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SDL National DAB multiplex


Keep up to date with improved UK Free trends
PARAS site Archive
New secure server for UK Free TV
UK Free TV: 392 AM radio transmissions now have coverage maps
Freeview Play manufacturers announced


What do the ITV changes on February 2nd 2015 at Ridge Hill and Oxford mean?
Connected Freeview comes a step closer today
Please share your thoughts about UK FREE TV
Must industry rethink what training and development looks like?
The lower the channel number in the guide, the more viewers it gets ... Right?
UK Free TV now uses friendly web addresses
Freeview gains ITV Be, Motors TV channels this week - and Spike next year
Being responsive: a better layout
Better tweeting
Being responsive: a better menu
Satellite TV operators FRANSAT, TIVUSAT and our Freesat launch FreeTV Alliance
12th birthday: six improvements to UK Free TV
50th birthday: guest RDI blog
Various corrections and updates for Freeview HD, local TV and so on
The Evolution of the Connected Home
An Independent Scot would still be able to watch the BBC on satellite, surely?
Sky drops BBC EPG listing fees
Four ways that UK Free TV maps are better than they were last week
Lots of fixes and updates to UK Free TV including Astra 2E and Comux
What will we all soon be using the spaces in Freeview for?
Small change the UK Free comments system to help improve site performance
Freetime supports Freesat 2013 growth
Evolution of safe working at height from ladders processes and training


Freeview round up - BBC HD, Local TV, Al Jazeera HD
What could happen to Freeview if Scotland voted to become independent?
Is Freeview ready for the first local television service tomorrow?
Want better Twitter notifications? Put your @name in the box when you post!
Want to see all planned DAB transmitters? Find them on UK Free TV
Do you need faster radio transmitter maps? See UK Free TV
Popular misconceptions 3: looking back at DG Greg Dyke
Popular misconceptions 2: looking back at "Extending Choice"
Popular misconceptions 1: looking back at "Broadcasting in the Seventies"
Broadcasting in the Seventies
The end is near for analogue radio... Part one, a Medium and Long Wave goodbye
Do not forget that 4G starting soon in 20 cities and towns really soon
Kiss Fresh and True Entertainment on Freeview
Government to stop Sky charging public service broadcasters for "retransmission"
800MHz band cleared by Digital UK - ready for nationwide 4G use
A short history of Border TV
Want more local news? ITV is going to provide it
The end of the HTV legacy? ITV licence to move HTV West to West Country East
Want BBC Three, FOUR, CBBC, CBeebies and BBC News in HD? You can, in 2014
The invention of radio - as a podcast
Freeview more valued than most other "British institutions"
Freeview Channel offsets updates
Want to run a phase two local TV station? You can apply now
Want faster mobile access to free TV information?
Ofcom - UK Digital Terrestrial Television Transmitter Frequency and Site Data
Is it time for justice for Monkey? Police probe OnDigital 'hack by Newscorp'
Want to find the most up to date information? Introducing UK Free TV Live!
Want a clearer search or information about missing Freeview light channels?
22nd May 2013 retunes for Devon and Carmarthenshire
Apologies for UK Free down this morning
15th May 2013 retunes for Yorkshire coast and Dorset, Wiltshire, Isle Of Wight
Want to see where a point on a line of sight on a map? Click on UK Free TV!
Brighton to be the fourth at800 test area from mid-May 2013
Want to compare channels on all free TV services easily?
Freesat is "fastest growing TV platform" and "outgrows Pay-TV"
1st May 2013 retunes for Norfolk and Suffolk using Tacolneston and Kings Lynn
Why have I been sent a filter for my Freeview?
Improving the 4G-at-800 information on UK Free TV
4G interference much less than expected in the Midlands test area
Ofcom annual plan: 600MHz band for Freeview HD, potential release of 700 MHz
BBC TWO HD launch causes some channel number shifts
At800 publish first "speculative model" of 4G Freeview interference
TVCatchup Declares Overall Victory With Broadcasters - press statement
UK Free TV now has more accurate Northern Ireland postcodes
Local TV award to Bay TV Liverpool
Simon Beresford-Wylie is appointed as DMSL Chief executive
Local television station for Manchester chosen by Ofcom: YourTV Manchester
London Local TV licence award to the Evening Standard's London Live
BBC One Wales HD starts Tuesday, 29th January 2013
Local television multiplex licence awarded to Comux bid (supported by Canis Medi
800MHz 4G broadband potential for Freeview interference - new map
Wenvoe transmitter - retune require on 23rd January 2013 for Arqiva B multiplex
ITV and BBC regional TV maps - now with colour (again)
No satellite signal? Check your dish for snow!
405-line VHF bands I and III historic interactive map
Freeview local television to be provided in Glasgow and Edinburgh by ... STV
Upgraded viewing figures graph format


