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Help with Freeview, aerials?

I used to get Eurosport on Top Up TV what has happened to this service?1
Do you know if this is true or if there is a method for getting a transmitter up2
Is it possible to connect two Freeview boxes to the same aerial?3
I have Windows Vista Home Premiun Edition on my laptop can i use my USB DTT box 4
On Freeview we lose the sides of the picture. What must we do to get our full sc5
Are your bearings to transmitters expressed as true or magnetic?6
Are there any current Freeview makes/models that have an RF ouput? 7

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Help with Free satellite?

Can I get Legal Sky Sports for a Bar at an Hotel in Algarve?1
If I don't use my FTV sky card and box for a few months I lose the ability 2
I have Sky + but want to stop subscribing. Can I connect another hard drive reco3
Untill last week I could receive channels 4 and 5. What is happening please?4
What itv regional channels can i get on fSfS or Freesat?5
How many digi boxes can i run of one quad LNB?6
Do the PVRs on the market all work with Freesat?7

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Help with Which system?

Why are some channels free on Freeview but paid-for on satellite?1
Are digital TV pictures better?2
How much less interference is there on digital TV?3
I currently have an NTL cable line for TV. Will I be able to use this to receive4
Can I use a ex-Sky box to receive aerial Freeview?5
Can any digiboxes separate out the standard 5 terrestrial channels onto an analo6
Can I subscribe to additional channels?7

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Help with Non-UK channels?

Can I get German/Italian channels on Sky Digital?1
How can I get Italian satellite channels in the UK?2
Can I get German channels on Sky Digital (like it was on analog Sky)?3
Can I use a second dish to watch German programmes from Astra 1?4
Can I get American tv via satellite in Europe?5
Can a satellite at 45 degrees East be viewed in the south of England?6
Can I get sky italia cards in england?7

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Help with Television sets?

My TV is NICAM, does that mean I have digital TV?1
Are all Widescreen TVs digital?2
Why has my widescreen TV just made everyone look fat?3
Why are some channels are widescreen others revert to 43 with a black line down 4
If you have several TVs at home do you need separate decoders for each set or is5
Can I use a Freeview box if there is no SCART connector on my TV?6
Why does my widescreen TV only switch during BBC regional programs?7

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Help with TV/radio stations?

Can I receive British Eurosport for free?1
Can I receive DAB radio too?2
Can I get E4 with this service?3
Is sky|one going on Freeview?4
Can I watch for free Financial channels such as CNBC or Bloomberg?5
Are there plans to convert the Freeview radio channels into TV (Q and Kerrang)?6
Can I get extreme sports channel on freeview?7

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Help with Outside the UK?

Can I receive UK free-to-view TV in Southern Spain?1
How can I get Channel 5 on Sky in Ireland?2
Can I view UK channels in Naples, Italy?3
Can I use my digital freeview box abroad and receive English channals?4
Can I pick up Freeview from Germany?5
What do i need to get freeview in spain and how much will it cost?6
To get UK TV in northern Croatia (Istria) will I have to use SKY ?7

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Help with High Definition?

Whenever i watch moving sport especially football I experience much poorer pictu1

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