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Show me the 55 TV channels have moved to the new Astra 2G satellite

There have been a large number of changes to the channels broadcast from the satellites that provide services to about half of the homes in the UK. What do you need to do? ——— 12 comments “A wells: It would appear that Showbiz TV (157) was removed from Freesat listings as from November 19th, it now only being available on Sky (no card) 2”- jb38

Good news for Freesat? Astra 2E satellite launched

Very good news for the UK millions of satellite homes: from today there will be another satellite full - up to 60 transponders - of television to receive signals from.

51 comments “Satellite Transponder ChangesAll transponders in the 12500-12750 MHz Band have now been deactivated, bar, for unknown reasons, 12544.75 H on the A”- js

Householder guide to satellite dishes

Installation of satellite television dishes: householder's planning guide

138 comments “Denzil:Satellite dishes in the UK DO NOT need an earth connection, indeed that could be dangerous as it would make the dish attract lightening! Th”- MikeP

New satellite footprints page

A new page has been added to UK Free TV to show the satellite coverage areas - known as footprints - for each of the satellites used to cover the UK.

29 comments “Does this mean my friend who lives in Portugal will not get BBC no more? he has emailed me saying what happen to BBC i sent him this link to him. I as”- Rob

BBC satellite services moving to Astra 1N on 24th February 2012

Between 3am and 5am on 24th February 2012 the BBC will be moving all their satellite television services from the Astra 2D satellite, which is being decommissioned.

35 comments “James Hillsdon: As free-to-air services migrate to the Astra 2F satellite, you are likely to need a larger dish and may not be able to receive them at”- Mike Dimmick

Karen Murphy scores against the Premier League and Sky

In the view of Advocate General Kokott, territorial exclusivity agreements relating to the transmission of football matches are contrary to European Union law.

41 comments “Briantist: I don t know if this has been mentioned previously, but is it true that the final ruling on the Karen Murphy case is to be handed down on t”- NottsUK

ASTRA 1N satellite has entered commercial service

Today SES Astra announced that its new ASTRA 1N satellite has entered commercial service at the orbital position of 28.2 degrees East.

40 comments “I have noticed this problem on new installs and old ones.All channels seems fine on the stb sI though this might be the beam that had been mov”- jamie stevens

Sky halves EPG charges for public service broadcasters and saves BBC local radio

Sky is set to lower the charges it makes to the four public service broadcasters after complains that the prices were excessive. The BBC will have 5.5m back, 5.7m will go to ITV, 2.3m to Channel 4 and 600k to Channel 5. This is enough to reduce the proposed cuts to BBC local radio.

20 comments “Rob: They don t do everything twice! It is the same service (received from the same signal) that appears in different positions of the channel list, d”- KMJ,Derby

BBC free to air satellite channels - generic free satellite equipment retune

If you have a satellite reciever that is not branded by Sky or Freesat, then you will need to retune due to satellite transponders changes to introduce BBC HD.

73 comments “Andy McArthur: Those readings are not terribly far off what would be expected from both of the channels mentioned, however, although slight variations”- jb38

Freesat reception - all about dishes

Satellite reception has both advantages and disadvantages compared with terrestrial (aerial) reception.

1000 comments “steve P:If that is the way she wants to express herself than that is fine by me. I would say exactly the same if it were the other way round.”- MikeP

No satellite signal? Check your dish for snow!

Just a quick reminder, as snow has started falling in parts of the UK that it doesn't normally reach.

40 comments “Tony Hill: As far as the UK is concerned, I feel that this type of facility would only possibly be of appeal to a limited number of people that reside”- jb38

Changes to BBC HD transmissions on Astra satellites on 20 September 2012

In preparation for the launch of the Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland versions of BBC One HD, the BBC are making a small change to the way the transponder is configured.

40 comments “Richard: If your version of Sky box does not offer either a symbol rate setting of 23M/b or failing this an auto-select facility as applies in many Fr”- jb38

New Astra 1N satellite to offer more UK-focused capacity - and soon

The launch of a new satellite offers the possibility for improvement and expansion of free-to-air satellite standard and high definition channels on Freesat and fSfS.

72 comments “Alan Shearing: If you re getting Norwegian and Spanish channels your dish is very likely pointing to the satellite cluster at 19.2 E. You will need to”- Mike Dimmick

BBC satellite changes: radio, BBC ONE HD, Red button reduction 12-15 October 201

After the recent cut in the funding for the BBC, the Delivering Quality First review decided that BBC Red Button would be cut to one screen on all platforms. This will cause a few changes in the use of the BBC satellite transponders.

14 comments “Arthur Morley: There are suggestions that the true coverage is substantially wider than that footprint plot suggests. However, I wouldn t depend on th”- Mike Dimmick

BBC HD to switch to DVB-S2 on 6th June 2011

The BBC will switch to the higher-capacity modern modulation scheme for the BBC HD and BBC One HD channels on satellite.

162 comments “SteveD: Have a look in your TV s user manual / specifications and check under tuner if DVB-T2 is seen listed, because if its only DVB-T then its not c”- jb38