Clean-up of information on transmitter pages
Oxfordshire local radio DAB launched today
Local television for Newcastle selected by Ofcom
Some retunes 21 November 2012 for viewers in the Caldbeck transmitter region
Ofcom - local TV for Sheffield and Nottingham retracted
North Wales - some viewers will need to retune Freeview on 14th November 2012
Birmingham and Oxford local television providers selected by Ofcom
You may have retune your Freeview equipment today in West and Southwest Wales
Local TV award for Southampton
Freesat - new video advert
3 days of analogue to go - goodbye to NICAM 728
Changes to Saorview frequencies and power levels, 24th October 2012
2012/13 Freeview changes to clear C61 and C62 for 4G mobile
Local TV for Belfast and Sheffield selected by Ofcom
Switchover starts in Northern Ireland on Wednesday 10th October 2012
Local TV on Freeview in Nottingham
Channel 4 HD will replace S4C HD in Wales on Freeview HD on 1 December 2012
Freeview HD multiplex to be renewed until November 2026
The four applicants for the local television multiplex operations
Local TV licensed for Bristol, Cardiff and Norwich
Freeview gets Argos, and 24-hour Al Jazeera this week, Fashion One on Freesat
Brighton and Grimsby local TV services licensed by Ofcom
Maps - improved contrast
Place names added to all transmitters
UK Free TV is ten years old today
YouView - how it works (video)
YouView - Freeview: the Next Generation - launches
Sandy Heath, Sudbury, Heathfield, 9 relays have extra retunes on 27th June 2012
North and East Kent switchover completes on Wednesday 27th June 2012
Freeview "exclusive" Pick TV and Challenge now free-to-air on satellite with +1s
Switchover starts in North and East Kent on Wednesday 13th June 2012
Switchover starts in East Sussex and Southwest Kent on Wednesday 30th May
Channel 3 and Channel 5 licence renewals: renew, extend ... or auction?
Transmission frequencies better format and show 2013, 2015 and 2020
Tenth years anniversary - what should we do to celebrate?
Spam filter changed to Akismet
Changes to BBC services for the Olympic Games
Ofcom Bingo III - compatibility or improvements?
Improvement to "Transmission frequencies" on transmitter pages
Commercial multiplex restrictions lifted today at Hunshaw Cross and Mendip
Better multiplex listing icons plus Storeton Wales and Caldbeck Scotland details
Final mapping updates: new server, region overlaps, HTML5 radiations and pre-DSO
Sky halves EPG charges for public service broadcasters and saves BBC local radio
ITV1+1 new regions licensed by Ofcom, Arqiva A/B extended to 2026
Transmitter symbol improvements on UK Free TV
DAB retune on 1st March 2012 for Capital, Heart, Choice, XFM, LBC and Kiss
Switchover starts in West Sussex
Channel Islands retune to get ITV2 and ITV3, 29th February
Saorview updates
Football in pubs ruling upheld by the High Court
Region maps now show in enhanced format
Freeview Engineering Channel will close for London Olympics and Paralympics
Improvements to UK Free TV transmitter mapping launched
Digital TV transmitters in Ireland - update
Transmitter map updates are coming - soon
Switchover process - clarification of details
Free channel of the day: BBC News Channel
Free channel of the day: BBC Two
Free channel of the day: BBC One
Free channels of the day
Improvements to aerial position information and mixed-polarity transmitters
Updates from "licences version 7", mixed polarity transmitters, corrections etc
Improvements to Freeview EPG data in reception overlap areas
2013 - post-switchover changes to Freeview transmission frequencies
A brief history of Internet Protocol Television


