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Thursday, 19 May 2011
12:27 PM

Old new Paul Barnes or is it Tom Barnes ?

anyway , you cannot hide the fact that you were subject to House of Horrors and Rogue Traders investigations on more than 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 occassions and that you have shut down your old company smart digital ltd and re opened a new one called digital smart ltd.

You are dirtier than BLACK.

how does it now feel , you and your brother having to stand on Terra Firma like the rest of us mere mortalls.

you and your brother make me sick, you mention on your websites that you have all the credentials but say nothing about the many past tv appearances you were on.

anyway who is this tom barnes, yet another barnes crawling out of the woodwork from no where.

i wonder when we will see tom on the tv or is tom really paul, its hard to tell nowadays.

We have it on good authority that you barnes boys are trying to pull the wool over everybodys eyes and are scamming it together.

anyway, as you say,and in your own words "get in your popcorn"

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jayallen's 10 posts GB
2:37 PM

I see the barnes brothers are up to their old tricks again, no doubt with the help of their hairy greek friend, who used to help front their operations and deal with employees.

The last I heard about them (which in fairness was some time back), was the shutting down of the old company. Allegedly, one even suffered mental problems which is no surprise, he was a bit of a head case to start with. The other, well I never really knew him, as far as I knew he never actually worked anyway.

As the barnes brothers are in it together, is digital smart, smart digital, smarter than your average bear, going to make an appearance too on the show?

I think it's good they are going to be named and shamed again. Get rid of them I say, and give us good, reputable and honest riggers a chance to improve an already tarnished reputation due to these cowboys.

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HonestRig's 10 posts GB
Tom Barnes
6:50 PM

yes this is Tom Barnes the director of digital smart and trust me i do not live in any wood work

i asure you non of digital smarts employees will be on the show tonight we are an honest company

honestrig you are right paul did not spend hardly any time at systems house (aerial systems) thats why it turned into such a sham the truth can be seen by the reputation of trading standerds
all will become clear tonight

smart digital shut down due to insafishant funds and change of ownership no other reasons

jay you didnt tell me was it house of horrors or rogue traders you appered on and sorry it wasnt a range rover you was in it was a porshe wasnt it

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Tom Barnes's 2 posts GB
7:37 PM

Hi Tom,

Aren't you paul barnes's son? It appears from the many posts Paul and other people have put on here, that the barnes brothers like to have frontmen for their businesses, are you the new face of aerialforce/tv aerial company/digital smart/smart digital and any other weird and wonderful aliases you have?

I don't recall you working at systems - I was there for a long time, how did you become a director and an alleged expert of a 'well run' aerial company (which you state has nothing to do with the barnes brothers), when you have no experience. If your rigs are as good as your spelling, then there is no hope for this 'newly' formed 'family' company.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all on TV tonight.

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HonestRig's 10 posts GB
7:49 PM

10 minutes and counting.


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HonestRig's 10 posts GB
8:00 PM

Hi Tom , Paul, Tom ,Paul, i dont know you are like a bloody camilion no sorry i meant COMEDIAN!

Firstly you havnt got your facts right,

i have got no legance with any of you Barnes Brothers, however one thing is for sure,

You are 1 Lazy B......

I fully undersatnd about closing your other company smart digital and rebranding as digital smart, you certainly know how to KNOCK people dont you.

I like your comment in regards to shutting down due to insufficient funds... is that a professional saying to say you have F..... every one over.

Oh and i like the clapped out old transits you are using which are EX Aerial Systems vans, you still have the same old signwritting as well, TROTTERS INDEPENDANT TRADING 2.

You havnt got a clue how to run a buisness and thats perhaps the reason why you never came to work all the years.

Anyway, whats it like renting and not living in a mansion.

What car or should i say van are you driving nowadays.

Get real Paul, you know you and your brother are behind all of this.

Are you now doing a roll reversall with your brother , and it is you comming into the office whilst your brother takes 10 years off.

I have spoken to people who have worked for you and they say you are a joke and pay with Monopoly money.

In anycase you will soon need a get out of jail card.

see ya

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jayallen's 10 posts GB
8:26 PM

In response to previous comments:
i have known john for many years, i dont know his brother Paul at all well.
whenever i came into the office, Paul the other brother was never there, in fact over the years that i worked for aerial systems, i only saw Paul Barnes a few times.
it was said that Paul was the silent partner and did not have much knowledge in regards to TV aerials.
i was always treated fairly by john and cannot comment in regards to his brother because we never saw him.
does anybody have a contact address or phone number for john, i would like to catch up with him.
i have read some of the comments written and to be honest i see no relevance to the content.
i know the other brother Paul opened up another aerial company called smart digital but i have no idea what john is up to.
the industry can do without this publicity.

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Oldboy's 1 post GB
8:48 PM

tom or paul or john or all 3 of you

have you got any new company names in mind when you shut down Digital Smart.

Smart Digital & digital smart or pretty similar dont you agree.

Next time try digital smart 2 and make it a little different.

If your real name is Tom, can you advise why your brothers Pauland john closed down his old company and now you are the director of the new company and not him.

I have been on a couple of your jobs and they are very poor.

i have looked up your old company aerial systems url and it directs to your site, is this another scam to defraud the public.

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jayallen's 10 posts GB
All knowing
9:07 PM

Jay Allen = John barnes real owner of arial force

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All knowing's 1 post GB
All knowing
9:22 PM

Its gone quiet ! How can I reveal all that I know when no one talks :)

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All knowing's 8 posts GB
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