will the mobile broadband operators be able to get agreement to close down the UHF television band for reuse as 4G internet connections? Digital UK and other TV bodies are very concerned.

18 comments “Ian: But they already are. This subject has been discussed on another thread, but if you look at the churn rate as older equipment is replaced, then T”- MikeB

Will we ever have Freeview Ultra HD or Freesat Ultra HD?

High definition: You can already buy Ultra HD television sets in the high street. If I buy one, how long will I have to wait for Freeview and Freesat to broadcast my favourite shows in the better format?

15 comments “Anthony: You ll notice I said sat. systems are a different matter , and yes, its the limited bandwidth of Freeview which is currently a limiting facto”- MikeB

New and improved Freeview radiation patterns

Freeview news: I'm very pleased to announce that the list of the radiation patterns - the diagrams that show the power levels for each direction from a transmitter - have returned in an improved format. In addition UK Free TV now has 528 new patterns received in the last month from Ofcom under a Freedom of Information Act request.


Official aerial installers guide to the TV spectrum future

Got interference?: If you want to know what the - official - future holds for the UHF spectrum and how this will change the old advice on which aerial to use, you can download this book for free.

3 comments “Richard Baltruschat:For us contributors to this site to have any chance of offering meaningful advice we do need to know where you live and hence”- MikeP

PBS America joins Freesat for Halloween

Freesat: PBS America, currently on Sky and Virgin Media will join Freesat on October 31st on channel 160.

11 comments “MilesT: The model for PBS (and NPR) seems a bit Rube Goldberg to us (and possibly to a lot of people in the States as well), but I suppose it makes so”- MikeB

Freeview Play, Youview, Freesat Freetime, what's the difference?

Watch TV online: If you want free-to-air TV and Time Travel you can now pick from Freeview, Freeview Recorder, Freeview HD, Freeview HD Recorder, Freeview Play, Freeview Play Recorder, Freesat HD, YouView, Freesat+HD Freetime. Let me make this seem a little less confusing.

4 comments “Further to my previous post on the Panasonic CX802B, at the moment, you cannot pause Live TV even if the external USB Hard Drive is installed. This is”- DaveCheltenham

Fixing the Freesat Freetime internet connection problem

Freesat: If you have a problem with your Freesat box not allowing you to get to the large selection of online TV shows, here is how to fix the problem. If you see "no internet connection" or no services listed under "On Demand", do this.

4 comments “Jennie Harrod: Briantist was requesting the actual model number of the Freesat box in question, the number you have supplied is that of the remote con”- jb38

New Freeview TVs and boxes to be HD only from 2016

High definition: From the start next year, the Freeview logo will only be on new TVs if they provide Freeview HD. From the end of next year, all new Freeview equipment will be HD.

26 comments “Paul Bale:Freesat is not operated by Sky/Mr Murdock. Freesat is exactly that - free satellite broadcasting of most services that are available on”- MikeP

BBC future: make sure you make the deadline

BBC Charter 2017: There are two consultations about the future of the BBC, one from a government department and the other from the Corporation's governing body. Please don't miss out!

4 comments “Nick: Yet according to both RAJAR and BARB figures, BBC radio and TV programmes continue to be very popular with audiences, and dominate the top 30 s ”- MikeB

ITV4 now on Freeview Light transmitters: retune needed for all Freeview homes

Freeview news: We have seen very few changes to the channels that homes that only get the public-service "Freeview Light", so it pleasing to see ITV4 added to the list.

2 comments “It is long overdue that those who have to suffer freeview light have a say in what we get, ie scrap the advert channels and give us Drama and ITV 3”- nick

Time for the BBC to release the DOGs?

BBC Charter 2017: If 70 households really missed the BBC so much after 9 days, to the extent their £3.60 "refund" seemed like a bargain, shouldn't the BBC start better marking the output with "paid for out of the TV Licence" marks?

21 comments “Keith Sheppard: You say many households were unaware they were watching a BBC programme. What mystifies me is why this should actually matter to a pub”- MikeB

How would you cut £613m from the BBC budget?