First 20 Local TV sites
Looking through the comments
Site colour code improvements
This week's commercial multiplex changes
Mobile site version -
This week's increases in commercial multiplex capacity at 12 masts
Improvements to Freeview transmission mode information
Freeview HD sales top 3 million
Minor changes to commercial multiplexes at 11 masts this week
Freeview HD programme guide for Android and iOS
Long Mountain group and Llangynog retune
5* and 5USA coming to Freesat by Christmas
Northern Ireland and UK switchover ends on 24th October 2012
Removal of Channel 5 and B transmitter mapping artefacts
Belper, Derby and Stanton Moor - retune required on 5th October 2011
Modifications made to aerial group markings
Changes tonight at The Wrekin, Lark Stoke, Bromsgrove, Mendip, Hunshaw Cross
Arqiva Press Release on Emley Moor and Sutton Coldfield switchovers
Switchover events September- December 2011
TV region maps now show network connections and transmitter types
Switchover starts in 4 million homes in Yorkshire, West Midlands 7th September
The return of the regional television maps
The commercial multiplex after switchover: ArqA, ArqB and SDN
Sheffield and Chesterfield transmitter switchover "ends"
Site improvements continue to increase speed and popularity
Arqiva statement on Belmont and Olivers Mount
Site speed improvement
East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire switchover "ends"
Links now show with icon
Local TV on Freeview - locations announced
Switchover starts in Sheffield and Chesterfield
Analogue radio maps section now has "frequency" pages, improved comment links
Another beta - FM, LW and MW radio transmitters section
Clarification of engineering information
Changes to the "Frequency Information" section of the transmitter pages
DAB coverage map improvements
DAB multiplex pages now have coverage maps
BBC TWO HD, some thoughts
Automatic postcode fixes
Food Network fills Freeview channel 49 from Thursday
A question for Freeview user in Scotland
Ofcom DAB switchover coverage planning proposals
Durris (Aberdeen) commercial multiplexes full power from 15th June 2011
Final switchover for Craigkelly, Scotland on 15th June 2011
Holiday 2011
Ofcom publishes Northern Ireland and Tyne Tees switchover data
UK digital TV transmitters radiation patterns
South East England switchover dates confirmed
Wenvoe commercial multiplexes at full power from 27th April 2011
Arqiva statement on West Central England switchovers
Fenton transmitter - retune required on 20th April 2011
Waltham - retune required Wednesday 13 April 2011
London switchover dates confirmed
Changed multiplex names in shutdown notes
C61, C62 clearange and the 4G broadband sale
DDR changes for Luton and Dallington Park
Tuesday March 23rd
BBC DAB comes to Harris and Lewis
Network Z - BBC 7 - BBC Radio 7 now becomes BBC Radio 4 Extra, with an 'E'
Find by Frequency and BBC Engineering information fixed
Channel 4 and BSkyB join in local TV
Penmaen Rhos BBC DAB now on air
The other four bidders
Inclusive Digital - local TV bidder
Cube Interactive - local TV bidder
SixTelevision - local TV bidder
Local Television Network - local TV bidder
TripleSEE - local TV bidder
Local6 - local TV bidder
Channel 6 - local TV bidder
Radio 4 for those with hearing loss?
For live industry updates - use the UK Free TV Newsbucket
All channels page updated
BBC iPlayer search now covers all on-demand content
New features for "My Settings" box and the "Newsbucket"
Meridian TV area - switchover dates announced
Ofcom provides Product Placement logo
Update to transmitter location information
Channel 4 HD free-to-air testing on Eurobird 1
Updates made to frequencies for transmitters
BBC DAB for M5 Bromsgrove to Stroud, and Haslingden
Arqiva on ITV1+1
NME TV and Bliss start on Freesat
Automatic comment links
Box software updates
Which? video shows shop staff knowledge
Sky3 to be renamed as Pick TV
Local TV on Freeview
BBC move Lincoln transmitter into Lincolnshire
Ivybridge DAB transmitter brings BBC national services to A38
New BBC national DAB for Saffron Walden M11 and Firth of Clyde
Heart Radio on Freesat from today
BBC Radio Wales, Scotland, nan Gaidheal and Cymru tests on Monday
Happy new year...


