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Freeview Play, Youview, Freesat Freetime, what's the difference?

If you want free-to-air TV and Time Travel you can now pick from Freeview, Freeview Recorder, Freeview HD, Freeview HD Recorder, Freeview Play, Freeview Play Recorder, Freesat HD, YouView, Freesat+HD Freetime. Let me make this seem a little less confusing. ——— 4 comments “Further to my previous post on the Panasonic CX802B, at the moment, you cannot pause Live TV even if the external USB Hard Drive is installed. This is”- DaveCheltenham

Freeview HD's VisionTV 20 channels now have Android and iOS apps

If you have a Freeview HD box and are connected to the internet, you can view more than twenty specialist online channels from the VisionTV people.

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TVCatchup Declares Overall Victory With Broadcasters - press statement

European court of justice (ECJ) rules today on TVCatchup case

5 comments “Mr F: The Commercial (COM) channels (which carry ITV3, ITV4, Pick TV, Dave, Film4 and others) aren t broadcast on the same power as the Public Service”- Dave Lindsay

TV Catchup upgraded

You can now watch even more live Freeview channels on the TV Catchup

19 comments “zak: Unless there is a local obstruction (tree, building etc), then you shouldn t have a problem as there appears to be line of sight to the transmitt”- Dave Lindsay

Seesaw gets Heroes, House, Law & Order and 30 Rock

The online TV viewing service has added NBC Universal television shows to the service.

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BBC iPlayer - now MP4 for iPhone

It has emerged that you can now download the shows on the BBC iPlayer using the MP4 format, which is used by devices such as the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and systems such as the Eee PC.


Channel 4 will stream it's UK programming

From next week, you will be able to watch Channel 4 online - except for films and US imports


BBC iPlayer: how to install and use

You can now become a BBC iPlayer user


Seesaw - iPlayer's backcatalogue with adverts plus 4OD and Demand Five

Seesaw is an online video player that will have access to all the back catalogues for the BBC, Channel 4 and Five, as easy to use as the BBC iPlayer. The service is free to use in the UK and paid for by video advertising.

17 comments “Ahmad: this is a UK-focused website. Producing TV has to be paid for by someone, and in the UK, the BBC is funded by UK licence payers. To reduce the ”- Mike Dimmick

BBC ALBA now on the iPlayer

The Scottish Gaelic BBC ALBA service is now on the BBC iPlayer

13 comments “Hi Ruth,Get a friend in Scotland to get a slingbox hd pro set it up at their home for you, then you can watch any freeview channel anywhere in the”- Mark Aberfan Aerials

TV Catch Up

An easy way to have Freeview online?

48 comments “Tom : BBC News Channel on line from their website is actally ahead of Freeview by a couple of seconds making the clock almost correct !!!”- Pete

BBC News 24 - live online

BBC News 24 is now streamed online

68 comments “Mike Williams It s worth pointing out that Freeview is not on any satellite so any change of footprint will not affect Freeview. FreeSat on the other”- MikeP

BBC iPlayer search now covers all on-demand content

Not sure which channel that show was on? No problem, the BBC iPlayer search now covers every channel.

20 comments “Hi Brian,I don t know what version it is but I m sure its different to the version on the foxsat. Is there a way I can find out what version it is”- Mark Aberfan Aerials

BBC FOUR, CBBC and CBeebies live online

A year-long trial adds live streaming of BBC channels from 16 September

12 comments “jane: With no information being given with regards to where in Cornwall is being referred to then the most likely explanation is that your friend resi”- jb38

Zattoo - Freeview online

This legal service allows you to watch most Freeview channels online, right now.

16 comments “I ve had a look at Zattoo. ( You can view the channels using a web browser or their application Zattoo 4.0.5 The only problem is t”- Mark A.

BBC One and BBC TWO online from November 27th

The UK's most popular TV channel will be online from next week.

21 comments “Briantist: But what if I m either using a proxy or there happens to be a public Wi-Fi hotspot near my house? The BBC are hardly going to waste their a”- Josh

Try Seesaw, the new online TV service

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