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Help with Free satellite?

Can I stop paying Sky and use my satellite receiver to get Freeview ?1
What can I do when my Sky Digibox says 'No Signal' or 'Technical fau2
How do I change the RF output channel on a Sky Digibox?3
My Sky box has a "no signal message" - what do I do?4
Can I use my ex-contract sky digital satellite receiver to get Freeview channels5
Which BBC regions are on satellite?6
I have split the signal from my satellite dish and now nothing works.7
What size dish is required to recieve broadcasts from the Astra 2 satellites?8
I have a Panasonic TV with integrated Freeview how can I record Freeview channel9
My Sky box just says "Searching for listings"10
I have Sky+, what happens when I cancel my contract?11
How can I watch Channel 4 and five on satellite if I have no card or a free-to-v12
I have TV, Sky+ box and DVD/VCR combo, how do I connect them up?13
Can i recieve satellite with an indoor aerial? 14
Can I receive UK TV in Ghana?15
My box says "No Satellite signal being received"16
I have recently moved house and the previous owner has left the dish up with the17
Is there any way I can get free channels via satellite and have the kind of hard18
What is a CA module?19
Can I move my Sky subscription card between boxes in different room?20
How do I obtain Swiss French German and Polish TV channels?21
How do I get Sky digital in more than one room without surface wires?22
Can i use a sky card from my friends house in my sky box at home he's on hol23
I am terminating my Sky subscription, do I need to order a free-to-view card?24
Can I use Sky+ with just free-to-air channels?25
Is there a calculator or pc program to give dish azimuth and pitch settings for 26
How do I choose from all the different itv-1s on satellite?27
I would like to be able to LISTEN to UK Radio. Is there a portable receiver th28
We have just cancelled our sky subscription but want to watch freeview using the29
We have cancelled our subscription to Sky. I have been told by a relative that I30
Can I use a digibox on Jersey?31
Can recieve the free view channels thru the sky box without activating the car32
What prevents 100% digital satellite coverage of the UK?33
Can I get rid of all the channels I can't watch from the EPG?34
Why can I not watch Scottish Premier League matches on BBC ONE Scotland on satel35
I have in Portugal a 84cm satellite dish and would like to be able to watch the 36
For the past year I have had a problem with the ITV 1 picture freezing momentar37
If I stop my Sky+ subscription can I use the PVR facilities with free channels?38
My box two/three times an evening will suffer from pixilation/freezing.39
How do I configure my non-Sky receiver to get free UK channels?40
Can I have an extra digibox to view free-to-air channels?41
Which news channels can be watched for free from satellite?42
When I get Sky+ can I use my old box and card?43
if I ask to cancel my Sky subscription and just watch the free channels can i a44
What itv regional channels can i get on fSfS or Freesat?45
Is there any way of sharing the RF 2 output on my sky box to enable me to contro46
I can not get satellite TV because the signal is blocked by trees and hills. Wi47
What type of computer tv tuner card would I need to watch sky through my attach48
I would like if possible to receive Sky Ireland in Spain (Alicante area). Can I 49
Untill last week I could receive channels 4 and 5. What is happening please?50
How many digi boxes can i run of one quad LNB?51
I have replaced my old dish and although i am getting full signal strenghth i ca52
How do I get fSfS or Freesat without a Sky digibox?53
I am not getting the itv-1 region I expected?54
Can I remove a communal analogue Sky dish?55
Hello id like ask if its possible to receive analogue channels from astra on sk56
If I cancel my Sky subscription can i add more recievers to recieve free channel57
Do the PVRs on the market all work with Freesat?58
What is fSfS and Freesat ? is this a seperate thing from Sky?59
Do the pay TV channels on Sky appear in the EPG when you get Freesat from Sky ev60
I cant receive any of the free channels - what can I do?61
How and where can I apply for free-to-air via a satellite dish?62
My free-to-view card has not arrived can you help?63
How do change the channels 101 to 103 to the correct regional varients?64
I have Sky + but want to stop subscribing. Can I connect another hard drive reco65
Are Sky to put BBC/Freeview on the satellite system, and when?66
What is this new law about free TV on satellite?67
Can I get Legal Sky Sports for a Bar at an Hotel in Algarve?68
If I don't use my FTV sky card and box for a few months I lose the ability 69
My Guide+ DVD recorder has no EPG listing, why is this?70
I phoned Sky and they told me that I would get only BBC ONE and TWO if I stop su71
With satellite I understand I need a separate link from each TV to the dish. 72
Do the latest generation of sat recivers have macrovision as standard. Does this73
Why does the £23 card not include itv-2 and ftn?74
Will the £23.50 card work in any Sky box?75

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