Brighton bus stop index
BBC Alba on Freeview in Scotland, but at loss of peak time BBC Radio services
BBC DAB now on air in Kingsbridge, Devon and Helston, Cornwall
Wrotham DAB brings digital radio to London, North Kent and Surrey
Telling lies? Freeview HD needs no new aerial, nor does play/record/pause
Carnmoney Hill DAB has started
DAB comes to Tiverton
New BBC DAB transmitters in Littleborough and Tully Quarry
Ridge Hill transmitter AND RELAYS - analogue closed overnight 23-25th November
Freeview retune - Monday 15th November
BBC DAB service now live in west Devon and east Cornwall
Trying to find how much a Freesat from Sky card costs?
Would you like your comments to also have a picture?
Back again after hardware problems
Upgrade to comment location features
BBC One HD - 3rd November
BBC licence fee held at 145.50 until 2016
YouView - no Ofcom investigation
Hosting company failure
Maps and radiation patterns
Just 7.3% of the UK population left on analogue
New navigation system for UK Free TV
Can you help?
Comments map
New national Freeview slot
Back again
Final Yorkshire Switchover dates announced
BBC HD channels on Freeview - dealing with some issues
New multiplex diagrams
Four brand new mapping sections
Server upgrade - tonight
Emley Moor transmitter 13th-19th September 2010
New UK Free TV server
Comparison of analogue and digital signal levels
Quick access to your posts
Seesaw gets Heroes, House, Law & Order and 30 Rock
Will BBC One HD have a DOG? Guess what the "other" BBC HD channel be called
BT Vision, TUTV, Sky Sports 1+2 and the Mendip transmitter
Stacker/ De-Stacker
A few problems fixed
Upgrade to sharing and comments on UK Free TV
Notes on power increase values
Auto location
Al Jazeera - on Freeview tomorrow
Arqiva statement on Emley Moor delays
Making a Pandorica out of BBC iPlayer images
Sky Sports news to be replaced by Sky3+1 on Freeview
I went to school with the alleged serial killer
BBC One to go HD
New look for the daily reading list.
Coming up on BBC HD
Change from "Share this" to "Like"
Oxford transmitter fire
Mendip and Winter Hill corrections
West Yorkshire to get reduced Freeview service for two months
Wenvoe and Mendip - final switchover
List of digital switchover exceptions
Freesat celebrates one million sales
New transmitter overlay maps - coming soon
Google co-ordinate system ... PHP code
But FIVE HD will be on Sky's subscription service
get_iplayer to return
No FIVE on Freeview HD, BBC to provide BBC HD 2
Sheffield and Harborne transmitter retunes
New BBC Strategy - full coverage of High Definition
BBC Radio 6 Music is essential!
BBC to close 6Music and Asian Network
Video of Samsung Freeview HD TV
What does "Full HD Ready" actually mean?
Sky takes GBP251.5m loss on ITV shares
Two new national Freeview slots permitted
What will Crozier and Norman do to ITV?
Few site updates
Seesaw - iPlayer's backcatalogue with adverts plus 4OD and Demand Five
Brierley Hill transmitter all TV services 8am-6pm, 2nd February
iPad - what the ASA said about Apples iPhone ads
Watch Andy Murry in High Definition on Freesat
ITV4 bitrates - an answer
A warning from a fake swithover company in Somerset and South Wales
Try Seesaw, the new online TV service
Freeview HD content protection - round 2
Right... back for good this time


A festive apology .. and a happy new year!
ITV HD on Sky+HD Boxes
No Freeview HD boxes means it's Freesat HD for these Christmas TV hits
Ten Million Freeview homes
Manchester and North West - switch off ends Wednesday 2nd December
UK Free TV mobile site
BBC iPlayer on Freesat - starts soon
Freeview HD will be 1080p25 and 1080i25.
Prediction system update
What will you be doing in for new year 2020?
Top Gear goes HD on Freesat
No encyption for Freview HD, Freeview HD extended
Manchester and North West - switch off starts Wednesday 4th November
BBC News Interactive closed on Freeview Tuesday 27 October
Why has the BBC given away 75% of a Multiplex to the commercial sector?
FIVE limited resolution in some parts
BBC One is now statisitcally multiplexed thoughout the UK
Freeview retune - statement
QUEST launches at 12pm
So far, so good
30 September 2009 Retune Video
Operation time!
All Freeview equipment must be retuned at midday on 30 September 2009
Clairmont Cairn photos
Switchover notes - multiplex names
ONE DAY to stop DRM on Freeview HD
Freesat sells 600,000 untils since its launch
BBC FOI transmitter data - first draft
Progress report - BBC FOI and my shoulder!
Pace Freeview HD Press Release
Transmitter engineering blogger
Updates to Engineering information
The Wrekin - analogue closed on 3rd September 2009
At a funeral - Wednesday
BBC Rogue Traders
Broadcaster complaints details
TV Catchup upgraded
Quest will launch on 30 September
A hotel rip-off
UK Free TV and all five browsers
What is behind the 30 September Freeview retune?
Twitter #ukfreetv
BBC HD Idents
How to cut back your TV subscription
Jordy's 800Mhz question
BBC Proms in HD and digital surround sound
IAAF World Athletics Championship in HD
New "Reads and Feeds" page
Mobile site - an update
Mobile site under test
Virgin 1 24 hours, Virgin 1+1
Watch all the catchup TV in one place
An update
Test Tube Telly from C4
Identifying boxes on the roof
Back again...
Windows 7 Media with interactive BBC Wimbledon
Yes, Setanta Sports WERE mad
An Hotel "research" meeting
Digital upgrading a TV mast
Winter Hill - switchover date confirmed
Switch over and PC-based systems
talkSPORT on Freesat
Freesat awards
Freesat is "best new brand"
Freesat boss wins award
TechniSat HDFS launched
What's coming up
Caldbeck transmitter region to start switching Wednesday 24th June
Regional News Question
Digital Britain Report - why ITV regional news?
Digital Britain - providing for everyone
Digital Britain Report report
Digital Britain Report: radio
Sorry for my absence
CNN joins Freesat
Merge Sky News with The Times?
A few improvements
Yorkshire, Westcountry and Border updates
Quest on 14 May, but not 24 hour
ITV to cut 600 jobs, 3+4+5 merger just an "illustrative slide"
Yesterday, tomorrow
Rowridge 25th March retune
Freeview channel number shuffle
Another apology...
PARAS - Professional Aerial Riggers Against The Sharks
Catching up to do...
Manchester to get Freeview Channel M
Kangaroo cancelled
Film4 moves to 15
Digital Britain Interim Report is published
Freeview+ up 120% in December 2008
Five US to rebrand as .. Five USA
CNN on Freeview from this week
Problem with engineering information
The last BBC Re-Broadcast Standby test?
Freesat sales were 200,000 in 2008
Goodbye Price Drop, hello Discovery Quest!
LG to make integrated Freesat products
Can you help this poor man make up his mind about BSkyB's ITV stake?
High pressure causing channel loss through "Inversion"