BBC Charter 2017: UK Free TV is making it possible for you to decide what to cut and what to keep. Use the tick boxes to select what you would cut from the BBC budget, and see your progress in the bar below. Please share!!!

47 comments “BBC licence fee to be index-linked from 2017, confirmed by corporation.See; Will the licence fee be cut? The BBC licence fee will rise in line ”- Mark A.

When you can't quite hear the TV, subtitles are critical

Sound: One great advantage of the digital TV services is that every TV set has access to subtitles.

16 comments “Has any one noticed when there is singing it shows instead of #.... i wonder why it has changed? that s on the subtitles”- rob

Nine new ways UK Free TV makes your life better

About us: Upgrade! There have been a number of fixes and upgrades to the site whilst it was in the process of being migrated from the old server. Which one is your favourite?

5 comments “The all channels page.If I click on Show everything or Just on Freeview or Just on Freesat or Just on Sky the page reloads and always shows Show”- Mark A

Super new feature: What radio can I get? Radio prediction+mapping now on UK Free

Radio: UK Free TV can now show you what radio stations you can get on DAB Radio as well as FM and AM. Not only that but you get a superb map, just like you do for Freeview prediction. Works automatically with your mobile location or can use a postcode, national grid or your geolocation. Try today!

one comment

What would you like to see on Freeview in place of BBC three?

BBC Charter 2017: The BBC seems set to move BBC Three onto the BBC iPlayer. What should the BBC do with the channel's precious broadcast bits and top-page Freeview slot 7?

36 comments “Having only Freeview and owning a net tv, I, like many others are short on High Definition channels. As I live under the Mendip transmitter umbrella I”- Richard

New secure server for UK Free TV

About us: We have - at last - come to join in the world of HTTPS everywhere. This means UK Free TV can continue to provide location-based mapping, to be seen of kindly by Google as well as provide more security for the visitors.


Lots of ways UK Free TV is little bit better today

About us: I am taking the opportunity of being bed-ridden for at least six weeks to sort out some upgrades, updates and bug fixes for this our 13 year old website. Here is what I have done.

22 comments “Briantist: Experiencing problems (as seen below) when attempting to access the site via Firefox, although it seems to be OK, albeit a little slow to l”- jb38

Go for it! What do you do on cutting the cord day?

Cord Cutting UK: So, you have your fast broadband, your wireless connections, prepared your devices and checked out what to watch online. Are you ready to take the final step?

8 comments “Brian: Your comments seems to have a problem....I m getting the message The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid”- MikeB

Which 29 stars wrote Prime Minister Cameron to ask him to protect the BBC?

BBC Charter 2017: We are writing to place on record at the very start of the process our concern that nothing should be done to diminish the BBC or turn it into a narrowly focused market-failure broadcaster....

23 comments “Nick: For someone who doesn t feel that a reply is warrented (as you ve said in at least one previous post), why do reply to me? However, lets go thro”- MikeB

Prepare yourself for Cord Cutting: Where do I watch TV now?

Cord Cutting UK: You've got yourself an uncapped high speed broadband service with a wireless router, and like the idea of saving between 150 and 780 pounds every year. What is the next step?

17 comments “Mike: In order to maximise your broadband speed you should take the steps that are within your control, if they haven t already been carried out and a”- Dave Lindsay

Chancellor George 18% BBC fee cut to lowest level of BBC TV since B&W 1978

BBC Charter 2017: Yes, it's back to when most homes had black and white televisions and there was only two TV channels on air because cutting the BBC income by 18% is what is going to be done tomorrow.

26 comments “RichardW: Both sets of reception predictors indicate your area as not being particularly good for reception, the reason for, basically being down to t”- jb38

How much money can you save by Cord Cutting?

Cord Cutting UK: If you are prepared to stop watching live TV and enjoy content only when you want to watch, how much actual money can you save?

