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Seeing something different? We are doing A/B testing on a new Material Design

The recent survey pointed out that mobile users were unhappy with some of the aspects of the UK Free design. To address these issues, I have created a new mobile-first design to the site. This is being shown to half of the people using the site to find out how effective the changes are. ——— 18 comments “Brianist: When I look at the latest comments using Safari mobile, all I m getting is the headings ( Connecting it all up , etc). No comments, and no i”- MikeB

The next 50 things on UK FREE TV. What would you like to see?

Now that I have finished updating the code that runs UK FREE TV, I now have time to write some articles. I would be very interested to hear what you would like me to write about next.

27 comments “freddy: Have you come in a tardis from about 1934? I very much doubt that the British viewing public is likely to share your views.Its also diffi”- MikeB

UK Free TV now uses friendly web addresses

I have updated UK Free TV to use modern-style web addresses, which means goodbye to ".php?" in the site web links. If this has stopped anything working for you, please tell me!

36 comments “Briantist I suspect you have your system set to receive and install M$ updates automatically. Which means you get *all* the updates installed even if”- MikeP

Best ever emails and improved menus on UK FREE TV

I really trust that you will find the new email format useful, and that UK FREE TV is more attractive to use.

27 comments “David Chappell: I use W7 and W8.1 with IE11 and Firefox 37.0.1 on both systems. This site works correctly under both operating systems and with both ”- MikeP

Use the Knowledge base to find answers to your technical problems

From today a new UK Free TV service helps you locate an answer to a technical TV problem.

15 comments “Tony: Two cables in each room points to the previous occupier using either Sky+ boxes or alternatively Freesat PVR s (twin channel recorders) in each ”- jb38

DTG Summit: Freeview 700 MHz band for 4G very likely, BBC pay-Freeview not

I was fortunate to win some tickets to the annual meeting of the Digital Television Group at the DTG Summit today. The theme of the day was "co-allocation", a rather innocuous term for handing over the Freeview transmission bandwidth to mobile phone operators. We also learnt how advanced the plans are for Freeview to be equipped for a conditional-access to replace the TV Licence and saw the latest Freesat and YouView equipment.

47 comments “I can t understand why folk seem to be always grumbling about the idea of having to pay a licence fee. THE LICENCE FEE WORKS OUT AT JUST UNDER 40 PENC”- KEVIN GARDINER

Speculation: is BBC three going to be replaced by BBC One +1?

There is a large amount of speculation in the papers today that BBC three will be made into an online-only service in an upgraded BBC iPlayer. Does that mean that BBC One +1 will replace it on Freeview?

29 comments “MikeB: That s pretty much the experience in Wiltshire. Trowbridge has several new developments on-going and one is planned to be over 10,000 dwellin”- MikeP

9 weird ways that the weather will actually stop you watching free TV

Sometimes the picture freezes, the sound stops, and you have no TV. What could be to blame? As we are British, the best place to start might be with the weather...

18 comments “Tracy: we need a postcode to work out whether you have a problem with reception generally, or whether its something to do with your system. If you jus”- MikeB

14 reasons why you should stop moaning about paying the TV Licence every day

It is a popular complaint - over the last 11 years - that this site is called UK Free TV and yet people have to pay the TV licence. I thought it would be interesting to see how we pay for free TV.

64 comments “Carl The TV licence is not actually to pay for the BBC but a permit to allow you to operate a broadcast receiving equipment such as a TV set. The mon”- MikeP

Does the BBC or BSkyB spend more on programmes?

I am sure you know that in 2013, British Sky Broadcasting had an income of 7,255 million pounds. More or less exactly twice what the British Broadcasting Corporation gets from the licence fee payer. So, who spends the most on programmes?

49 comments “bored: In fact Sky has made more and better programs consistently. The BBC has 1 or 2 hit shows every 5-10 years.The Bafta s tell a different sto”- MikeB

Whatever happened to Central South, Meridian Newbury and ITV Thames Valley?

With ITV reinstating the rural Border region for the 500,000 people in Cumbria, you might feel a little disappointed if you are one of the 2,500,000 people whom ITV has only two minutes a day of local news for - those in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, northern Hampshire, Wiltshire and parts of Surrey.

18 comments “What will happen next time round? Will each franchise be offered separately or will they be offered as a job lot that ITV plc can bid for? Is there a ”- Scott

Want to better understand the current TV faults? See the all new UK Free TV page

The "All transmitters with faults and engineering" page has been upgraded to make it easier to understand where the current faults are on the Freeview transmitter network.

80 comments “nick: Check the transmitter - if its fine, its you. Probably a problem with your system, and that mux is the first one to go.”- MikeB

Some UK Free upgrades

There have been some upgrades to UK Free TV to deal with new information. This includes various maps, the analogue and DAB radio pages, and fixes for the transmitter information system.

24 comments “heather: Your location is not terribly far away from the Craigkelly transmitter which is located across the water near to Burntisland and so its assum”- jb38

Welcome to the new-look UK Free TV

As a special treat for the tenth anniversary we've given the site a new look and made some changes to the layout that we hope will make it quicker and easier to find what you are looking for.

17 comments “Brian: The links to all UTV transmitters still aren t working, as Paul Hardcastle has also commented.Any chance of these being fixed ?I also m”- Peter Henderson

Improvement to "Transmission frequencies" on transmitter pages

Following comments and suggestions, and with an eye to the future of Freeview and 4G mobile broadband services, I have improved the layout of the "transmission frequencies" on UK Free TV

12 comments “Steve: 27th June.”- Dave Lindsay

Digital TV transmitters in Ireland - update

I have started to add information to UK Free TV about the Saorview transmitters in the RoI.

