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Sky3 to be renamed as Pick TV

Broadcast reports that Sky3, the Freeview Sky entertainment channel, is to be renamed as Pick TV.

28 comments “G. Harris:DOG = D.O.G. = Digital On-screen Graphics. It s the annoying channel logo they display over a program in the top left (or right) of the”- Mark A.

New Freeview and Freesat channel TruTV to start soon

Turner broadcasting, who provide the subscription channels Cartoon Network and TCM (Turner Classic Movies) are bringing a version of their popular "unscripted programming" channel TruTV to UK homes very soon.

25 comments “Perhaps they re commissioning a UK version of Hardcore Pawn, but the crew in that photo are All-American, Yes Sirree Bob...You don t often get Je”- woodface

CNN on Freeview from this week

From 9pm-1am you can watch CNN International on Freeview.

44 comments “I ve actually always wondered that, CNN had a brilliant weather service with the scrolling menu by city, that disappeared literally over night. Progra”- Jordy

Channel 4-seven is now in the Freeview EPG in switched-over areas

The placeholder for Channel 4's new catch-up channel, 4-seven is now on the ArqB/COM6 multiplex showing up as channel 47. It does not appear in areas where switchover happens later in the year.

47 comments “Maurice Hayward: Thanks for the clarification on that issue, however it still suggests to me that the Sony s tuner is defective as although 47 might w”- jb38

New channel coming to Freeview - Drama from 8 July

It's back-to-the-future time for UKTV. Once there was a channel called UKTV Drama, but it chanced its name to Alibi back in 2008. But from 8th July 2013, there will be a new Freeview channel called Drama.

94 comments “Peter Bullivant: That s correct, it s not on Freesat, just as other UKTV channels Dave, Yesterday and Really.This is probably down to the fact tha”- Dave Lindsay

Watching the London 2012 Olympics - a guide (part 1)

The BBC have in place a rather extensive television service for the Olympic games - here is a guide to make sure you are watching it in the best possible way.

38 comments “Why is CBBC Channel changing to 73 on Freeview in Tyne Tees and Ulster regions? Even in those two unswitched regions, it shouldn t be necessary to cha”- Nicholas Willmott

Watching the London 2012 Olympics - a guide (part 2)

The will be 26 television channels dedicated to the Olympics during the games, as well as an extra radio station. And you will need to ensure you have the right boxes and cables if you want to watch in High Definition.

37 comments “PS I remember hearing that ITV4+1 was dropped from Sky s EPG list when ITV1+1 started because there was no more room in the EPG list. Well they have”- Mark Agius

BBC regions and nations - some notes

It is worth looking for a moment at how the BBC nations and regions network works and some of the issues arising

8 comments “Alex Gumbrecht: Until 18th April Hannington s SDN (ITV3 etc) on C41 and ArqB (Yesterday etc) on C47 are on low power (particularly low in your directi”- Dave Lindsay

ITV1+1 11 January 2011 (at last)

After a number of false starts, ITV1+1 is expected to come on air 8pm, 11 January 2011.

89 comments “Josh: the problem is down to the law surrounding digital terrestrial broadcasting. Mux 2 (also known as PSB2, D3+4 after switchover) is required to be”- Mike Dimmick

Mendip transmitter - January 11th retune required

If you use the Mendip transmitter (but not the relays) for your digital television reception, you will need to retune - again - on January 11th.

124 comments “They really are trying - and to a certain extent succeeding - in making this digital switchover a right royal pain in the arse. Another retune inconve”- Jeff Eastmond

Channel 4 repeats service on Freesat and most Freeview sets

4seven, a new channel from Channel 4 that provides copious repeats of the current weeks programming from the main channel has started broadcasting.

18 comments “Mike O Sullivan: If you are receiving Freeview from the Guildford transmitter at just over 3 miles away on a bearing of 283 degrees then its HD servic”- jb38

BT Sport 1 and 2: free TV, for some... Sky Sports 1 free, for all, for day

Changes to the pay TV services provided over the digital terrestrial network will provide the two new BT Sports channels in place of Sky Sports 1 and 2. But you can also get the channels for free if you have a Sky box - as long as you have a card.

21 comments “Deal with Sky s overpriced underspec satellite receivers or BT Broadband s evil channel-hopping kit? No sport is worth that! I hope RAI Sport and Euro”- MJ Ray

How do the new ITV local news regions compare with the BBC?

I thought it might be interesting to look at the differences in the provision of local news on BBC1 and ITV (or UTV or STV) once ITV plc implements the local news changes.

9 comments “ RE SUPERSERVED RIDGE HILL a belated reply to aerial man of 2013! Although primarily ridge hill -west country east is mostly aimed at west glos , rece”- bernard hunt

Channel One to close, Challenge to come to Freeview

Changes to Freeview after Sky buys Virgin TV channels

364 comments “JOHN DALY: Keep It Country are apparently off air while they change service providers (this is very unusual as such changes would normally take place ”- StevensOnln1
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