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Help with Freeview, aerials?

How do I get a test card with Freeview1
I would like to know if it is possible to receive UK terrestrial Freeview servic2
I have been told I would receive too much singal from my Freeview tansmitter as 3
Can my Freeview box receive more than one BBC and ITV region?4
Is it true that my 87 year old mother is entitled to a FREE upgrade when the ana5
Where is the interference to my Freeview service coming from?6
Do I need a card for freeview channels if I get a new box with integeral card?7

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Help with Free satellite?

What can I do when my Sky Digibox says 'No Signal' or 'Technical fau1
Can I receive UK TV in Ghana?2
What is a CA module?3
My box says "No Satellite signal being received"4
Is there any way I can get free channels via satellite and have the kind of hard5
Can i use a sky card from my friends house in my sky box at home he's on hol6
Do the pay TV channels on Sky appear in the EPG when you get Freesat from Sky ev7

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Help with Which system?

Can I use an existing sky dish with a freeview box? and if so can the two servic1
what is the difference between normal Co-axial cable and satellite grade? Can I2
i will never be able to get Sky reception (my house is surrounded by trees) an3
Do I need to get an aerial or can I connect my old sky dish straight to an aeri4
Why are many channels (such as TCM) on fSfS or Freesat but not on Freeview?5
I have just cancelled my NTL contract but I can see that there is still a feed c6
How come Channel ABC1 on Freeview closes at 6pm yet it advertises shows that are7

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Help with Non-UK channels?

Removing all barriers to communication between diverse cultures1
Can I use my exsisting skybox this 4ft dish to receive channels from hotbird? 2
Using a HUMAX satellite receiver to watch Italian TV, mainly RAI channels but t3
Is there anyway i can get south african channels from UK?4
Is there any alternative to a dish for receiving Italian TV?5
How do I receive Swedish TV via satellite?6
I was wondering if you can help me find a box that unblock receiver for hotbirds7

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Help with Television sets?

Why are all TVs on sale not digital?1
Do I still have to pay for a TV licence?2
I had perfect channel 5 reception - until I got a digital TV box!3
I Have a Pocket Tv For taking out so I can keep up with news and sport. Will thi4
The pictures from my digital box are all green!5
What connections are used from set top box to TV (such as SCART) ?6
My video doesn't work with my digital TV box, help!7

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Help with TV/radio stations?

BBC Three Linear channel re-opens1
Will car radios have to be replaced?2
Will UKTV History and FTN eventually be available on fSfS or Freesat? They are 3
Could u please explain why there are no subtitles on most of your films terresti4
Can I pay as you go for British Europsort on my digital tv without subscribing?5
I was wondering whether there is any way to view a programme I missed?6
I have a freeview box and i was just wondering if i can top up my tv box with eu7

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Help with Outside the UK?

I have an old sky box and use it for the free channels. Can i resubscribe to act1
If I buy a freeveiw box in England will it work in Spain?2
Can i use my freeview box in Stavanger Norway and what channels will i be able t3
Can I buy a free to view card for 4 and 5 to watch via my Nokia satellite box in4
I use a UK sky card to receive Uk TV in Australia?5
Is there any way i can use my Sky service in Pakistan?6
Would I be able to Get Sky Freeview on Kos? If Yes what size dish would I need?7

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Help with High Definition?

Whenever i watch moving sport especially football I experience much poorer pictu1

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