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Transmitters with engineering work

Show a map of all the UK TV transmitters that have current or planned engineering work. ——— 2 comments

Freeview transmitters

See all the full-service Freeview transmitters in the UK

38 comments “Charles Davison: The most obvious point to make about Cambridge TV being from Madingley and the main Freeview channels coming from Sandy Heath is that”- Dave Lindsay

Help receiving BBC TV - Transmitter work

See the list of current BBC transmitter faults



Details of the digital transmitters in the RoI

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Aerial groups - new feature

There has been a lot of debate about aerial "groups" over the last few years...

58 comments “Brian Scott: You can check the transmitter for yourself, but its unlikely. Everyone blames the transmitter or the weather, but its seldom the case. ”- MikeB

Freeview search by frequency

Find out which Freeview transmitter you are really using by entering two multiplex frequencies.


UK television transmitters

85 comments “I once used UK Free TV to ask its users if they could name what I thought was a transmitter mast in the distance as I could see something with red air”- Stuart Owens