A happy MMIX to everyone
Charging an elderly gentleman 30 quid to remove an aerial!
Is this the most far-flung Freesat advert?
No ITV2, ITV3 or ITV in East Midlands
A few speed improvements
Sales - Freesat and Freeview reductions!
Christmas help is here...
A Freeview Christmas present - a free online TV guide
Digital Radio's future
BBC iPlayer - Apple, Linux and Windows download version beta
BBC High Definition test card
Freeview "transmitter" name changed
Freesat - subtitles, ITV4, ITVHD (for UTV and STV)
Digital UK Scotland switchover schedule changes
BBC iPlayer day
Happy birthday BBC HD
A Freesat high definition Christmas?
All BBC channels now online
Teletext test - which transmitters work?
BBC ALBA now on the iPlayer
BBC One and BBC TWO online from November 27th
Arqiva statement on Selkirk switchover
Freesat+ in stores from Friday 22nd
Analogue off tonight from Selkirk and relays + FIVE on Freesat
Does the "Teletext Test" work?
Mid-switchover details added to the Selkirk page
Shopping channel axed from Freeview
Arqiva confirms switchover 'first phase' success
Five on Freesat from November 18th
New Freesat campaign
National Freeview+ campaign starts on 6th November
Switchover week, and FIVE on Freesat
Sky anti-Virgin 'ads' slammed by Ofcom
Who is responsible for digital switchover?
Humax Freesat+ official release information
Coming up.. digital switchover who's who and Stephen Fry and some Rhinos
Freeview HD may launch before switchover in London and other cities
Digital UK, nice new site, shame about not knowing about FIVE 98.5% after switch
FIVE slot on BBC multiplex confirmed - again
BBC HD: DOGs Update
Liberals don't like Freeview Lite
Post switchover signal strength.
Zingzing TV Listings
Recommended reading
Welcome to the blog!
Ofcom approves Freeview HD channels
New look UK FREE TV
New look UK Free TV - coming very soon
Lifeboats get taxed by Ofcom
Channel 4 cancels DAB radio channels
'Digital Switchover is today a done deal in 90% of UK Homes' - Grade
Another Freeview slot coming up
Freesat radio enhanced
Final dates for Isle of Man and Caldbeck switchoff
Ofcom delivers two important reports
Freesat confirms Freesat+ launch in November
Freesat sells 100,000 in first five month
Ofcom Public Service Broadcasting - part II
Five gets a new look
The Television Licence Fee's history
Freesat awarded 'best contribution to digital TV'
Five more for Freesat on Tuesday
Sky cancels Picnic and annoys Ofcom
New site feature
Freeview PC
Freesat news .. and rumours
More Freesat channels on Friday
BBC R&I demonstrates Freeview HD
Freesat hires farm to promote Freesat
Metronic starts Freesat second wave manufactures
BBC iPlayer begins series stacking soon
BBC FOUR, CBBC and CBeebies live online
Freesat appoints Product Technology director
BBC Alba launches on 19 September
ITV2 goes 3D for the new season
Freeview+ will offer trailer selection soon
BBC Olympics in HD on Freesat
Humax Freesat+ debut on 11th September
Another 'mode change' for Wales and E+SE England
Talk to the BBC HD boss Danielle Nagler!
Freesat has a new chairman
ITV3 classics now viewable on-line
BBC fined 400,000 for pre-mediated fake quizes
Sky's response to Freesat 'disappointment'
The Hits becomes 4Music but not on Freesat
Why Freesat did not launch with 230 channels
Five coming soon to Freesat, WotSat told
New Freesat channels now live
18 new channels on Freesat starting Thursday
Freeview 'mode change' in England
The great Channel 4 Global Warming Swindle Swindle
Problems with Sagem and TUTV Thompson PVRs
Freesat round up
BBC HD channel has new boss
First non-Sport ITV1 HD programme tonight
BBC World Service: Freeview retune 4 August
BBC and ITV English regions now on Freesat
Save up to 700 pounds a year on your TV costs
UK Free updates complete... what do you want next
How much did your aerial or dish install cost?
List of all UK TV transmitters
Ofcom - just 12.8% homes now are 'analogue'
Freesat dealing with HD box shortages
Another reason to get Freesat .. Sky hikes prices
BBC Annual Report released
Ten reasons for buying a personal video recorder
BBC iPlayer 2 is live now
New format to switchover detail pages
Freeview+ the new name for Freeview Playback
BBC iPlayer 2 - now!
ITV, Channel 4 and five can apply for Freeview HD
BSkyB share price at record low too!
Freeview mode change in Scotland, NI and the North
ITV share price drops to 41.1p
BBC starts Freeview HD test in Guildford
Olympics in HD on Freesat and Sky HD
Local digital TV or a 7th multiplex coming soon?
Digital Dividend Sale: possible services
The great digital dividend sale
TMF fined 80k for bad language
ITV HD - starts with Euro 2008
BBC iPlayer version 2 coming very soon
RSS updates
U-switch's confusing report
Ofcom - no swearing, please Auntie...
DVB-T2 update
Rabbit - exclusive interview
New UK Free TV features
Digital UK's guide for local councils
Zattoo - Freeview online
Freesat Launch: brilliant for everyone
Freesat in the media...
Freesat launch confirmed for May 6th, 12:30pm
Public Service Broadcasting Funding - an answer
Switchover month to be shortened or dropped
Is there a big problem with the Freeview HD plan?
Richard and Judy find a new home
Do you want to advise Ofcom?
BBC News 24 and BBC World to have new names
Channel 4 goes free for Freesat launch on 6th May
Ofcom PSB Review II
How green is your TV?
BBC Freeview services to drop 33% in quality in 09
Ofcom publishes Freeview HD plan
TV Licence rises by 3%
Is Freesat different from Freesat from Sky (fsfs)?
ITV Play: Michael Grade wins two million quid
What is Channel 4 for?
Lancaster problems comments from w/e 28 March 2008
Digital penetration reaches 86.7%
Lancaster transmitter upgrade problems
Five Life? No, have a fiver...
ITV1 super-regions announced
Updated look and features - coming soon
EU makes it time for Freeview Mobile?
Local Freeview for all
BBC iPlayer - now MP4 for iPhone
What to do with 'worthless' ITV?
Mr Shit For Brains?
LiveStation - new exciting beta version
BBC three - now Flash online (beta)
High pressure causing reception problems
CITV moves .. but not to Wales
BBC Three gets a revamp