2 comments “Dear braintest; Re are you ready to cut the cordCosts may change after goverment action re removal of TVL exemptions for watching video from broadcas”- Graham F Lewendon

Cord Cutting UK Checklist: keeping it legal

Cord Cutting UK: The starting point for us here is doing things by the book. Some of the things you need to do to be a Cord Cutter UK can result in a proper criminal conviction if not done properly.

8 comments “Obviously Jamie if you don t watch TV then you re not a licence evader, but if the situation of the loophole were allowed to continue I can see a larg”- MikeG

New section on UK Free TV dedicated to cutting the cord

Cord Cutting UK: New section on UK Free TV dedicated to cutting the cord.

12 comments “Jamie Jones: There is nothing wrong with The Young Turks - I ve been a fan for years, when they were on the (now sadly defunct) Air America radio netw”- MikeB

BBC Trust say no to BBC One +1, yes to close BBC 3 on TV and extend CBBC to 9pm

BBC Charter 2017: The current regulatory body for the nation's premier public service broadcaster has agreed to make BBC Three and online only service, but has rejected plans for BBC One+1 to replace it.


What is the BBC going to cut to fund free TV licences for 4m homes with over 75s

BBC Charter 2017: Just before the turn of the century, popular - with 43.2% of voters - New Labour Chancellor Gordon Brown found 300 million quid to pay the TV Licences for households with pensioners aged 75 or over. The dilemma for Tory Chancellor George Osborne, with 36.9% of the population behind him and cuts to make, is how to live up to a recent manifesto commitment to keep the pensioner benefits?

11 comments “Briantist: It would be interesting if someone like GeordieLad could actually define what they mean by non commercial , and educational and information”- MikeB

Show me the 55 TV channels have moved to the new Astra 2G satellite

General satellite: There have been a large number of changes to the channels broadcast from the satellites that provide services to about half of the homes in the UK. What do you need to do?

11 comments “A wells: It would appear that Showbiz TV (157) was removed from Freesat listings as from November 19th, it now only being available on Sky (no card) 2”- jb38

I would like you to know why Briantist has not been posting on UK Free TV

About us: During the 13 years I have been providing the UK Free TV web site, I always endeavoured to keep my personal life separate from goings on in the world of free-to-air television and radio.

12 comments “And from me, Brian. We all hope 2016 will restore you to vigorous health and activity!”- michael

Should Ofcom regulate the BBC?

BBC Charter 2017: The BBC Trust seems to be not really living up to expectations. Would Ofcom be a suitable body to regulate the BBC?

15 comments “I ve just had an idea about how Ofcom could replace the BBC Trust. It would be a very strange situation if Ofcom found itself having to threaten the B”- Charles Stuart

BBC Licence fee and new Charter: the political reality

BBC Charter 2017: Let's have an honest look at the current political situation and what it means for the BBC Charter renewal.

12 comments “Briantist: Thanks for your thoughts - your perfectly right when you point out that people really like the BBC, despite the newspapers. Its just that t”- MikeB

Licence fee replacements: All-homes broadcast contribution?

BBC Charter 2017: Having looked at the Finnish income-based model, and the French council-tax add-on, the version preferred by the Select Committee Report is the German Model. Let us have a closer look.

22 comments “Mark: In 2013, there were just 13, 202 B W licences issued - Official TV Licensing website - TV Licensing: Black and white is still alright , and just”- MikeB

Licence fee replacements: broadcasting contribution via the Council tax?

BBC Charter 2017: Looking at the top three European replacements for the TV Licence, today we have a closer look at the French system.

11 comments “You keep saying there s 4G, not everywhere, there is supposed to be 4G in Leicester but good look getting it, some places still struggle for 3G and ho”- Ian

Income-based broadcast support tax

BBC Charter 2017: Let us look in more detail at the income-based broadcasting tax that could, as had happened in Finland, replace the TV Licence.

7 comments “Wont this mean even less income considering the amount of people on low income? People on a higher income will be moaning and quite rightly so for hav”- Ian