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UK Free TV fix 3: fix everything else...
UK Free TV fix 2: update IP address tables
UK Free TV fix 1: postcodes up to date
UK Free TV twitter cross-posting to stop on 9 February 2023


BBC Three Linear channel re-opens


Freeview removes com8 channels


Killing Eve, and killing Dirk
Quiz: How many TV Science shows are on the BBC right now?
Why are there so many +1 channels on TV?
Rebuilding Freeview High Definition from 2019 onwards
ITV and Freeview


We will still need Freeview in 2042
Who is still watching TV?
When will your favourite Freeview TV shows move to subscription streaming TV?
Five tips for when you are buying a new TV to watch Freeview or Freesat
How long will Freeview and Freesat continue?
Just how free is UK television?
Why do less than one in five people with an HD set watch in HD?
UK Free TV site improvements


When will I get a new Freeview aerial because of even more mobile broadband?
BBC Local Radio on Freeview


Will we ever have Freeview Ultra HD or Freesat Ultra HD?
New and improved Freeview radiation patterns
Fixing the Freesat Freetime internet connection problem
How much money can you save by Cord Cutting?
Cord Cutting UK Checklist: keeping it legal
Show me the 55 TV channels have moved to the new Astra 2G satellite
UK Free TV: 392 AM radio transmissions now have coverage maps
New! 1000s of new DAB and FM radio coverage maps
We ARE going to get BBC Local Radio on Freeview ... today!
Freeview Play manufacturers announced


The lower the channel number in the guide, the more viewers it gets ... Right?
If Scotland votes Yes, what would happen to Free TV in the rest of the UK?
2050 Tube Map
A bakers dozen of changes: Freeview channel number changes from 3 September 2014
Were ... you watching UK Free TV from the Astra satellites until last week?
Evolution of safe working at height from ladders processes and training
9 weird ways that the weather will actually stop you watching free TV


Newsflash - Freeview HD "COM7" multiplex on air and showing Al Jazeera preview
Good news for Freesat? Astra 2E satellite launched
Why does BBC Worldwide not make more profit for the Licence Fee payer?
Do not forget that 4G starting soon in 20 cities and towns really soon
Digital UK on Freeview HD channel numbers: "we can not do that, sorry"
Kiss Fresh and True Entertainment on Freeview
Want more local TV details? See UK Free TV
Using UHF channels C61 to C69? Time to retune
How do the new ITV local news regions compare with the BBC?
Want to see the extended Freeview HD coverage areas? See the UK Free TV maps
Want to know which transmitters will carry extra Freeview HD?
UKTV's Drama to be on Freeview 20
I've got an HD TV ... why can't we have high definition channels in place of the
Using Sky without a card? Let's call that Sky No Card
Want to better understand the current TV faults? See the all new UK Free TV page
Why have I been sent a filter for my Freeview?
How many Freeview, Freesat, Sky and cable homes are there in the UK?
Which "at800" mobile masts might stop my Freeview working?
800MHz 4G broadband potential for Freeview interference - new map
ITV and BBC regional TV maps - now with colour (again)
No satellite signal? Check your dish for snow!
ITV network - regional clean up
405-line VHF bands I and III historic interactive map
How do I know if the 4G broadband will overload my Freeview?


New satellite footprints page
Local TV will be on Sky 117
Freeview channel number changes to go ahead: HD, Adult move on 17 October 2012
BBC satellite changes: radio, BBC ONE HD, Red button reduction 12-15 October 201
Do I need a filter to protect my Freeview from Everything Everywhere 4G masts?
Changes to BBC HD transmissions on Astra satellites on 20 September 2012
Why do the six Freeview "multiplexes" have twenty different names?
Sky halves EPG charges for public service broadcasters and saves BBC local radio
Football in pubs ruling upheld by the High Court
BBC satellite services moving to Astra 1N on 24th February 2012
Digital TV transmitters in Ireland - update
A brief history of Internet Protocol Television


Freeview modes - a simplified explanation
ASTRA 1N satellite has entered commercial service
Freeview signals: too much of a good thing is bad for you
Will there ever be more services on the Freeview Light transmitters?
BBC to reduce satellite transponders from seven to six on 7 October 2011
New Astra 1N satellite to offer more UK-focused capacity - and soon
BBC HD to switch to DVB-S2 on 6th June 2011
Local TV - V Media coverage
Karen Murphy scores against the Premier League and Sky
ITV1+1 11 January 2011 (at last)


BBC free to air satellite channels - generic free satellite equipment retune
Will BBC One HD have a DOG? Guess what the "other" BBC HD channel be called
Stacker/ De-Stacker
Where are the public service (Freeview Light) transmitters?


Freeview Retune - list of manuals
Aerial group performance
Identifying boxes on the roof
Aerial groups - new feature
The last BBC Re-Broadcast Standby test?


BBC High Definition test card
TV Catch Up
The Television Licence Fee's history
Michael's "Pay TV" investigation
How digital television works
Free Sky box for pensioners
Freeview reception has changed?
Upgrading from Sky to Freesat
fSfS - freeSat from Sky


UKTV G2 not coming to Freeview
UK Nova
Channel 4


Freesat reception - all about dishes
Do I need to buy a booster?
How to receive Freeview on your PC


Freeview reception - all about aerials


Taking the blame for satellite switch-off
Coverage maps
BBC changes satellites to get round Sky