Sorry for the break in service...
Ofcom: We Say You Pay a million and a half...
C4 HD on Sky
BBC iPlayer redesigned
Setanta Sports News - starts today
Ofcom's HD mystery shopping trip
Kangaroo: it's not Freeview online
3 Freeview HD channels will start 2009
BBC HDTV green light - but not on Freeview
Whitehaven switchover complete
London and South East may switchover early in 2011
The Theft Factor?
Happy 5th birthday Freeview!
The "secret" Ofcom plan for Freeview HDTV: DVB-T2
Digital switchover - Whitehaven
ITV: Ten million fake premium rate calls
Whitehaven switchover in progress
Crowngate - BBC One controller has resigned
Sky freezes out satellite competitors
Sky Picnic - or Payview?
What is happening to Freeview?
ABC-1 has stopped broadcasting
BBC Freeview HD service - you decide
Two million pound fine for GMTV
It's Dave - not Bright Ideas and evening History
Freesat contract goes to Arqiva
Ofcom - just 16% of homes without digital TV
C4 HD from December
Ofcom: BBC HD Service is "OK"
Freeview retune for BBC Radios 1, 2, 3 and 4
Virgin 1 - October 1
ITV Regional News to change
A BBC digital switchover plan?
ABC-1 to leave Freeview
Freesat appoints Freeview launch director
Region maps upgraded
BBC podcast from Edinburgh with UK Free TV
UKTV G2 not coming to Freeview
Jeremy Paxman: how can we trust TV?
UK Free in Edinburgh
Scrap TV Poll Tax and some DRM - top Tory
Lost ITV2 or ITV3?
Why Virgin's DAB TV failed
BBC iPlayer: how to install and use
Welcome to Setanta Sports
Channel 4 +1 on 20 August
BBC iPlayer campaign
Want to report Theft TV to the police?
LiveStation trial offers BBC News 24
five is 'blocked by trees' at Malvern
Blue Peter sunk by Ofcom quiz report
We Say You Pay - Richard, Judy and a huge fine.
4 Digital wins second DAB licence
Channel 4+1 from 20th August
Ofcom publishes switchover frequencies
Regional News and ITV1 fears
UK Free TV on Facebook
iPlayer - 27th July 2007
300,000 pound fine for Five's Brainteaser
Ofcom to consult about Sky's pay-for Freeview
Updated maps
Ofcom finally lets Freeview pass Sky
New Channel 4 numbers on satellite
BBC News 24 still fails at physics
Freeview Setanta
40 million pound Virgin 1 schedule announced
Sky Payview: more confusion
"Virgin 1" to replace FTN on Freeview
No ITV Movie channel
New Switchover simulation
BBC lowers HD expectations
Upscalers are NOT high definition
Sky+ ten quid monthly fee abolished
Setback for HDTV Freeview
Payview is on, Payview is off
BBC iPlayer - for Adults only
Minister considers TV premium calls ban
Natasha brings BBC Three's 60 seconds news to One
UK Nova
Channel 4
Whitehaven switchover captions
Will MIMO bring HD to Freeview?
BBC Trust BBC iPlayer decision
BBC Freeview HD trail to end
Time to swap Freeview channels?
iPlayer decision this week
GMTV: Another ten million quid quiz rip off?
BBC iPlayer will work with Macs
Freeview Playback announced
ITV boss demands Freeview HDTV
A comparison of TV, HDTV and computer monitors
MPs demand Freeview HD
New transmitter monopoly
Updated maps
Channel 4 to join YouTube and add music channel to
New national radio announced
More BBC mobile TV
Payview is junked
ITV Play digital channel axed
ITV not coming out to Play today
BBC on YouTube!
Richard Bransons, Virgin Media
BBC Backstage podcast: DRM and the BBC
Is the Sky falling in?
45% of Manchester aerial installers a 'rip-off'
Freeview BBCi multiscreen to add sport and weather
Payview is coming
Sky adverts: dishonest, untrue and unsubstantiated
Another two million Freeview sales
BBC Trust approves platform-agnostic iPlayer
MPs slam Quiz TV channels
Channel 4 apologies for racism?
New look BBC News 24
'Rawlplugs in handbags' channels face report
Freeview HDTV petition
TV tax on the TV tax
BBC publishes 'sack Greg Dyke' Governors’ minutes
New UK Free TV gadgets and maps
ITV media player 'end of March'


