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Yesterday, Drama and Really joining Freesat this month

I'm very pleased to say that three of the UKTV channels will be joining Freesat very soon. ——— 19 comments “Neil Riley: You could if the Freesat box has a SCART output and the DVD recorder has a SCART input.”- StevensOnln1

PBS America joins Freesat for Halloween

PBS America, currently on Sky and Virgin Media will join Freesat on October 31st on channel 160.

13 comments “Laurel: Yes, or Virgin.”- MikeB

Fixing the Freesat Freetime internet connection problem

If you have a problem with your Freesat box not allowing you to get to the large selection of online TV shows, here is how to fix the problem. If you see "no internet connection" or no services listed under "On Demand", do this.

8 comments “clive john valentine: If the on demand service isn t working properly, start with your system and your download speed - if its too slow it just wont w”- MikeB

Satellite TV operators FRANSAT, TIVUSAT and our Freesat launch FreeTV Alliance

Three leading European free-to-air satellite TV operators - Fransat (France), Freesat (UK), and Tivùsat (Italy) - have come together to form the FreeTV Alliance.

26 comments “Anthony: Are the people of Europe really clamouring for repeats of 20 year old British sitcoms? Are we in Britain really wanting to watch bad Greek so”- MikeB

Arqiva wins distribution deal with Freesat

Contract renewal for Arqiva's delivery of EPG data to Freesat platform

14 comments “phil: Well although I am a believer in using Zone 2 dishes for satellite reception such as are used as standard in North of the border installations, ”- jb38

Were ... you watching UK Free TV from the Astra satellites until last week?

Many of the UK top TV and radio channels move to their new home on the Astra 2E satellite last week. Many people who watch and listen to the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 and 5 services from outside the UK from these satellites now can not get a signal.

25 comments “2 years ago the hotel that we re now staying in here in Salou had BBC 1 and 2 on the TV in our room, which was good because we could watch the news as”- PJH

Channel 4 HD is on Freesat EPG - at last!

EPG position 126 on Freesat now provides Channel 4 in high definition.

41 comments “Mike - I doubt that either of these receivers will have a recording capability. It s a matter of personal choice here on the two receivers offered. Pe”- Les Nicol

2 million Freesat customers

The Guardian is reporting that Freesat has now sold 2,000,000 televisions and set-top boxes to access the subscription-free satellite service.

25 comments “What s your beef, Kate? - Two million units have been sold - that makes 2 million purchasers (i.e. customers) - as it is likely that there would be mo”- Jeff Eastmond

Sky News, PICK TV and Challenge TV on Freesat from Monday 3rd December

Just tweeted by those lovely people at Sky: Pick TV, Challenge and Sky News will be on the Freesat EPG from Monday.

19 comments “Dave Pointer - Conor It is possible to continue to receive Astra 2f in Spain and Portugal,but dish size may need to be increase dependent on location.”- Les Nicol

Freesat - free satellite

Find out about satellite reception in your area, watching British television from Europe and watching foreign TV in the UK. See also Frequently asked questions (FAQs) - Free to watch on satellite.

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Freesat on Freeview HD

Freesat have released a statement about Freeview HD

65 comments “Joan: Yes! via a scart lead, or if the Freesat box is capable HD reception and the Feeview TV has an HDMI input then use an HDMI lead between both dev”- jb38

Channel 5 +1 launches, 5* and 5USA come to Freesat

You can now watch 5*, 5* +1, 5USA, 5USA +1 on Freesat and on Freesat from Sky without a viewing card. In addition Channel 5 +1 has launched on all satellite platforms.

51 comments “Mick Cartwright: Although I realise that you have dedicated your question to Briantist and so I don t really wish to intrude, however in the mean time”- jb38

Technical changes to Freesat channels, 2nd-10th October 2013

Are you having problems with certain Freesat channels?

127 comments “John Whittaker: Pleased that the problem has finally been pinned down to a defective LNB, as other than water ingress in the F connector, a defective ”- jb38

Arqiva provides satellite distribution of Channel 4 HD to Sky and Freesat

The new arrangement facilitates transmission of Channel 4 HD for the first time on Freesat (from April 2011) while maintaining the channel's presence on the Sky platform

19 comments “Sorry I wouldn t have to ask the question if the heading was less confusing - I m a layman!Any way my question about Film 4 isn t answered in the ”- Brian Springthorpe

Channel 4 HD to start on Freesat

From April 2011, Channel 4 will be broadcast in high definition for Freesat viewers.

86 comments “Yes should be 104 put it will not be, would upset SD viewers. Sky have failed to use 101, 102, 103 for thier HD services I m told. I can undrestand t”- David

BBC and ITV Freesat

There are more questions than answers about the new joint BBC-ITV Freesat project.

264 comments “Richard Taylor: a genuine Freesat box with the Freesat logo?You can t split an existing satellite cable to two boxes, or to two inputs on the same”- Mike Dimmick

BBC Red button video now on Freesat

The BBC "interactive" videos, which can be found on Sky and Freeview, can now be watched on Freesat.

51 comments “Mark A.: I wish I d found that webpage first...before a wrote complete rubbish!Thats great - although I was assuming that all 3D content had finis”- MikeB

All about Freesat

Everything you ever wanted to know about Freesat but were too afraid to ask...

330 comments “Annie: You may already have a Freesat/sat tuner hidden in your TV. A lot of older Panasonics had Freesat, and recently its come back into vogue, with ”- MikeB

Upgrading from Sky+HD to Freesat+HD

What to do if you want to stop subscribing to Sky+HD but do wish to record/pause/play free HD television.

290 comments “ Matt: As you already have a Sky dish installed then a Freesat PVR (recorder) is your best option, as the dish and two leads from are 100% compatible ”- jb38

BBC iPlayer on Freesat

It is easy to set up iPlayer on Freesat. Here is an explanatory video.

190 comments “My Panasonic Freesat TV needs to be connected to the Internet for it to work so I guess your BB allowence will be used. Think all that Freesat do is ”- David

Freesat installations

Freesat have done everything they can to ensure your dish installation will be safe and appropriate.

62 comments “Thanks Brian. Sat signal can t be that bad as I get perfect reception on all channels with the old box.I m using a CRT TV - but that can t be an i”- Steve P

Upgrading from Sky to Freesat

It takes less than five minutes to replace an existing satellite box with a Freesat one.

1319 comments “William:Please refer to answers given to this question that you posted at Whole house digital TV”- MikeP

BBC/ITV Freesat - Spring 08

The BBC/ITV service will provide a high definition "guaranteed non-subscription" digital satellite service.

856 comments “Brian - When Grundig went into administration it was taken on for a short time by Dutch group Philips who subsequently disposed of their acquisition t”- Les Nicol

Humax FOXSAT-HD freesat HD

With HDMI, HDTV, DVB-S2, and Dolby Digital this is quite an impressive satellite receiver.

451 comments “DaveG: Pleased to see that your software update was successful, albeit partially insomuch that your box still doesn t respond to your post code thereb”- jb38

How to get Sky News on a Freesat box

Just a few button presses and you can have those channels that Sky hasn't yet allowed Freeview to give you... including Sky News

127 comments “Becky: Have you advanced the volume control of your Freesat boxes remote control to around 80%+ or so minimum? as the volume control levels on any equ”- jb38
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