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Help with Free satellite?

Can I stop paying Sky and use my satellite receiver to get Freeview ?1
What can I do when my Sky Digibox says 'No Signal' or 'Technical fau2
My Sky box has a "no signal message" - what do I do?3
How do I change the RF output channel on a Sky Digibox?4
Can I use my ex-contract sky digital satellite receiver to get Freeview channels5
I have split the signal from my satellite dish and now nothing works.6
Which BBC regions are on satellite?7
I have TV, Sky+ box and DVD/VCR combo, how do I connect them up?8
I have a Panasonic TV with integrated Freeview how can I record Freeview channel9
I have Sky+, what happens when I cancel my contract?10
How can I watch Channel 4 and five on satellite if I have no card or a free-to-v11
My Sky box just says "Searching for listings"12
What size dish is required to recieve broadcasts from the Astra 2 satellites?13
I have recently moved house and the previous owner has left the dish up with the14
Is there any way I can get free channels via satellite and have the kind of hard15
Can I receive UK TV in Ghana?16
Can i recieve satellite with an indoor aerial? 17
What is a CA module?18
How do I get Sky digital in more than one room without surface wires?19
How do I obtain Swiss French German and Polish TV channels?20
My box says "No Satellite signal being received"21
I cant receive any of the free channels - what can I do?22
Can I use Sky+ with just free-to-air channels?23
I can not get satellite TV because the signal is blocked by trees and hills. Wi24
Is there any way of sharing the RF 2 output on my sky box to enable me to contro25
Are Sky to put BBC/Freeview on the satellite system, and when?26
Can I move my Sky subscription card between boxes in different room?27
I am terminating my Sky subscription, do I need to order a free-to-view card?28
Can recieve the free view channels thru the sky box without activating the car29
How do I choose from all the different itv-1s on satellite?30
How do I configure my non-Sky receiver to get free UK channels?31
We have cancelled our subscription to Sky. I have been told by a relative that I32
Is there a calculator or pc program to give dish azimuth and pitch settings for 33
I would like to be able to LISTEN to UK Radio. Is there a portable receiver th34
With satellite I understand I need a separate link from each TV to the dish. 35
What itv regional channels can i get on fSfS or Freesat?36
How many digi boxes can i run of one quad LNB?37
What prevents 100% digital satellite coverage of the UK?38
What is this new law about free TV on satellite?39
We have just cancelled our sky subscription but want to watch freeview using the40
Can I use a digibox on Jersey?41
If I stop my Sky+ subscription can I use the PVR facilities with free channels?42
Do the latest generation of sat recivers have macrovision as standard. Does this43
Can I get Legal Sky Sports for a Bar at an Hotel in Algarve?44
My box two/three times an evening will suffer from pixilation/freezing.45
Can I have an extra digibox to view free-to-air channels?46
Hello id like ask if its possible to receive analogue channels from astra on sk47
What type of computer tv tuner card would I need to watch sky through my attach48
if I ask to cancel my Sky subscription and just watch the free channels can i a49
I have Sky + but want to stop subscribing. Can I connect another hard drive reco50
Untill last week I could receive channels 4 and 5. What is happening please?51
My Guide+ DVD recorder has no EPG listing, why is this?52
Do the pay TV channels on Sky appear in the EPG when you get Freesat from Sky ev53
Do the PVRs on the market all work with Freesat?54
What is fSfS and Freesat ? is this a seperate thing from Sky?55
My free-to-view card has not arrived can you help?56
Why can I not watch Scottish Premier League matches on BBC ONE Scotland on satel57
If I cancel my Sky subscription can i add more recievers to recieve free channel58
How do change the channels 101 to 103 to the correct regional varients?59
If I don't use my FTV sky card and box for a few months I lose the ability 60
How do I get fSfS or Freesat without a Sky digibox?61
Can i use a sky card from my friends house in my sky box at home he's on hol62
Which news channels can be watched for free from satellite?63
How and where can I apply for free-to-air via a satellite dish?64
Can I get rid of all the channels I can't watch from the EPG?65
When I get Sky+ can I use my old box and card?66
I am not getting the itv-1 region I expected?67
I have in Portugal a 84cm satellite dish and would like to be able to watch the 68
Can I remove a communal analogue Sky dish?69
I phoned Sky and they told me that I would get only BBC ONE and TWO if I stop su70
For the past year I have had a problem with the ITV 1 picture freezing momentar71
I would like if possible to receive Sky Ireland in Spain (Alicante area). Can I 72
I have replaced my old dish and although i am getting full signal strenghth i ca73
Why does the £23 card not include itv-2 and ftn?74
Will the £23.50 card work in any Sky box?75

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