Merry Christmas!
BBC licence fee agreed for six years
Heart radio on Freeview
NHS Freeview
Only 25% of main sets are analogue
Council aerial ban challenged
Full C4 on the Lobster phone
Peekvid: Easy TV on YouTube
Will Independent Television become Sk-ITV?
ITV West extended to North Gloucestershire
High pressure causing nationwide disruption
95% of UK will have digital TV by 2010
QuizCall's Number is Up
Fullscreen Freeview BBC Parliament
Channel 4 dumps Quiz Call
Is Setanta Sports mad?
New UK after-switchover maps
Time Trumpet take on digital switchover
Big Brother is fleecing you
Map of places needing a new aerial post-switchover
Ofcom - our previous figures were wrong
ITV1 Thames Valley, Sheffield and TTTV regions
Caldbeck switchover delayed until 2009
BBC and Microsoft "understanding"
New BBCone look
ITV Children's programmes and Stephen Carter
Ofcom: will BBC iPlayer distort the market?
BBC and Arqiva finalise 1.8bn pound deal
New, free PC based TV guide from DigiGuide
Belmont, Lincolnshire transmitter
Virgin starts DAB TV service
BBC expands to six non-UK channels
Cornwall: No BBC multiplex until 18th September
Unpopular Top Up TV turns to PVR
iPlayer goes for first ever BBC Public Value Test
Coming to the UK?
10 million Freeview homes
Two new channels five from October 15 and 16
Do you watch more than one BBC or ITV region?
ITV1 viewing drops further
New features
BBC structure
New TV stealth tax
What is happening with the main five channels?
Whitehaven gets first half-Freeview in 2006
Do we need quiz channels?
BBC/ITV Freesat delayed until late '07
Planned downtime from midnight to 1am tonight.
How to upgrade a Guest House
Film4 comes to Freeview
Frequencies agreed for Switchover
You can watch Channel 4 online from Tuesday 27th
Where next for Television and the Internet?
Channel 4 will stream it's UK programming
Real, live mobile phone TV
Coming soon ITV2+1
iPlayer to launch anyway
Virgin Radio to join Freeview
BBC News to drop tainted 24 name
Free Media Center PVR!
Channel 4 can join iPlayer
Freeview passes Sky
New channel alert! Five life and Five US
BBC and ITV to try six month TV-over-DAB
All clear for launch of video on demand BBC TV
Ofcom has licensed two London HDTV channels.
BBC adds 1000 transmitters to Freeview
50 new answers and new features
Freeview PVRs to be called Playback
Have you seen a HDTV set-top box?
BBC HD has started
More questions answered
DTT HD trial puts five off the air
What was linear television? What is Martini TV?
Freeview becomes Payview?
ITV Play replaces Men and Motors
Cartoon wars: The end of broadcast television?
CITV to launch on Freesat on 8th May
No digital TV for some until after the Olympics
Dating Channel launches full-service on the web
Ofcom dismisses 44% of Freeview
How much is switchover worth?
CITV launched today
Analogue transmitter shutdown map
New site features
Tessa's other 616,705 question
New Freesat channel numbers
From Baird to Persistent Peer-to-Peer networks
What is the iPlayer?
Is my Freeview box going to call the RAF too?
Google Earth facilities
FilmFour makes fourth free from 4
Better Freeview reception after switchover
What about High Definition?
If I need a new aerial, who can install it?
What will happen if I do nothing?
What is going to happen?
What Digital switchover means to you
ITV Childrens Channel
Get uk free tv with google gateway
Freeview to pass Sky on 11th July 2006
Frequency maps and switchover simulator
Happy new year!
Providing help since July 2002
Analogue shutdown simulation
Keep Freeview free!
Freeview Lite?
Freeview set-top recorder
Introduction to personal video
Windows XP Media Center Edition