19 comments “Briantist: In the map selector buttons, you have Soarview rather than Saorview .For power levels, you re clearly using the figures from the sprea”- Mike Dimmick

Switchover process - clarification of details

Following some recent comments, I have made improvements to the clarity of the information showing the changes that happen during the digital switchover process.

21 comments “Mr P.J.Ball: Yes, you will have to do a full retune on those dates.I say this because in general it is the case and will definately be the case on”- Dave Lindsay

Channel 5 HD will launch on Freeview

Reports tonight say that Ofcom have agreed that the high definition version of Channel 5 will appear on Freeview HD.

46 comments “Well here we are in Sep 2015 and no sign of Channel 5 HD. Another gain for SKY I m afraid. Well at least I save 10k + every 10 years, by not having SK”- Nedbod

Multiplex names, frequencies and power level highlighting

A small modification has been made to make it clearer on UK Free TV where the names of multiplexes, the channel numbers or frequencies for broadcasts and the power levels are used.

34 comments “Mark: Have you checked to verify that the HD channel you are receiving is from Keighley and not Oxenhope or even possibly Emley Moor? Keighley HD bein”- jb38

Paying Sky for free public service television channels

Try this: pop out to Tesco and when you get to the checkout, demand that they pay you to take the goods away. When they ask why, say "I work for Sky".

40 comments “I should add that there is a new satellite, Astra 1N, designed to provide more capacity for the UK and Ireland channels. One of its broadcast dishes h”- Mike Dimmick

DAB transmitters, multiplexes and radio stations

I have created a new system for UK Free TV that displays information about all of the UK's DAB transmitters.

27 comments “Briantist: A quick look at your post on 22/07/2011 at 8:16am. Looks like very few places will get anything more than the BBC multiplex and big town”- Mark A.

ITV1+1, ITV1HD, BBC One HD regional services on Freeview

I have updates the site to show correct details of the regional services on ITV1+1, ITV1 HD and BBC One HD as these may not be quite what you expected.|

25 comments “Tim, that explains why I assumed you were in the Sandy Heath area. Although my locations shows as Peterborough I am actually in Spalding, 16 miles nor”- Russ Dring

Automatic postcode fixes

The site now has a feature that corrects a few problems with the automatic postcode feature.

20 comments “Briantist: Ah, what appears to happen is that when you however over a link. For example if you however over Alan s map link/reception link above, the ”- Ash

Freeview Light and Radio comparison pages

You can now see how the channels on Freeview Light (the public service transmitters) compare with Freesat and Freesat-from-Sky.

19 comments “ BBC (Radio) London is on the general Freesat EPG listing.Interesting Brian.BBC Radio London is only available on Sky in NI under the other ”- Peter Henderson

Compare the free TV channels on the different systems.

This is an often asked for facility - to compare easily which free TV channels are on each different system.

25 comments “Ian McKie: If you look at the LNB on the end of the dish arm and only see one cable coming from it, then the chances are that its only a single LNB th”- jb38

Changes to UK Free TV

I have been running this site in my own time since July 2002. After nine years I am considering making some changes.

120 comments “JonF - try a cheap booster amp. But don t tell Brian - he does not like them! ”- Steve

All channels page updated

The combined list of all channels aviliable on free television has been updated

27 comments “Briantist - Not usually but the wife likes the soaps and I m b*ggered if I m going to record them so that you can pan through the adverts - I d end up”- Brian Springthorpe

Kenneth Clark's Civilisation HD

It does seem that making suggestions to the BBC does work.

14 comments “I ve just seen a trailer for this series the restoration looks good. Its on the bbc hd channel at 10pm on wednesdays.Mark Aberfan Aerials”- Mark Aberfan Aerials

Happy new year...

Sorry, a bit late

20 comments “We re getting close though Des”- Nedbod

The new Freeview prediction system - includes Freeview HD

Now with any date choice, FIVE different views, faster interactivity, aerial group filtering and better layout.

759 comments “John Poynter: In general terms, 86% signal strength is ample and receivers work perfectly fine with much less.Perhaps your receiver has tuned to N”- Dave Lindsay

Freeview retune - poor public service transmitters deal

5.1 million people are about to feel they are not getting a choice from Freeview. Two time-shifts and four HD simulcasts and just one news provider when you have limited channels is a poor deal.

85 comments “Richard Barber: You are predicted to have good reception from Black Hill on all six muxes from 22nd June 2011, so one week to wait.Use a group B recei”- KMJ,Derby

Freeview retune day - how was it for you?

How did your Freeview retune go?

202 comments “Thank you.Trying to run a 4:3 TV remotely in the kitchen and a 16:9 in the lounge (still fed from the Sky box analogue RF modulator as the Sky box”- M S Hahn

BBC Freedom Of Information - transmitter radiation patterns

The BBC have released to me under a FoI request the transmitter radiation patterns

55 comments “Ken:No matter what colour it appears to be, it started out as white, usually a matt finish, and probably has become covered in atmospheric grime ”- MikeP

Sales - Freesat and Freeview reductions!

There are sales on already offering more discounts on Freeview and Freesat equipment and installations.

Another 30 stories