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Trying to find how much a Freesat from Sky card costs?

Here is an example of chatting to the Freesat from Sky online help box... ——— 57 comments “khaleesi: Sky News HD is a subscription channel. I m surprised if pairing is required for London Live.”- StevensOnln1

Freesat from Sky cards need updating

Sky are changing their viewing cards again, and this means that you need to get a new card

39 comments “Pam Wilkins: The problem as I see it with what you are wanting to do would be caused by the length of time you are away, as you would really require t”- jb38

Government to stop Sky charging public service broadcasters for "retransmission"

Sky is to be forced to stop charging the public service broadcasters (ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, S4C and the BBC) for the pleasure of their customers having channels they have already paid for listed in the Sky Guide.

45 comments “trevorharris: You sound exactly the sort of customer Sky wants to appeal to, and they heavily invested in buying the sort of things you want to see - ”- MikeB

Using Sky without a card? Let's call that Sky No Card

Since the launch of Freesat, UK Free TV has called the service you get with a Sky box and no viewing card (or an expired card) fSfS (for Freesat from Sky). To avoid confusion, a few changes have been made.

10 comments “martin redfern: The boxes referred to will still operate on free to view channels although the recording side of same will have been disabled by Sky. ”- jb38

fSfS - freeSat from Sky

Freesat from Sky (fSfS) dates back to the introduction of Sky's digital satellite service back in 1998.

140 comments “ian from notts: are these the 4 way compact amps that used to get there power from the rf2. The io link doesn t output enough power to run them. If yo”- mazbar