ITV News to close
DRM - Digital Rights Management

No-one upgrades from Freeview to Sky
BBC TWO to disappear first
Final shutdown map
Updated shutdown dates
More4 not on Freesat
ITV News to depart from Freeview
Children's ITV Channel
Keep cricket free
Mobile digital TV ... tomorrow
Introducing Sky Three
Men's channel ITV4 starts 1 Nov
audio description
Minister to confirm analogue switchoff
Coming soon… where to buy
Coming soon... help with your equipment
BBC and ITV free satellite
More4 launch date set
Set top boxes
Sky Freesat
Portable Media Centre
Enjoy stereo sound
Firefox and Mac now supported
Your analogue switch off date
Experience better sound
Going fully digital
Watching mobile digital TV
Your guide to electronic programme guides
It's easy to install
Switchover animation
From 20 Feb
Personal Video Recorders
Interactive services
Portable TV
Surround sound
Digital TV around the home


All new UK Free TV
Site updates
Channel list
BBC calls for FreeSat
Ofcom digital plans
New satellite channel numbers
No updates until 23rd Feb
TCM no longer free
Carlisle fooled by BBC digital radio
Digital channels take from the old guard
Norfolk wants to Freeview
One in seven don't want digital
Still waiting for your free-to-view card?
Many new answers


A merry Christmas to everyone!
Free satellite cards £23.50
Free satellite - now only £23.50
Site improvements
3+4+5 Satellite update
BBC Annual Report
Weekly cost of channels
Freeview connections soar
New Freeview channel scrapped
Taking the blame for satellite switch-off
BSkyB lifts target after return to the black
A Million UK Couch Potatoes
ITC readjustment could cost itv-1 millions
BBC Channel Islands on satellite
BBC now free-to-air on all systems
Site updated
Digital satellite uncertainty
2 million Freeviewers
New BBC Satellite Numbers
Improved BBC pictures
£60 Freeview boxes being made in Wales
BBC delays relaunch on free satellite
More new features
More updates
Try it, you will love it - ITC updates continue
Ad regulator gives OK to Freeview
BBC asks ITC to keep it at 101 on Sky
BBC World
Analogue switch-off on-target
BBC to relaunch on free satellite
41.4% of homes have digital TV
Silver C4 for older viewers?
CNN - Will they, won't they?
BBC changes satellites to get round Sky
Half a million new Freeviewers
ITV Digital final act
How much we all pay for free TV


Digital television for all, for free!